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Free Expert NFL Computer Picks

We use sophisticated AI software to produce NFL computer picks each week. You can bookmark this page and return on a regular basis for the latest NFL picks on upcoming football games. Read on to learn more about how we generate NFL computer picks and make the most of the NFL Odds at your disposal.

How do NFL computer picks work?

Computer NFL picks are data-driven. We feed a huge volume of statistical information into the program. The AI can rapidly make millions of calculations, crunching the numbers to assess the offensive and defensive strengths of both teams. It uses past performance data on teams and players to map out how an upcoming game will unravel. The computer runs a large number of simulations and uses its findings to come up with a predicted final score for the game. This final score allows us to provide predictions on which team will cover the spread, the total points and so on.

Free NFL Picks For This Week

You will benefit from free NFL picks throughout the season via the OddsTrader app or the website. It is one of many handicapping tools we provide for our readers. They can help you gain an edge over your fellow NFL bettors.

Moneyline NFL Computer Picks For This Week

A moneyline bet is a straight prediction on which team will win an NFL game. Our AI system provides NFL moneyline computer picks by using advanced analytics to project the number of points each team will score. You will find moneyline picks on the biggest NFL games each week at OddsTrader.

NFL Against The Spread Computer Picks For This Week

This is the most popular NFL betting option. The sportsbooks set a point spread on each game, and they offer similar odds on either team covering it. You can check out our NFL against the spread computer picks and then use our grid to find the best lines on the game.

NFL Point Total Computer Picks For This Week

The sportsbooks provide a total points line on every NFL game. You can then predict whether the total points scored will go over that line or stay under it. Our NFL point total computer picks can help. There are often significant differences between the official line and the number of points our system expects, which can lead to valuable betting opportunities.

NFL Player Props Computer Picks This Week

Advanced analytics can also lead to useful predictions on over/under player prop totals. The computer delves into a player’s stats and uses it to work out how he is likely to fare against an upcoming opponent. Our NFL player prop computer picks will often highlight intriguing betting options.

NFL Parlay Computer Picks For This Week

A parlay combines two or more NFL picks to form a single wager. Each leg of the parlay must prove correct for the bet to pay off. You can earn large profits by placing successful parlays, and our NFL parlay computer picks are designed to help. Just choose your favorite NFL computer picks found on this page, identify a legal sportsbook offering appealing odds on them and roll them together for a parlay.

Resources for NFL Betting Picks

NFL Game Odds For This Week

When you have settled on your favorite NFL picks, you can set about finding the most attractive odds and lines. Our grid displays NFL game odds on the point spread, total points line and moneyline. You can use our filter option to quickly identify the sportsbook in your state that offers the best terms on any bet you might like to place.

NFL Against The Spread Season Records

We compile NFL ATS records for each team during the season. You can check out how often each team has covered the point spread, and you can divide it into home and away ATS records too. This information can supplement our NFL computer picks to help with your wagering decisions.

Weekly NFL Public Betting Consensus

The NFL betting consensus highlights interesting opportunities to fade the public. You will see when a particular team has been very popular with bettors. When that happens, the sportsbooks normally react by moving the line. The idea is to offer less favorable terms on that popular team and more attractive terms on the unpopular NFL team. That can help them encourage a more balanced spread of bets, thus mitigating their risks. You can capitalize by betting on unpopular teams at significantly improved terms as the game approaches.

NFL Football Injury Report

Our injury reports ensure you are never caught out by unexpected roster news before placing a bet. You will learn how each team is shaping up ahead of an NFL game, and you can find interesting betting angles by assessing the impact of a missing player.

NFL Future Picks

This type of NFL picks allows you to see the odds and place wagers on future events in the NFL season. You can check out NFL futures on markets such as the Super Bowl winner at OddsTrader. We will show you the sportsbooks offering the best odds on any team you are interested in. You will also see the opening odds, which allows you to track line movements.

