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The OddsTrader sports betting app delivers a wealth of vital information to the palm of your hand. It arms you with all the stats and insight you need to make educated betting decisions from a position of strength.

You can then use this highly-rated mobile app to keep on top of live scores, receive play-by-play updates, manage your bankroll and track your bets.

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This guide to our online sports betting app explains the various benefits you can unlock by downloading it.It will teach you how to take full advantage of the services it offers, while offering advice on how to use stats and research to enjoy success as a sports bettor.
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App Features

The Ideal Sports Betting App for Researching Games

OddsTrader leaves no stone unturned in an effort to present you with all the statistical information you could possibly need before betting on a big sporting event. Our iOS and Android sportsbook app covers NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, soccer, tennis, golf, boxing and more. It is one of the top sports betting apps available, because it covers everything from the Super Bowl to niche games in exceptional detail.

When you find a game you are interested in, you can access ATS records, straight up records, over/under averages, head-to-heads and much more. Our team matchup stats are extremely comprehensive. For example, if you click on an NBA game, you will find the average points, possessions, rebounds, assists, turnovers, steals, blocks and personal fouls. You will find detailed stats on field goals, 3-point field goals and free throws, plus each team’s defensive and offensive rating. All of the stats can be divided into first half, second half and individual quarters or periods. We show you the recent results and upcoming schedule of both teams too.

The next tab delivers a prediction of the score, the total points and a range of props. We use a highly sophisticated computer generated system to create game predictions for NFL, NCAAF, NBA and NCAAB games, helping you make smart betting decisions. You can see the odds and the line history too.

The OddsTrader sports betting app offers thorough stats on the key players for each team. In fact, we provide you with so much information that it could become overwhelming. However, we have worked hard to present our stats in a clear, concise fashion, allowing you to delve as deep as you want. You can quickly find the statistics you are interested in and ignore everything else, or spend hours mulling over the information on display.

Some mobile sports betting app providers would only offer NFL, NBA, MLB and perhaps NHL stats, but we go much deeper than that. For example, we cover all the big college football and basketball games, plus CFL and WNBA. Soccer fans can access high-quality statistical insight on the English Premier League, Championship and FA Cup, alongside MLS, Champions League, Europa League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga and international action.

Bettors can also access stats covering UFC, Bellator and boxing, plus all the biggest tennis tournaments of the year, and much more. It is therefore easy to see why it is rated as one of the top sports betting apps on the market. We are confident that sports bettors will be impressed with the high-quality user experience on offer at the OddsTrader mobile app, and we highly recommend that you download it for your Apple or Android devices today.

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The Latest Injury Reports Direct to Your Mobile Device

Injuries can have a significant impact upon any game. If an important player is set to miss the action, it can dramatically change the probability of that team winning. However, many sports bettors fail to pay enough attention to injury lists before placing their bets.

We recognized this issue, so we created a dedicated injuries tab on the stats card for each game. We conduct thorough research and present you with concise information about each injured player. You will see when the player was injured, the nature of the injury and an expected return date, with information from key news sites.

For example, if you were to click on a game between the Edmonton Oilers and Montreal Canadiens, you might see that Oscar Klefbom and Slater Koekkok were injured for Edmonton. We would tell you the position of each player and the estimated date on which he will return to the ice, plus accompanying text, such as: “Klefbom will undergo surgery on his injured shoulder in late March, Jason Gregor of OilersNation.com reports.”

Detailed injury reports are just some of the useful features on offer at our sports betting app. You can even find weather reports, as we know how big an impact the weather can have on certain games. All of this information is divided into neat sections, with plenty of quick shortcuts to help you navigate the online sports betting app with ease.

Find the Best Odds at Legal Sports Betting Sites

Our online sports betting app allows you to quickly find the best odds available on a particular game. We compile the odds offered by all the legal sports wagering sites in your state, helping you quickly spot which sportsbook offers the most appealing odds.

You can browse spreads, totals, money line odds, and bets on first half, second half or a particular quarter or period. When it comes to spread bets, you can see which betting site offers the most attractive lines. For example one site might offer odds of -110 on the New York Giants -6, whereas another sportsbook might offer -110 on New York -6. Yet another site could offer -109 on New York -5.5, so you can quickly deduce which mobile sportsbook you should bet with.

On that note, we recommend you sign up with multiple online sportsbooks. Registering with a variety of gambling sites allows you to benefit from various different bonuses, and it also means you can quickly seize the best available odds on a certain game. The sports betting site with the best odds will regularly change from one game to the next – regardless of whether you are betting on football, baseball, soccer or any other sport – and it therefore helps to have accounts with a variety of online sportsbooks.

