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Best MLB Prop Bets Today

The MLB props found on OddsTrader allow you to make accurate bets on many different outcomes for each game including the number of strikeouts, how many home runs a batter will hit and so much more.You can also bet on MLB player props like which player will get the most hits in a game.

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Best MLB Prop Bets Today

In Major League Baseball, prop bets, also known as proposition bets, add an extra layer of excitement to the regular season, playoff games and beyond. 

Instead of just picking the winner, prop bets let you wager on specific outcomes. Baseball prop bets center on things like if a game will have extra innings or what the winning margin will be. You can also find a wide range of player prop markets, like how many strikeouts Spencer Strider, or your favorite elite pitcher, will get in a single season. 

While prop bets are typically placed before the start of a game, there are futures that can be used with props Our quick guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to get started with MLB prop betting. Let’s dive in and enhance your game-day experience with these exciting betting options.

What is an MLB prop bet?

As previously noted, there are several different types of baseball props that you can bet on, which are team, player and game props. While they are all considered a form of proposition bet, each type is focused on separate elements of the game.

There are several different types of baseball props that you can bet on. One eA team prop is a bet that centers on outcomes stemming from the performance of a team as a whole. A player prop is a wager that revolves around results arising from the actions of individual players. A game prop bet entails anticipating consequences or statistics related to the overall situation or particular moments of a ballgame. 

MLB Team Prop Bets

There’s nothing like a good bet to get your adrenaline pumping and make you feel alive. If you feel similarly, then chances are you’ll love the world of MLB team prop bets. These bets allow you to place wagers on anything and everything about your favorite team.

You can bet on how many runs they’ll score, whether or not they’ll hit a home run or even who will win the game. If you’re looking for something to do on a weekend afternoon while watching your team play, then this market is definitely the way to go.

Here are some team prop betting options you’ll find at most sports betting sites:

  • Total Runs Scored: Also referred to as an over/under runs bet, this is a bet on whether a team will score over or under a certain number of runs
  • First Inning Team to Score: A bet on which team will score the first run in the game’s initial inning
  • First Five Innings: A bet on which team in a matchup will be leading the game at the end of the fifth inning

MLB Player Prop Bets

Many people enjoy betting on MLB player props, especially when the odds favor their favorite player.

For example, if you think a particular player is going to get a hit, you can bet on that outcome.

Player prop betting also allows you to wager on how many innings a pitcher will throw, the number of hits a specific batter will accumulate and more. 

All player props have different odds and rewards, so it’s important for baseball bettors to do their homework prior to placing any bets.

Here are some popular MLB player prop options:

  • Over/Under Strikeouts: A bet on whether or not a player will have more or fewer strikeouts than the line set by the sportsbook
  • Total Home Runs: A bet on the total number of home runs that will be achieved by a certain player in a game
  • Head-To-Head Strikeouts: A bet on which of two players will have a higher number of strikeouts in a matchup
  • Total RBIs: A bet on the total sum of runs batted in for a player
  • Total Bases: A bet on how many bases a particular player will reach during a game
  • Multiple Hits: A bet on if a player will achieve a specific number of hits during a baseball game or season

Season-Long MLB Prop Bets

If you’re looking to make some money on the baseball odds this season, you’ll want to check out some season-long props. 

Season-long props are bets that focus on specific outcomes or performances of players or teams over the course of the entire season. For example, you can bet on which player will hit the most home runs in the entire MLB season or which team will win the World Series. These bets are based on long-term predictions and cover a wide range of possibilities.

Some baseball bets you could place in this market include:

  • World Series Champion 
  • Cy Young Award Winner 
  • Rookie of the Year 
  • Home Run Leader 

Best MLB Prop Bets Today FAQs

Is it hard to bet on baseball?

As with any form of sports betting, bettors will find ease and difficulties when wagering on baseball. The more knowledge of the teams and players you have, the higher the chances of success are when betting on MLB.

What is a prop bet in baseball?

In the context of baseball, prop bets are centered on particular events or situations that take place during a game, typically without any direct influence on the final outcome. 

Can you parlay prop bets?

You can absolutely parlay a prop bet. Maybe you want to place an MLB player prop bet and three individual team props. You can tie all of these together under a single bet with a parlay.

What is the best stat to make a prop bet on?

The answer to this depends on what specific stat you are interested in. With MLB betting markets, common team and player stats that can be wagered on include batting average, home run totals, strikeout rates and on-base percentage.

Can you make money on prop bets?

There is certainly money that can be made by placing a prop bet. Studying the elements that can affect the performance of players and teams is essential when it comes to boosting your potential profits from prop bets.

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