Best NFL Sportsbooks

We will help you find the best NFL sportsbooks in your state. We only recommend legal, licensed sports betting apps and websites. We will highlight the sportsbooks offering the best bonuses, the most generous odds, the fastest withdrawals and the best all-around customer experience.

NFL Computer Picks FAQs

How do you place bets on NFL games?

You can sign up with a licensed, regulated online sportsbook in your state to bet on NFL games. They provide various options on each game, including point spreads, totals, a moneyline, props and same-game parlays. Click on the one you would like to add to the betslip, type in a bet amount and confirm the wager.

Where can I place bets on NFL games?

All legal sports betting apps and websites allow players to bet on NFL games. The best sportsbooks are BetMGM, Caesars, FanDuel, DraftKings, PointsBet, Bet365, Unibet, BetRivers and SBK. Check which sportsbooks are live in your state, sign up and browse a variety of NFL betting options on each game.

How do you win NFL bets?

You can win an NFL bet by guessing which team will win, cover the point spread, or whether “over” or “under” will pay off on the total points line. Conduct thorough research to boost your chances of winning NFL bets. Our NFL computer picks, stats, ATS standings, injury reports and other resources can help you make winning selections.

How can I win by betting on NFL?

You can use advanced analytics, conduct thorough research and exploit any weak lines to enjoy long-term success as an NFL bettor. Arbitrage opportunities also occasionally arise, allowing you to exploit discrepancies in the NFL odds at rival sportsbooks, cover both sides of a bet and profit regardless of how the game ends.

How many games per team during the NFL season?

Each NFL team plays 17 games during the regular season. It lasts for 18 weeks, and each team has one bye week. A bye week is a week, usually towards the middle of the football season, in which a team doesn’t play any games. There were previously 16 games in the regular season, but it was extended, pushing the postseason back. They can also play up to four additional games in the playoffs.

When can I start making NFL Picks?

You can start making NFL picks straight away. Leading sportsbooks such as DraftKings publish lines on every game of the season before Week 1 gets underway, so you have plenty of options to make your football picks. Football fans can also make futures betting picks on markets such as the Super Bowl winner at any time.

Is NFL betting legal?

Betting on the National Football League is now legal in more than 30 states. The legal framework differs from one state to the next, but you can place online NFL wagers via mobile apps and websites in lots of states. Our odds comparison grid has a filter tool, allowing you to see which betting sites are available in your state and find the best lines.

Do NFL computer picks always win?

Computer picks do not always win. If they did, they would mint millionaires very quickly; this is why responsible betting is always important. However, NFL computer predictions have a strong record. These game predictions analyze a vast field of past performance data to map out how an upcoming game will unfold. The predictions are often very astute, but anything can happen when an NFL game gets underway. If anything, they are a great way to see what percent chance your favorite team has of winning before you make your wagers.

Why should I choose NFL computer picks?

Our NFL computer picks provide suggestions purely based on advanced stats. These free picks are unmoved by any form of human bias, which can often cloud a bettor’s judgment. We provide NFL computer picks on lots of prime-time games, so you can choose the picks you like and conduct research to confirm that you agree with them.

When does the NFL regular season start?

The National Football League regular season starts in September every year. The NFL schedule does vary sometimes; however, the first kick-off of the NFL season follows the first Monday in September every year.

The NFL schedule usually spans 18 weeks, and then the NFL playoffs begin in January. This all culminates with the NFL championship game, where the top two teams duke it out in the Super Bowl. You can get NFL picks and NFL score predictions, and even check out the best odds to win the Super Bowl from the very first week of the season.

When and where is the Super Bowl for the 2022-23 season?

Super Bowl LVII will take place at State Farm Stadium in Arizona on February 12, 2023. The last two Super Bowls have been won by teams playing in their home arenas – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Los Angeles Rams – so the Cardinals will bid to follow suit in Glendale this time around.

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