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NBA Betting Lines

You have reached the OddsTrader NBA betting odds information page, your one-stop-shop for all things related to professional basketball wagering. We will deliver NBA odds from a vast number of reputable sportsbooks, allowing customers to seek out the best available betting value on the market.

When searching for your odds, it is essential to realize that available betting lines and finding the best available value is of the utmost importance. Line shopping is time costly; your average sports bettor can appreciate their time spent handicapping when it's cut in half. And that's where our informative online sportsbook comparisons come into play. Spending prolonged periods looking for basketball odds is exasperating, and here at OddsTrader, we understand this more than most. Navigating through our NBA odds has never been simpler; once you browse our NBA pages, you'll soon find the best available NBA odds from a horde of the most popular and reputable bookmakers.

Please continue reading for a comprehensive look into NBA betting lines, the most respected sportsbooks, and a plethora of betting options and information that our professionals have gathered.

The Best Sportsbooks for NBA Wagering

All sportsbooks in the United States provide their customers with NBA betting odds; the standard issue can often be found with the bookmakers’ lack of customer relations.

The money in your account should not be wasted. Aimlessly depositing money for NBA odds today can disappoint the unexpecting bettor who has failed to research the sportsbook in question. OddsTrader removes this problem; we will confirm which sportsbooks own the most respectful business ethics through our comprehensive review strategies. Delivering the customer a list of the most trusted sports betting in the industry is what we aim to do. Keep your focus on discovering the perfect NBA game to bet on and leave the stressful tasks to us.

NBA Betting Odds

Understanding the odds should be your number one concern before delving into the specific bet types like NBA point spreads.

The point spread for basketball fixtures will often show odds of -110; with that said, latecomers to betting the game can sometimes receive a varied betting line for the best NBA bets today. The -110 price is known as the "house-edge". These odds assure the bookmaker's profits. When staking on NBA betting picks at -110, you will be required to risk $11 to return $10; therefore, the bookmakers claim a $1 on each side.

The -110 odds mentioned on NBA consensus picks generally known as "the vig", or vigorish. The average bettor would call it "paying the juice".

NBA Point Spread Betting / NBA Picks ATS

NBA point spread betting (and point spreads in general American sports) are the most beloved form of sports betting plays. Understanding what the point spread is should be imperative for new gamblers involved with American sports.

To understand the point spread, you should first comprehend why the bookmakers provide it. Sometimes known as "the equalizer", the point spread will reward the underdog team with extra points and deduct points from the favorite to win team. This gives bettors siding with the underdog an extra chance at winning their bet should the team win outright or lose within the set number of points on the spread.

Online NBA betting could be problematic if the NBA moneyline were the only option, the odds would regularly be juiced for the favorite team leaving small value in betting the more talented squad. The spread numbers that released always depend on how good or bad the team is; the favorites are highlighted with a (-) minus, and the underdogs can be found with a (+) sign.

Teams with a (+) on the spread will be underdogs, and your online sportsbook will pay out should the team win the game or cover the spread; a score of 110-105 with an underdog spread of +6 would still be a winner as your team's hypothetical score would return 111 instead of the actual number of 105. To win your NBA gameday wager on the favorite, your NBA ats spread (-) would need to be -4 or lower, taking the actual score of 110 to 106.

The NBA Moneyline

The moneyline wager is for bettors looking at a more simplistic form of NBA betting; modestly choosing which team you want to win cannot get anymore more straightforward, right? If the NBA team you bet on to win the game succeeds, your ticket is also a winner. On our NBA basketball standings, you should select the teams you anticipate having the most excellent chance of success. The most profitable method is to find value betting the underdogs.

The essential factors between wagering on the moneyline and against the spread are purely value-based. Those -110 odds we discussed to provide an implied probability of 52.4%, which is almost a 50/50 chance every time you bet; while your options become equal, this method becomes difficult to profit on a long-term basis. Professional handicappers understand the value of betting the underdog; sharp bettors will often test their luck with lower probability odds such as +200 or beyond to gain a profitable improvement.

