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MLB Betting Odds

Welcome to the OddsTrader MLB odds page, providing betting aficionados with an ideal comparison chart and plethora of betting information to assist in delivering the perfect MLB wager. Our odds page will post a culmination of the most desirable betting value from across the most popular sportsbooks in the USA & beyond.

If you focus on understanding one aspect of sports betting, you need to comprehend that finding the best available betting value is crucial. Knowing which sportsbooks are offering the best available price on odds is imperative to long-term success. Please allow OddsTrader to complete this time-consuming task for you by utilizing our MLB odds page above.

Please continue reading to raise your knowledge in the world of MLB betting lines, let us help you make the correct decision on the most suitable bookmakers, and preview an array of betting methods to suit your requirements. And remember, we also review betting odds across all major sports betting markets. So, do not forget to preview our NFL betting odds, NBA betting odds, MLB betting odds, UFC betting odds and many more.

The Best Sportsbooks for MLB Odds, MLB Standings, MLB Lines & MLB Live Scores

Finding an online sportsbook that provides MLB odds is not a difficult task; however, finding a trustworthy bookmaker is. Next to finding the best available value, you should prioritize searching for a sportsbook dedicated to offering its customers a transparent registration process.

Here at OddsTrader, we are devoted to discovering the most reputable and trustworthy sportsbooks in the country. When you initially start an online betting account, you must hand over personal details; remaining safe and protected online is important to us, which is why we conduct extensive background checks into any bookmaker that we promote. We REFUSE to accept sportsbooks that deceive the public or are known for scamming type approaches.

Types of MLB Betting Lines

MLB Moneyline Odds

The beloved moneyline bet, a wager that is widely regarded as the most simplistic and prominent bet type in all Major League Baseball lines today – and sports in general. Most oddsmakers will give a winning or losing percentage for each MLB matchup on the slate; said percentages are known as the implied probability of a win or loss and are converted into odds that you or I wager on.

The "moneyline" wager is quite simple to understand and remains the most popular form of MLB lines today. Bettors must decide on which team they believe is going to win. The team expected to win (who you think will win) is the side you want to bet on. One team will enter each contest as the "favorite", and their opposition will be referred to as the underdog. How do we visually separate the two? This is also quite simple; separating the two begins with identifying which team has a (-) sign next to their team’s name; these are known as the favorites. Therefore, the opposition will be the underdogs and have a (+) symbol alongside the team’s name.

To help you understand and recognize the difference, we have created a hypothetical example below:

The Boston Red Sox are favorites entering their matchup versus the New York Yankees, and the available odds on the Red Sox have opened at -120 odds. A wager on the Red Sox would require a $120 stake to return a profit of $100. The higher odds rise for favorites, and you will notice the risk to reward ratio becomes smaller; this is because you are favoring the team that is already anticipated to win the matchup. When the bookmakers favor a team, you always be required to stake more than what your actual profits will return.

When looking at the underdogs, the Yankees could have an opening line value of +130. If you staked the same $100 wager on them, you would return a profit of $130. The less probable team to win naturally gives bettors a more significant return from their investment. For this reason, MLB underdog wagering can be an excellent method of securing long-term profits, especially when considering the volatility that baseball games can provide.

These foundations are applied to all MLB moneyline betting odds and across all moneyline sports betting markets. Still, please take into consideration that blindly picking underdogs to win could damage your bankroll. The favorite has been given a higher probable chance of victory for a good reason, as the oddsmakers use a multitude of methods when providing the available MLB odds.

MLB Totals

One of the second most popular MLB betting markets is the totals category. With MLB totals, bettors must decide how many runs will be scored during the game; alternatively, you can predict the total runs scored for singular teams rather than the total score between two squads. Known as game totals or team totals, the winner of each matchup becomes irrelevant in this market because it is all about the runs scored.

MLB Game Totals – When browsing MLB totals, you may find a total of Over/Under 9.5 runs. You must then decide whether the game in question will exceed the total or fall under the estimated run total. If you chose to wager on the over 9.5 (10 runs or more), both teams must score a combined total of at least 10 runs. If you bet under 9.5 (9 runs or less), the total runs scored by both teams must fall under 9 runs. In addition, should the total number of runs land on 9, under bettors will receive a ‘push’, which will return your original stake.

MLB Team Totals – Alternatively, you can decide to bet the total amount on one team. The New York Yankees team total is hypothetically set at 3.5 runs. This would require over bettors to see 4 or more runs for the Yankees, whilst under bettors will be hoping the Yankees score 3 or less to return a profit. Likewise, should the Yankees score 4 runs, the bet will result in a push, and your original stake will be returned.

You will notice that MLB total odds are priced at -110 on the over/under. You are giving sportsbooks their small margin of profit no matter the outcome.

MLB Runline Betting

Unlike the other headline American sports that provide spread betting, the MLB slightly differs and is better known as "the runline". The critical difference between the two is that oscillating lines in the NBA and NFL do not translate into the MLB run lines. The runline is consistently set at -1.5 for the favorable team, requiring the team in question to win by two or more runs. On the opposite side of the runline, underdogs will have a +1.5 advantage to work with, requiring the team to lose by just one run or win the game outright to become a successful wager. Odds on run lines will decrease or increase depending on public betting action or how talented the team is/become from a line-up change.

