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Latest La Liga Odds & Betting Lines

Real Madrid or Barcelona? Whoever you favor, OddsTrader has La Liga odds for soccer fans like you. We can help you learn how to read La Liga betting odds and what types of bets you can place. You can also see who the odds predict will be the next La Liga Title Winner with our futures page.


La Liga Odds

Football betting is the most prominent sports wagering market worldwide, and the Spanish La Liga is one of the heavily wagered-on domestic leagues from the European continent.

Most known as the Primera Division in Spanish-speaking countries and La Liga in English-speaking countries, it is a top-tiered division of men’s professional soccer in the Spanish league system. It was founded in 1929, 93 years ago, and has 20 teams competing between August-May, in an attempt to lift the most coveted title in Spanish football.

Real Madrid is the giant of this football program, winning the La Liga title a staggering 35 times. The teams wanting to compete with Los Blancos must qualify from the Segunda Division (Spain’s second-tier league) by placing in 1st or 2nd or by winning the 3rd place in playoffs. As three teams are promoted to La Liga each season, the bottom three teams in La Liga are relegated to the Segunda league.

Below, you will find a detailed guide to betting on La Liga. From soccer odds and how to read them, the current La Liga Championship odds, and how to improve your Spanish soccer betting strategies.

How To Read La Liga Betting Odds

Whether you’re looking to bet on Karim Benzema and the emphatic squad skills of Real Madrid or the goal-scoring threat of Robert Lewandowski and Barcelona, understanding the basics of La Liga outright odds or goalscorer odds is simple.

Moneyline La Liga bets require bettors to pick the winner of the game, totals markets require bettors to predict the number of goals scored in a game, and the most common prop bet is usually the goal scorer market – where you’re tasked with betting on which player/players will score during any given game.

These aforementioned La Liga betting markets will equally be presented with the same odds style. Most commonly viewed in the American odds format, available bets will have a minus (-) symbol on the most favorable betting position and a plus symbol (+) on the least likely outcome.

Favorite betting odds positions (-) require a higher stake to return a round total profit, such as $100 or $10.

For example, if Real Madrid is -150 to defeat Barcelona, you must bet $150 to return $100 profit. Oppositely, Barcelona will be the betting underdogs (+), and if their odds are +150, a $100 stake will return $150.

The above soccer odds explanation is no different for alternative betting markets. For example, if you expect Robert Lewandowski to score anytime and his odds are -120, it will take a $120 stake to return $100.

Or if you believe Real Madrid will have a low-scoring match and achieve less than two goals in a game and the under 1.5 total is +250, a $100 stake would net you $250 of profit.

What is a La Liga moneyline bet?

A moneyline wager is the most commonly approached market in all sports betting. In soccer (known as the 3-way moneyline), there are three potential game outcomes – win, lose or draw. Bettors simply decide which result they expect to play out and, in most cases, which team they believe will win.

La Liga 3-way moneyline bet example:

  • Real Betis -110
  • Tie Game +250
  • Real Sociedad +120

The winner betting odds on Real Betis are -110. A $110 bet would be required to return $100.

The La Liga betting lines on a drawn game between Betis and Real Sociedad are +250. A $100 wager would return $250.

A La Liga winner bet on Real Sociedad has odds of +120, meaning a $100 stake would net $120 of profit.

How do you bet on La Liga totals?

The most common form of the total bet is when you predict the combined goals scored by each team, referred to as the OVER/UNDER.

However, this concept has also been applied to goal scorers, season wins, and more. Alongside handicaps and moneylines, totals are the most popular betting picks in La Liga.

When betting on the combined goals scored by each team, over/under 2.5 total goals is the most utilized. You must pick over/under 2.5 goals depending on how many goals you believe will be scored, whether it will be a high-scoring game or not.

If you expected 3 goals or more, you bet the over 2.5; if you expected 2 goals or less, you bet the under 2.5. However, totals vary from 1.5, 3.5, 4.5, and more.

What is a La Liga futures bet?

La Liga futures are when bettors place a wager on the outcome of an event that’s decided in the future. The most common future bets are La Liga title winners and end-of-season individual awards such as top goalscorer.

Real Madrid is the current Champions League title holder, and Barcelona has the top-end talent to match.

For this reason, they’re prominent clubs regarding UCL’s future bets, as many fans expect one of the two Spanish giants to reach the latter stages of the tournament and go on to win the biggest match of the year.

La Liga Championship Odds

La Liga championship future odds, especially the title odds, are calculated by the most recent performance levels of the season past, transfer signings, and overall club success.

Winner betting odds like these are released soon after the current season ends, prior to the upcoming season kicking off. The title odds will be updated throughout the season – depending on the leading scorer of the top teams and the results of soccer matches played throughout the season.

Real Madrid has won the most La Liga Championships and is the defending champion; it’s easy to predict that one of the biggest clubs is going to be the future odds-betting favorite.

However, if Barcelona has a strong season and performs better than Real Madrid mid-season, the title odds will be adjusted to position Barcelona as the favorite to become the eventual champion. The same methods are applied to teams battling relegation and struggling at the bottom of the La Liga table.

La Liga Betting Tips: Improve Your Betting Strategy

Each La Liga domestic season provides ample time to explore a variety of betting opportunities. Still, when making league predictions, there are some basic betting strategies you can follow to assist you in making your betting choice.

Firstly, it isn’t a race, especially at the start of the season. It’s essential to evaluate a club’s success; the best way to achieve this is by studying a decent sample size. Keep up with soccer odds and betting news throughout the season.

Betting half of your bankroll in September isn’t going to help if you’ve lost it all by February. Remain patient, use analytics and current form, and be wary of injuries and how a team performs at home and on the road.

Don’t expect soccer parlays to land every time. While they’re fun and can undoubtedly result in lucrative profits, betting parlays long-term is a sportsbook dream. The implied probability of parlays is extremely low, thus giving you an unlikely chance at banking long-term profits.

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