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World Cup Futures

World Cup futures allow you to make season-long bets about the outcome of specific matches and tournaments. FIFA World Cup odds are determined by a variety of factors like recent results, rankings, and any injuries on the team. These odds can change as time goes on, depending on where we’re at in the season.

To Win Outright

FIFA World Cup Team Futures

The FIFA World Cup international soccer competition is the most prestigious sporting event in the world packed with several weeks of matches to determine the ultimate team. Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide, and the camaraderie of national soccer has catapulted and maintained the World Cup as the most-watched sports event globally.

Hosted and overseen by FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football), it’s the only soccer tournament where nations throughout the planet come together and compete for the trophy most professional players dream of lifting – the World Cup.

With the consistent growth and popularity of sports wagering, it’s no surprise the World Cup is also one of the most bet-on events of all time. Soccer fans support their national team on the international stage by placing futures bets on their chance of winning the tournament, as well as bets on a multitude of other World Cup markets, such as game props.

Today we’re reviewing the World Cup futures betting markets and the intricate details that surround this betting phenomenon.

How To Bet on World Cup Team Futures

The prestigious World Cup competition is a hotbed for bettors wanting to predict the outright winner of the tournament, the top goalscorers, and the general success a team may have throughout the event. For this reason, World Cup futures markets are a go-to for avid bettors and newcomers alike.

Futures bets are when you place a wager on an outcome decided in the future. It differentiates from single-game wagers that are paid on the same day because the outcome of your bet usually won’t be known until the group phase or knockout stage of the World Cup is completed.

World Cup outright winner odds and top goal scorer odds are released long before the tournament begins, and these odds will change depending on specific factors such as form, injuries, and squad announcements. Futures odds regularly display teams/players in price order from best to worst, with a (+) or (-) indicating the available odds.

Placing future bets on the World Cup outright winner market will be significantly different pre-tournament to the odds you’ll find once the competition is underway.

If France is +500 to win the World Cup pre-tournament and successfully reaches the knockout stage, you can expect these odds to drop. This is why most bettors will utilize this betting market before the tournament starts. However, value can still be found, as you can evaluate each team’s performance.

Odds To Win FIFA World Cup

To easily understand FIFA World Cup futures odds, we’ve placed an example below:

  • France to Win the World Cup Odds: +500

The collective abilities of the French squad have placed them as a World Cup betting favorite, and despite the attractive price of +500, you must remember that these betting odds will decline if France performs well.

In an American odds format, bets with a (+) symbol indicate a wager that owns a 50% of lower probability, and the number alongside the (+) shows how much profit you’ll receive from a $100 stake. In this example, $100 on France at +500 returns $500 profit.

  • Brazil to win their World Cup Group Odds: -200

Not every World Cup future bet will provide plus-money opportunities. Sometimes referred to as “locks,” when critics and sportsbooks believe the outcome is highly probable, betting favorites are found with a (-) symbol, and oppositely to the France wager, this Brazil betting position shows how much a bettor must stake to win $100.

A $200 stake in Brazil to win their group would return $100 of profit.

Qatar 2022 World Cup Futures| Outright Winner Odds

  • Brazil +200
  • France +490
  • Argentina +600
  • England +750
  • Spain +850
  • Netherlands +1500
  • Portugal +1500
  • Croatia +5000
  • Switzerland +10000
  • Morocco +12000

Who are the favorites to win the FIFA World Cup?

As the current FIFA World Cup competition in Qatar reaches its quarter-final phase of the tournament, pre-tournament betting favorites Brazil and France have lived up to the hype and maintained their betting positions above every other nation.

Despite losing their final group stage fixtures to Cameroon and Australia, respectively, Brazil and France had already qualified for the Round of 16 after winning their two opening Qatar fixtures, and their managers, Tite and Didier Deschamps decided to rest more than half of the starting players in these losing outings.

Given their form, Brazil and France are rightful favorites, but should they sit above England (+750) and the Netherlands (+1500), who are unbeaten and heading in the quarter-finals? Perhaps the star power of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar is swaying the sportsbooks’ opinion, and as the defending World Cup champions, France will naturally be favored more than most.

Brazil, France, the Netherlands, and England scored a total of 13 goals in their Round of 16 meetings, proving crucial in clutch moments. With the rested players ready, the tournament favorites created an abundance of scoring chances.

However, take a cautious approach when betting prices such as +200 in Brazil. The deeper they compete, Brazil’s chance of victory will lower as the elite teams compete against one another. As Spain and Germany are the only top-10-rated teams to have played each other at the World Cup thus far, it could be argued that the betting favorites have had an easy path to date.

Other World Cup Futures Markets

Those looking for alternative World Cup futures markets fear not. You can still wager on the competition’s top goal scorer, which goalkeeper will receive the Golden Glove, and more obscure markets like which continent the World Cup winning team will come from.

Bettors can always opt for single-game wagers that involve props such as shots on target, the defensive performance of a player by betting on his tackles, or even a game parlay. However, there’s a wealth of future bets to discover that don’t involve winning, such as:

  • Team to reach the final
  • Team to reach the semi-final
  • Team to reach the quarter-final
  • Finalists
  • Stage of elimination
  • Golden Ball
  • Golden Glove
  • Tournament totals
  • Most assists
  • Margin of victory
  • Matches to require extra time

World Cup Futures Betting FAQ

How do you know who is favored to win?

All betting odds are placed with a positive (+) or negative (-) number next to the team’s name. A negative symbol represents the team that’s favored to win.

Who is the best player in 2022 FIFA?

Based on his domestic performance, Karim Benzema (France) is statistically the best player at the 2022 World Cup, based on his incredible season at Real Madrid, where he provides goals and assists in almost every competition his team competes.

Of course, this is up for debate, as many pundits would suggest that Neymar, Mbappe, Kane, Richarlison, and Messi, could take this honor.

Will FIFA 2023 have a world cup?

No, the EA Sports game doesn’t present a standalone World Cup mode; however, World Cup-themed content will be added to the game.

Suppose you’re not inquiring about the FIFA 2023 game and wondering when the next official World Cup competition is. In that case, you’ll have to wait four years until the tournament is hosted in the United States, Canada, and Mexico for the 2026 World Cup.

What is the biggest defeat in World Cup history?

At the 1982 World Cup in Spain, Hungary defeated El Salvador 10-1. Other notable World Cup defeats involve Hungary versus South Korea (9-0, 1954) and Yugoslavia versus Zaire (9-0, 1974).

What do teams get for winning the World Cup?

Besides the prestige and bragging rights of lifting the most sought-after trophy of professional football, the World Cup winner of 2022 will receive 62 million dollars in prize money.

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