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Latest CFL Odds & Betting Lines

OddsTrader helps you keep up with all your favorite teams in the Canadian Football League with live CFL odds. Read on and learn how CFL betting odds work, or check out our futures page to see betting odds to win the Grey Cup.

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CFL Odds

CFL betting odds work similarly to NCAA football point spreads. However, instead of using points to determine the winner of a game, the betting public uses moneylines to predict whether the home team or away team will win. A $100 bet on the home team would yield a payout of $110 if the home team wins while a $100 bet on the visiting team would net only $90 if the visitor wins.

Moneylines are available for all games except preseason contests and Canadian Football League playoff games.

How CFL Betting Odds Work

Odds are determined by multiplying the total amount wagered on one side of the wager by the odds of that side winning. For instance, a $10 wager on the home team would produce a $20 return if the home team won. But the same $10 wager placed on the visiting team would give back only $15 if the visitors prevailed.

CFL Moneyline Odds

Moneyline odds are displayed along with each CFL contest on sportsbooks’ websites. They’re calculated by dividing the total amount wagered by the total amount bet. For example, a $100 bet on a given matchup would yield a 100-to-1 payoff if the home team wins. That means the home team has a 1 percent chance of winning. Conversely, a $100 bet placed on the visiting team yields a 99-percent payout if the visitors prevail.

CFL Point Totals (Over/Under)

Point totals are simply the sum of the scores of two teams. Over/under lines are posted on sportsbooks’ websites before kickoff. An over/under of 38 represents a $38 return for a $100 bet.

A score of 45 would represent a $45 return for a $100 wager. And 40 points would be worth $40 for a $100 bet on either team.

CFL Second Half Odds

Second half odds are listed after halftime in many cases. These figures reflect the current market price for a second half win. For instance, a -120 spread would indicate that the visiting team was favored by 120 points prior to the start of the third quarter.

CFL Live Odds

Live odds are updated throughout the day in real time. They’re usually provided by bookmakers who offer live betting options.

CFL Playoff Odds 

To read CFL playoff odds, simply follow these steps:

Step 1 – Find out who has the best record in their conference.

Step 2 – Determine if that team has home field advantage.

Step 3 – Add up all the points scored by each team.

Step 4 – Subtract the total point differential between the two teams.

Step 5 – Divide the difference by the sum of the totals.

This gives us our final score.


Team A has a 9-6 record and Team B has a 7-8 record.

A: 9 + 6 = 15

B: 7 + 8 = 15

15 – 15 = 0

0 / 15 =  50% chance of winning

Now let’s say we want to know the probability of Team A winning the game.

We’ll use the same method but instead subtract the totals.

9 – 7 = 2

2 / 15 = 13% chance of winning

CFL Grey Cup Odds 

Grey Cup odds are determined by adding together the scores of all the games played during the regular season.

If there is a tie, then the team with the better overall record wins.

For instance, if Team A had a 10-7 record and Team B had a 12-4 record, then Team A would win the tiebreaker.

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