MLB matchups are rarely won by one lone run, making the run line a popular betting market for gamblers.

MLB F5 (First Five Innings) Betting

One of our personal favorites, the first five-inning betting market. And it pretty much does what it says on the tin, predict the team are you believe are going to hold the lead within the first five innings of a ball game. If you anticipate the Boston Red Sox to be winning their matchup early, but their bullpen line-up does not look great, and you predict they could fail once surpassing the fifth inning – this market could be great for you.

Certain bookmakers will also offer alternatives to the first five innings, such as the first three or first seven-inning resorts.

MLB Live Betting

The growth of MLB live betting becomes significant in modern-day baseball because watching your team perform can provide insight that pre-game wagers cannot. This market is more often than intended for the dedicated MLB bettor, as you will most likely be watching the games as you place a wager. MLB online sportsbooks are perfect for live betting because the pace of each ball game alters the odds from inning to inning. Every pitch, swing, and run can completely flip the available betting lines, and in certain situations, you will see a heavily juiced favorite become the plus money underdog.

In addition, MLB live betting offers specific markets you will not find before the games have begun, like "the outcome of the next bat" or "strikeouts in the next half-inning".

MLB Betting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best sportsbooks for MLB odds and lines?

You have no urgency to worry about the best available sportsbooks because that is our job here at OddsTrader. The list of bookmakers we provide can be separated by the needs that suit you, whether you are looking for the best available MLB odds or simply wanting the most tempting sign-up promotions. You can effortlessly browse our trustworthy sportsbooks and take notice of the best moneyline, runline, or totals that are available.

What time should I make my MLB best bets?

For bettors placing pre-game wagers, the best time to place an MLB wager is usually when the lines are released; however, this is always dependant if the betting line has the potential to shift in one direction. Heavy favorites with almost guaranteed line-ups will lose significant value overnight, so you will want to place your bet as soon as possible in these situations.

What can I bet on for my MLB bets?

The available betting markets can sometimes seem endless; to begin with, we suggest keeping it simple with the markets we touched on above. It entirely depends on the bettor; perhaps you have a more decisive edge on totals, whereas others may feel comfortable predicting a straight-up winner.

How to bet on MLB games?

Research the available MLB lines and select the bet type which appeals to your style of betting. The critical aspect of wagering should always fall back on your dedication to research. Statistical information in Major League Baseball is crucial for aspiring bettors, recognizing the head-to-head records, injury reports, home/away advantage, motivational drive, and team fatigue, to name a few. OddsTrader can assist your handicapping journey with all the above, but ultimately the decision is yours. Once you have found a bet type you are confident in, you select the amount of money you want to wager and place your bet. Should the prediction you bet on is successful, your online sportsbook account will be credited with the profit and original stake you entered. There is no clear-cut answer on how to bet or win through wagering on baseball. The best advice in betting can be found through dedicated research, statistical knowledge, and a love for the sport. Controlling your bankroll is imperative in profiting long term but if you are looking to have some fun, let the MLB betting world be your oyster.

How to read MLB odds?

Each sportsbook will make mathematical choices on the chances of a team winning their respective game, winning the World Series, or total runs scored amongst many other betting markets. Once oddsmakers have decided on the implied probability, this percentage will transfer into the available odds. For example, if the New York Yankees are a -200 favorite to win, their implied probability transfers to 66.7%. Some experts like to convert these percentages into how many times out of ten should this game end; 66.7% could be viewed as the Padres should win this matchup 6.7 (rounded to 7) times if the exact matchup and variables were to take place on ten occasions. To simplify - If the odds show a minus sign (-), this resembles the amount of money required to return a consistent profit. Odds of -150 will return $100 with a $150 stake or $10 from a $15 stake. If the odds begin with a (+) symbol, this represents the amount of profit you will make with an even stake. +150 will return $150 profit with a $100 stake or $15 using a $10 stake.

What are the most common MLB betting terms searched for gaining knowledge?

Many baseball terms can be used when searching for help and advice, such as - MLB games, MLB betting line, baseball betting, best money line odds, baseball odds, MLB season, MLB futures, underdog team, run line bet, bet wins, team’s odds, baseball totals, most competitive lines, competitive lines, best odds, world series, top sportsbooks, moneyline value, MLB bets today, MLB live odds, MLB scores, MLB schedule, MLB teams, MLB scores today, MLB stats, MLB power rankings, MLB standings wildcard, MLB picks, MLB scoreboard, MLB weather, MLB scores standings, MLB schedule today, MLB predictions, MLB rankings, MLB team stats, MLB scores yesterday, MLB games tonight, MLB results, MLB predictions today, MLB picks today, MLB perfect games, MLB weather report, MLB 2021 schedule, highest scoring MLB game, best MLB bets today, MLB scores tonight, MLB scores today games, MLB injuries, MLB score predictions, MLB live games, MLB betting picks, matchup MLB, MLB pitching stats, MLB baseball standings, MLB schedule tonight, MLB odds today, MLB standings today, MLB statistics, MLB standings 2021, MLB pitching matchups today, MLB injury report, MLB ats, MLB game predictions, MLB scoreboard today, MLB hitting stats, MLB fielding stats and live MLB lines.
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