If the Miami Heat are set to face the Bostin Celtics on the road, sportsbooks may consider the Heat as underdogs and release moneyline odds of +180. Should you find an edge in betting on the Heat through detailed research, you could gain a significantly higher profit than wagering on the spread. But also execute your due diligence; public money can sometimes dramatically decrease the opening line, therefore meaning a late bet could be costing you incredible amounts of lost profit on your NBA basketball odds.

NBA Totals Betting

For those bettors wanting to avoid NBA moneyline or basketball ATS wagers, the following best method is to delve into NBA totals, also known as over/under bets. The online sportsbooks will set each game with an estimated total, and you have to guess if the points scored during the game will go over or under the total.

Alongside the latest NBA line, you will find the in-game total set for each match. The same as point spreads, these odds will be often set at -110 on the over or under.

Example: The Miami Heat versus The Boston Celtics could be set at 225 points.

As the handicapper, it's your mission to decide if the total number of points accumulated in that game will exceed 225 or fall below the total.

NBA Futures & NBA Futures Odds

NBA future bets give bettors the chance to make predictions on particular outcomes, such as NBA MVP award, NBA conference winners, NBA playoff teams and niche categories alike. The NBA prop bets become desirable due to the high-value odds available. Handicappers with a crystal ball for making out of the ordinary predictions can capitalize on NBA best bets or NBA score predictions before or during the season for compelling investment returns.

Wagering on NBA futures can be done anytime during the calendar year. Still, odds will adjust according to NBA scores and standings, NBA injuries, NBA division standings, NBA All-Star rankings, NBA final scores, NBA player stats, NBA game stats, NBA conference standings, NBA matchups, NBA team stats, NBA offence rankings, NBA team rankings, NBA team standings, current NBA passing stats, NBA scoring stats, NFL receiving stats, NBA tip-off stats and many other variables involved throughout the regular season and NBA playoffs.

One NBA future method that has become popular is the NBA Draft futures, offering a multitude of bets ranging from who each team in the league will select in the first or second round.

NBA Live Betting Lines

NBA live betting lines work in conjunction with OddsTrader software, providing customers with a real-time feature so aspiring handicappers can gran the all-important live lines.

Live betting NBA is one of the most valuable methods of betting on basketball. Not only can you gauge how good/bad a team is performing, but you're given the opportunity to capitalize on pre-game spreads that can make a U-turn once a team has taken an early lead.

NBA Betting Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best sportsbooks for NBA odds/ NBA basketball lines?

OddsTrader is dedicated to delivering a well-researched list of the top-rated sportsbooks; use our gathered information to find the best available betting value on the market. Each bookmaker will offer different odds during each NBA game, so it's wise to make comparisons using our NBA betting lines chart above.

What bet should I make for NBA predictions for this week?

We have provided valued information in our short guide, but each sports bettor will have their preferred and favorable wagering method. You may fancy your chances of betting ATS or predicting which team will win (moneyline), but no matter what your desired wager type is, be sure to use OddsTrader for the most outstanding available betting value.

How do I win on NBA basketball bets?

OddsTrader can provide many crucial betting information, but there is no definitive answer to guarantee a winning bet. Long-term strategies and thought-out research are the best answer to provide. Securing a winning ticket will not happen every game day. Still, if you plan to beat the bookmaker, it's critical to remain disciplined and combine your research against the available betting lines. Who has the best NBA schedule this week? Are you using an NBA game tracker for live in-play wagering? Have you checked on the NBA stats today? Which team is closing in on the NBA rankings? Do you even know the NBA game scores from this season? What are the NBA scores this week? Who has the best NBA offense or NBA defense? Does your favorite team have an injured NBA shooter? The variables are endless but reduce the stress of sports wagering by utilizing our free handicapping tools.
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