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Ligue 1 Futures

You can place season-long wagers on French soccer with Ligue 1 futures. Recent matches, rankings, and any team injuries can all have an impact on the odds, which is why the Ligue 1 odds are updated dynamically all season long. Keep reading to learn about goalscorer odds, relegation odds, and more.

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Ligue 1 Futures

Ligue 1 is the premier professional soccer league in the French soccer league system. Twenty French clubs compete against each other in league games from August to May to obtain league points in hopes of becoming the next French League One champions.

However, in collaboration with Ligue 2 (France’s second-tier division), teams must also compete to avoid relegation. Until 2022, the bottom team teams of Ligue 1 were relegated to Ligue 2 and replaced by that division’s top-two finishers, with the third bottom team and third top team of those respective divisions entering a playoff game to earn the final Ligue 1 position. However, this season introduced a new format by relegating four teams and promoting two, as Ligue 1 will only host 18 teams beginning next season.

The newly instated rules offer intrigue for the future betting markets, and that’s the primary focus of today’s article. With four relegation positions, the Ligue 1 battle and the French club’s future odds have intensified.

Continue reading to assist your understanding of Ligue 1 futures betting, how to read Ligue 1 futures odds, as well as the various markets available.

Understanding Ligue 1 Futures Betting

The soccer odds for each French League future market are all calculated similarly. The top online sportsbooks (including DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook) create these prices depending on certain factors, whether you’re wagering on the Ligue 1 title winners, top goalscorers, player futures, relegated teams, other popular futures bets or any other betting lines. There are numerous types of bets available for the France League 1 in addition to all other professional leagues, such as the UEFA Champions League or Bundesliga. This even includes regular season games, which has just as many popular betting options available.

Club or player performance is the focal calculation when oddsmakers provide pricing on each market for French football. Naturally, the stronger a team has performed, the more likely they will be priced with less value as they’re expected to deliver a joyous season. The same can be said for player performance, where current form and injury status are the main factors that are deliberated before these prices are presented.

However, this doesn’t equate to an advantageous position for the sportsbook, as the available information on teams/players is widely available to sports bettors. To understand Ligue 1 futures betting is simply raising your knowledge of the expected outcomes. Success in these wagers requires finding prices you believe hold more value than the oddsmakers have presented when making your betting choice.

How to Read the Ligue 1 Futures Odds Markets

Futures bets in Ligue 1, no matter which futures market you’re wagering on, are read similarly. If the betting price for Lionel Messi to win the season’s Golden Boot by finishing as the top goalscorer is set at +300, a $100 wager on these odds will return $300 profit. Likewise, if PSG is +220 to win the Ligue 1 title, a $100 would return $220 on these hypothetical odds.

The (+) symbol in Ligue 1 futures betting does, however, represent the prices that fall below an implied probability of 50%. If a particular wager has a 50% or higher implied probability of becoming a winner, it’ll be labeled with a (-) symbol and require bettors to wager more than the expected return.

So, if Kylian Mbappe is -200 to win the Golden Boot by finishing the Ligue 1 season as the top goalscorer, bettors would need to stake $200 to return a profit of $100.

Betting strategies aren’t just focused on statistics and predictions, as the margins of victory can sometimes be tight in professional soccer. Reading Ligue 1 odds and finding value according to your own research is an excellent place for long-term bettors to begin.

French Ligue 1 Betting League Title Odd

Current market odds for the 2022-23 French Ligue 1 title are no longer representing the statistical data for 2021-22. As the season has already played 15 matchdays, oddsmakers have adjusted their pre-season Ligue 1 future betting odds to match the chance of success for each team based on their current form and the current season win totals.

The 2022-23 Top 4 Ligue 1 Outright Winner Betting Odds for League Leaders:

  • Paris Saint-Germain [-5000]
  • Lens [+5000]
  • Stade Rennes [+9000]
  • Monaco [+10000]

As Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is the most successful team in Ligue 1 history and is the current defending champions, their outright winner odds have skyrocketed since they’ve found significant success and maintained their first-placed position this term.

Despite being just six points behind PSG, Lens future odds are showing massive betting value at +5000 ($100 wager returns $5000 profit). This is due to the underestimated pre-season odds set by sportsbooks and PSG’s past dominance, but these odds will continue to change based on future performances.

Current Favorite French League 1 Outright Winner

Ligue 1 is one of the rare European domestic divisions where one team is considered a title-winning favorite for almost every season. Since the 1980s, PSG replaced Saint-Etienne as the most elite Ligue 1 team and has won the title 10 times.

After fighting back from their 2020-21 title-losing season to Lille, last term, PSG remains the league’s favorite to win the Ligue 1 Championship in 2022-23, and the current betting market reflects this.

Priced at -5000 to win the Ligue 1 title, it would require a ridiculous $5000 stake to return $100 on PSG retaining their title. While the outcome is expected, it’s an unethical betting position. We’d need Lens, Stade Rennes, Monaco, or any alternative Ligue 1 teams to surpass PSG atop the standings to find value in betting them as outright winners.

You can rest assured that if PSG wins the title this season, the 2023-24 season Ligue 1 Championship odds will again position the Paris-based favorite team as a rightful betting favorite.

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