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Champions League Odds

The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious domestic level trophy in all of soccer. The 2021-22 Champions League will be UEFA's 67th season of Europe's premier club soccer tournament and the 30th season since it was renamed from the European Champion Clubs' Cup to the Champions League. UEFA created it in 1955, first known as the European Cup; its rebranding came in 1992 and is now known as the Champions League.

This season’s final will be hosted at the Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg due to the postponement and relocation of the 2020 final.

English Premier League side Chelsea are the defending champions, and winners of the competition automatically qualify for the following season's tournament and earn the right to play against the UEFA Europa League champions in the UEFA Super Cup.

UEFA tournaments are the only time during a domestic season where clubs from different countries compete against each other. The cream of the crop faces off in the most elite level soccer competitions in the world.

This season will mark the first time since 1988 where three major European club competitions will be organized by UEFA (Champions League, Europa League, and the newly created UEFA Europa Conference League). No drastic changes will be made to the Champions League. Still, the clubs eliminated from the preliminary round or first qualifying round of the UCL are now transferred to the Europa Conference League instead of the Europa League.

Qualification into The UEFA Champions League

Eighty teams from 54 UEFA member associations (European domestic leagues, e.g. Premier League, La Liga etc.) participate in the UEFA Champions League.

Teams that finish between 1st and 4th place in their respective leagues qualify for the Champions League. The previous season's Champions League and Europa League winners automatically qualify despite their domestic league position. However, should the Champions League title holders qualify through their domestic league, an additional entry will be allocated to the 5th placed team.

Champions League Odds

The first set of Champions League betting odds become available from the qualifying rounds on the 22nd of June – the 25th of August. The most anticipated tournament period takes place from 14th September 2021 until the final on 28th May 2022.

With an average of 44 football associations involved, UEFA Champions League fixtures and your chances of winning bets are provided in abundance due to the high volume of matchdays available. Betting sites will deliver UEFA Champions League betting odds with many bonus offers, and almost every sportsbook will be involved in the action.

UEFA Champions League Betting Tips and Strategy

When in the position of predicting who will win the Champions League - this means that you're already conjuring a strategy for betting on the Europa League 2022. However, outside of predicting which team will be crowned as winners, you can wager on a plethora of other markets.

Sportsbooks found here at OddsTrader provide a diverse selection of betting markets for the Champions League schedule. Some of these markets include:

  • Spread bets
  • Moneyline bets
  • Total bets

These betting markets mentioned should be familiar to most bettors, but we'll briefly explain what they entail for those new to soccer betting or wagering in general.

Champions League Moneyline Odds

The most common betting market in soccer is the moneyline wager, and its methodology doesn't alter from other sports. Bettors simply select which club they believe is going to win the matchup.

Approaching qualifying bets in the moneyline market is simple, but we'll explain its simplicity with some hypothetical odds below. Bettors must remember, soccer moneyline markets often provide a 3-way situation, taking a drawn game into consideration (win/lose/draw).

Chelsea (+110) versus Real Madrid (-110). In a moneyline wager, you are betting on the team you believe will win or lose the game, but don't be confused with a 3-way result because soccer games include draws into their results. A drawn game is a great approach for high value, as predicting a draw will offer lucrative odds. Moneyline bets will be higher priced in comparison to 3-way bets because they void drawn results. At European sportsbooks, moneyline wagers can also be known as 'Draw no Bet'.

If a bet is placed on Chelsea to win (using our example odds), a $100 stake will return $110. In reverse, should bettors place a bet on Real Madrid at -110, a $110 stake is required to return $110. This is because Real Madrid are the sportsbooks favorite at that price, and Chelsea would be classed as the underdog.

Champions League Spread Betting Odds

When placing spread bets on soccer fixtures or the UEFA Champions League, they are slightly different from sports such as the NFL or NBA. Like the NHL, soccer games are low scoring, and the available spreads (handicaps) are usually set at -1.5/+1.5 for this reason. However, the alternative spread betting markets can be found at some of our best available sportsbooks here at OddsTrader.


If Real Madrid has a set spread of -1.5, they are required to win their game by at least two goals for your bet to win.

In reverse, should Chelsea have a set spread of +1.5, a loss by one goal, an outright win, or a drawn fixture would be enough to win your bet.

Champions League Total Betting Odds

Totals are a reflection of the number of goals you expect to be scored during the fixture you're betting on.

The over/under 2.5 goals is the standard total found in this market, but again, alternative totals can be seen at the best sportsbooks here at OddsTrader.

If you decide to bet on Real Madrid vs Chelsea over 2.5 goals, the game will need to provide three or more goals for the bet to win. In reverse, if you select the under 2.5 goals, no more than two goals can be scored for a winning ticket to cash.

Champions League Top Betting Sites

Before placing your Champions League bets and looking at the first available odds, handicappers should be diligent in finding the best available value at the most trusted soccer sportsbooks.

Protecting your bankroll is a bettor’s priority, and there is no better approach to this than by ensuring you're receiving the best available odds. This is where OddsTrader saves you valuable time by listing the top sportsbooks and their prices. There are many sportsbooks whose practises can be undesirable; allow OddsTrader to remove these potential disputes and make the most of our sportsbook reviewing feature.

OddsTrader’s comparison list is a group of sportsbooks that have passed our recommendation process. With years of experience in this field, we know exactly what to look for in an excellent sports betting site, and we compare 100's of sportsbooks from around the country to bring you nothing but the best.

Champions League Line Shopping

While hunting out the best Champions League winner odds, you should consider the value being offered. It's a great idea to find a collective of trustworthy betting sites and signup for them all. This allows you to bet your specific bet type at the greatest price, making room for the most significant investment return in the long run.

Whenever you're placing a Champions League prediction into your bet slip, double-check the betting lines available across the sportsbooks you're signed up with. Our easy to navigate comparison chart at OddsTrader will assist you in this task because finding the best deal for your money is important to us.

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