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Latest Boxing Odds & Betting Lines

OddsTrader is home to the latest boxing odds and betting lines. Take a look at how boxing odds work, or keep up with boxing live odds. If you have a prediction about how long the match will go on, you can even bet on round totals.


Boxing Odds

Boxing is one of the oldest sports around. Over time, boxing has evolved into a sport that combines many aspects of martial arts, including speed, strength, endurance, and strategy. A boxer may use his fists or feet to strike his opponent, but he must always keep an eye out for punches coming from behind. Every second of a boxing fight is packed with action. 

It’s not surprising at all that boxing bets are a common pastime among avid boxing fans. Keep reading to expand your boxing knowledge with this quick boxing betting guide.

How Boxing Odds Work

Boxing fight odds are similar to any other sports betting odds.
Here is a look at the top two most common types of boxing odds and what they mean.

Boxing Moneyline Odds

Moneylines are the most common types of bets placed on boxing events. They boil all the action of boxing fights down to one question: Who will win? Let’s take a look at an example of some moneyline odds.   Shakur Stevenson -150 Oscar Valdez +100   In this example, Stevenson is the favorite to win this fight; you will always see the favorite represented by the minus sign (-).

Betting on the favorites gives you better odds than betting on the underdogs. But remember that the favorites aren’t always going to win. Sometimes the underdog will come out on top. You will always see their boxing odds represented with the plus sign (+).

If you bet on Valdez in this match, $100, and he wins, you would win $400; your original stake, plus your winnings.

If you were to bet on Stevenson, and he wins, you would walk away with $250

Boxing Total Rounds (Over/Under)

Total rounds are another way to place bets on fighters. For each fight, boxing odds are set on how many rounds that particular fight will last. This is known as the over/under.

When calculating the over/under for a fight, you should consider the possibility of a tie. If two fighters trade knockdowns throughout the bout, the fight could go the distance. Or, if the fighters engage in a slugfest, the fight could last less than six rounds.

A fight that lasts longer than predicted is known as an upset. Upsets happen frequently in boxing, because the lengths that an elite fighter can go to are unpredictable.

Boxing Live Odds

‘Live odds’ are the odds given by a bookmaker on an outcome available for wagers during a game, as opposed to before it. The term is also applied loosely to any odds betting that is not fixed – that is, where the odds on the bet posted can fluctuate during the period that the bet is ‘live’.

Our current boxing odds page shows the latest boxing betting lines across every top online sportsbook.

Methods Of Victory in Boxing

There are five methods of victory in boxing. These include knockouts, technical knockouts, disqualifications, decisions, and draws. Knockout wins are achieved when a fighter knocks his opponent unconscious. Knockouts are rare, but they happen occasionally.   Technical knockouts are similar to knockouts, except that the referee stops the fight after the knockout occurs. Technical knockouts are not uncommon, but they rarely lead to a rematch.   Disqualification victories are achieved when a fighter receives a foul during a match. Disqualifications are common in professional boxing matches.   Decision victories are achieved when judges score a fight unanimously. Decisions are rarer than either knockouts or technical knockouts, but they do happen.

Boxing Betting FAQ

Can you place prop bets in boxing?

Yes, you can place prop bets on your favorite fighters. You can pick the manner in which a fighter will win, which is the most common boxing prop bet.

For example, you can bet that Canelo Alvarez will win by TKO. If he wins by decision victory, you will have lost your bet.

Individual round wagers are more popular, but more risky options at the sportsbook. This is a bet on exactly what round a fighter will win on.

For example, you could bet that Tyson Fury will win in the sixth round, and his opponent gives up before the seventh round begins, meaning Fury wins, that means you’ve won as well.

Is betting on boxing legal?

Yes, and there are several thriving boxing betting markets to choose from. No matter where you are in the US, you can bet at some of the top sportsbooks with ease.

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