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Serie A Futures

Serie A futures are the odds that are set for French soccer events that will take place in the future. These odds are determined by several factors such as team and player rankings, recent match results, and any team injuries. Serie A odds will update as the season progresses.

To Win Outright

Serie A Futures

Each year, the top twenty teams from the Italian football league system compete for the Serie A championship allowing for many betting opportunities for soccer fans and bettors alike. The Italian domestic league is brimming with Champions League-calibre clubs and is one of the world’s oldest and most storied professional soccer divisions which sees the hottest teams vying for the championship.

The Italian Serie A hosts three of the biggest clubs in domestic soccer. Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan have been prominent figures in the sport. In addition, the Ballon d’Or – soccer’s most prestigious individual player award – has been won by more players competing at a Serie A club than any league in the world other than Spain’s La Liga.

With its prestige and importance amongst club-level professional football, top online sportsbooks pay significant attention to the future sports betting markets surrounding Serie A. Whether you’re looking to predict the Serie A title winners, the Serie A top goalscorer, or which teams will be relegated from Serie A, you can be confident the availability and importance of these markets are placed on a pedestal.

Today we’re going to preview the most sought-after future betting markets in the Serie A and assist your overall knowledge of what to expect when wagering on Serie A future bets.

Serie A Title Winner Odds

The thrill of an Italian Serie A season isn’t tied to one dominant team, as Juventus, Inter Milan, and AC Milan have shared a significant number of Italian championship-winning titles since the league’s inception, meaning the Outright market is often appealing to many bettors.

Due to Serie A’s diverse presence of elite clubs, title-winning betting odds can provide bettors with excellent betting profits as there isn’t always a clear-cut club that’s highly favored to become champions, and basing your bets solely on the winner of the previous season isn’t likely to work out for you.

Betting advice and betting odds are few and far between with the Serie A, particularly for soccer Futures betting. Still, the unpredictable nature of a title winner delivers profitable future odds for predicting the champion and is one of the most popular Futures markets to bet on during the regular season. There are other types of Futures bets available to bettors, but the Outright winner of the League title or which teams will be the Conference winners will be are always the markets that see the most betting action on sports betting sites.

As an excellent example for our above synopsis, Napoli has emerged as the 2022/23 title-winning favorites since outperforming the top three (Juventus, Inter, AC Milan) halfway through the current campaign. Pre-season odds on Napoli to win the title were +1600, meaning that a $100 wager placed on them would return $1600 if they are still in the first position at the end of the season.

In contrast to how title-winning odds adjust, Napoli is now -350 following their early season dominance. This would require a $350 stake to return $100 of profit.

Serie A Top Goalscorer Odds

Predicting which Serie A team will lift the title trophy isn’t for everyone, but who doesn’t love a top goalscorer? The top goalscorer is one of the more popular betting choices available to soccer bettors.

Each season, the Golden Boot is awarded to the soccer player who has scored the most goals during the Serie A campaign and the top online sportsbooks (such as DraftKings Sportsbook or FanDuel Sportsbook) will provide pre-season betting lines for this specific market. However, be cautious, as betting lines will vary once the season has begun and will continue to do so for the entire season, so if you expect one of the bookmaker’s goalscorer favorites to challenge for the Golden Boot, you’re best to start your soccer betting early.

Serie A Top 4 Finish Odds

The Serie A presents multiple elite clubs competing for the season title, and this can often make predicting an outright winner for one of the biggest leagues a difficult challenge. However, bettors can always opt to place Serie A futures bet on a top 4 finish, which is another one of the popular types of wagers available. It’s similar to an outright prediction where you’re banking on a team’s finishing position, but the team you select for, this wager to win, can place in:

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • 4th

This is a great betting position for a mid-season future wager, where specific teams may have struggled to find a respectable form early in the campaign. If you expect the likes of Roma to make a late-season comeback from seventh of eight in the standings and reach one of the top four Serie A placements before the league’s end, the available odds can be lucrative and worthwhile.

For example, Udinese is six points away from breaching the top four of Serie A. The odds for them to finish as a top-four team is currently +2000 as of December 2022. If you were to place a $100 original wager on this future bet would return $2000, proving how profitable the top 4 finish odds can sometimes be.

Serie A Relegation Odds

Not every team in the Serie A can maintain success and be regarded as a deserving top-tier club; this is where relegation and promotion future bets come into play.

While the betting favorites and a natural go-to for a Serie A outright winner wager, the underdogs of the Italian topflight are aligned with the relegation odds.

The three lowest-placed teams at the end of the season are relegated to Serie B (Italy’s second-tier professional soccer division) as three Serie B teams are promoted to replace them for the following season. And, of course, this futures betting market presents relegation odds for bettors to wager on.

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