Place Wagers from Our Sportsbook App

When you have found the best sports betting odds on a particular game you want to place bets on, you can click on those odds. The selection will then be added to your bet slip. In the “Risk” box, you can enter the dollar amount you wish to wager, and it will automatically tell you the amount you stand to win. Remember that you get your stake back if your bet is successful, so your total return will be the sum of the risk and win amounts.

You can add multiple selections to the bet slip if you would like to place a parlay. Just stick to selections from the same online sportsbook. When you have made your selection and chosen the amount you would like to risk, click on “Go Bet” and you will be taken through to the mobile betting site, where you can place your wager with a couple of taps of the screen.

This makes the whole sports betting process really quick, simple and convenient. You can sign up for accounts with multiple mobile betting sites, and then treat OddsTrader as your hub, through which you quickly place bets with the various online sportsbook sites in your state. We only feature licensed, regulated, legal sportsbooks that excel across a wide range of strict criteria. You should therefore download our bet app from the Apple iOS or Android app store today, as it will make your sports betting journey much easier.

Live Scores and Updates from the Major Sports Leagues

You can use our industry leading app to receive real-time updates on all the major sporting events of the day. We will let you know as soon as the score changes, and our play-by-play updates allow you to see which team is on top.

We also provide live odds on all major American sports including NFL, College Football, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, NHL, and combat sports. You can follow the action and rapidly see which sports betting apps in your state are offering the best live odds, allowing you to quickly grab those odds before they change.

Track Your Bets with the OddsTrader App

It is easy to see why sportsbook players are keen to sign up for accounts at a wide range of mobile sportsbook apps. After all, they all have different strengths and weaknesses. One sportsbook might offer above average odds on a regular basis, while a rival sportsbook might have the best bonuses. Another could work best on Android devices, whereas another could cover more niche bet types than its rival sportsbook apps.

Many players have multiple sports betting accounts with different operators, but it can then be a struggle to keep on top of your overall profit and loss. That inspired us to create a free bet tracker, which allows you to see how your bets have fared at 100% legal and licensed USA sportsbooks. You can then use your bet history to break down your overall wagering performance at all the best sports betting apps.

Of course, you could put your own spreadsheet together, but that is time-consuming, and it creates opportunities for human error to creep in. If you place all of your bets through OddsTrader, you will know exactly how much you have won or lost over a specific period of time, as it will all be clearly displayed in your bet history.

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Connecting You with the Best Sports Betting Apps in the USA

We only feature legal mobile sportsbooks that have gained licenses to operate in sports betting states. These are some of the key mobile sportsbook sites at OddsTrader:

· FanDuel Sportsbook App

· DraftKings App

· Caesars Sportsbook App

· Bet MGM Sports Betting App

· Bet365 Sportsbook App

· PointsBet Sportsbook App

· Unibet App · SugarHouse App

· SBK App

We offer a smart feature that allows you to organize your sportsbooks based on your personal preference. You can drag and drop your favorite books to the top of the list. For example, if you like FanDuel, you can put that at the top and it will be the first sportsbook app you see when browsing odds on football, baseball and so on.

Our grid also shows you which states these best betting apps are licensed to operate in under the state’s gambling regulations. If you are in New Jersey, for example, you can quickly see which NJ sports betting app choices are available to you, and customize your app accordingly. The same is true across the country, whether you are looking for an Illinois sports betting app, a Colorado sports betting app, an Indiana sports betting app, a Michigan sports betting app, a New Hampshire app, an Iowa sports betting app or a PA sports betting app.

We will highlight the bonuses on offer at these sportsbook apps and let you know of any promo code requirements. Ultimately we will connect you to the best betting apps for sports in your state, and then allow you to manage the wagering process from your OddsTrader account with ease.

Users Praise the OddsTrader App

Many users have rated OddsTrader as the best app to bet on sports in the USA. Our sportsbook app has secured a number of five-star ratings at the app store, with users heaping praise on the user-friendly experience, the up-to-date stats and live scores, the simplicity of the navigation process, the clean design and the high-quality bet tracker.

Our team is made up of sports betting market experts, with vast industry knowledge. They have a thorough understanding of what makes online sports betting apps great, and they have channeled all of their experience into creating the best online sports betting app available.

At OddsTrader, we do all the hard work for you, providing the best odds for every game from safe, reputable, legal sportsbooks. Find not just odds and stats, but in-depth information, live updates, weather reports, injuries, ATS, matchup info and more, to help you bring your betting skills to new heights. We follow a mobile-first strategy and ensure that app users receive a superb experience at all times, so sign up today and join our growing community.


Our mobile sports betting app provides ATS standings, power rankings, head-to-heads, detailed player and team stats, injury reports and much more.

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