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It's the record of the games a team has won, lost or pushed by covering or not covering the spread.
It's the average amount of points by which the team covers the spread (negative numbers are no-cover).
It's the record of the games a team has won, lost or pushed by covering or not covering the spread, when at Home and when Away (on the road).
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No ATS Results for the 2021 season

ATS NBA Standings & Trends

OddsTrader’s NBA ATS Standings & Trends is one of the most unique tools you’ll find on any sports betting forum. When you first arrive, you see four key tabs to use during the NBA season. You’ll be able to see any team from any conference where betting lines are available from the oddsmakers. It’s now up to you whether you want to go to the OddsATS StandingsFutures, or Power Rankings tab.

Ideally, it is best to investigate them all, but we will concentrate on the ATS Standings tab below and break down the NBA ATS Standings & Trends for those who wish to use every available tool while betting the NBA this season.

So whether you want the NBA preseason standings, NBA projected standings, NBA basketball scores and standings, NBA Eastern Conference standings, the Western Conference, or the NBA Atlantic Division standings, current NBA playoff standings, NBA basketball standings, NBA standings by year, NBA standings last year, Central Division, NBA regular season standings, Southwest Division, NBA G League standings, Pacific Division, or NBA season standings we have it all right here for you with this handy dandy betting tool we will discuss right now!

ATS Means Against The Spread

Sometimes we hear terms bandied about and don’t take the time to know what they really mean. If this applies to you and your limited knowledge of what a point spread is, vis a vis NBA games, then let’s clear it right up so we can move on. This applies to Western Conference and Eastern Conference games as well as interconference NBA games. Lines are also dealt on the playoff teams competing in the play in tournament.

A point spread is simply the bookie’s way of evening up the game. For instance, if the best team in the league was playing the worst team and all one had to do was pick the winner, then it is fair to say all of the wagering would be on the favorite with no one betting the big underdog. In other words, there is no incentive to bet on the weaker team and that means the bookies would be buried with bets on the better team.

We understand that on any given day, a poor team can defeat a superior team, but it doesn’t happen often enough for the wagering to be equal on both sides, which is ultimately what the bookmakers desire because their endgame is to collect the commission, also known as the vig, on the losing side as their profit. And this is where the point spread comes into effect. Let’s discuss a real-world example below:

On April 12th, 2021, the Houston Rockets traveled to the desert to meet the Phoenix Suns. It was a case of one of the very best meeting one of the very worst and the bookmaker’s job was to give the Suns enough of a head start so that there would be as many people betting the Rockets as the Suns. The oddsmakers made Phoenix a 13-point home favorite, or another way to look at it, Houston was a 13-point road underdog. Whatever the score is at the end of the game, including overtime, we add 13 points to Houston’s score or, another way to do it is to subtract 13 points from Phoenix’s score. It all comes out the same regardless.

In this example the Suns went on to defeat the Rockets, 126-120, which means Phoenix won the game but Houston covered the spread and made money for all those who bet them +13 points (120 +13 = 133 which is greater than 126).

Therefore, we can say that Houston got the “cover” which would be considered an ATS (Against The Spread) win even though they actually lost the game. We see NBA odds throughout the regular season and the playoffs so once you get a feel for the tools here at OddsTrader, you can make an informed wager anytime there is an NBA game.

ATS Standings

There are all kinds of standings but the one we normally concern ourselves with are the current NBA standings. However, there are the NBA overall standings at the end of the year, or NBA finals standings, to determine playoff position. We also have NBA Eastern Conference standings, NBA standings predictions, NBA standings 2021 regular season, NBA standings right now, NBA bracket standings, NBA Western Conference playoff standings, NBA 2021 standings, NBA live standings, NBA West Conference standings, NBA standings now, NBA standings last season, NBA standings 2021 today, NBA Western Conference standings, NBA East standings, NBA playoff standings, NBA division standings, NBA league standings, NBA conference standings, NBA standings 2021, NBA scores and standings, NBA scores standings, NBA scores, and standings today, NBA West standings, NBA Western standings, 2021 NBA standings, and the list goes on.

However, what we are focused on here are the NBA ATS standings. This has nothing to do with a team’s wins and losses but it is all about how many times they covered the spread (ATS win) versus how many times they failed to cover the spread (ATS loss). OddsTrader has ranked the teams No. 1 through No. 30 based on their covering percentage.

When you see the team you are looking for, you will also notice underneath the team name that there are green and orange icons representing ATS wins and losses respectively. Underneath that, you will see the word “Next” if the NBA is in season. Then you will see the name of the next opponent and a number to the right indicating whether how far apart in the ATS standings that opponent is. If the number is -10 then the team you are looking for is playing their next opponent ranked 10 ATS standing spots down from them.

Conversely, if it said +10 then the opponent was 10 ATS standing spots above them. Yet, if the NBA season is over, you will not see the word “Next” and no opponent because the schedule has not been released for the following season.

If you look at the heading to the right of ATS you will see Diff. which is the average margin of cover for that team. If that number is negative you will see a minus sign. To the right of Diff is Away and then Home which is the teams’ ATS records on the road and at home. Pretty easy, right?

Spread & Game Tabs

Spread – Above Team Rank you will see a dropdown tab whose default is “Spread”. The numbers you see regarding ATS standings are based on the spread but if you click that button you will see Money and Total. Money stands for moneyline (betting teams without any point spread but risking much more money to bet the favorite or getting much more money in return to bet the underdog). Total stands for the over/under (combined score between both teams at the end of the game, including overtime, that can go below or above what the oddsmakers posted as the game’s total before the game started). The records for both of these categories are listed and teams are ranked No. 1 through 30 respectively.

Game – The ATS standings are based on each team’s ATS record but you may not know that the oddsmakers release odds on the first half, second half, first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, and fourth quarter. While we are often most concerned about the overall game we should keep in mind that each team has ATS, Moneyline, and Total records in all of these halves and quarters.

Matchup Tab

When the NBA season is in session, you can click where it says Next which would list the upcoming opponent. Once you do, you will see a separate screen move from right to left giving you all the NBA odds from the best online sportsbooks. In addition, you will see five tabs from left to right: Matchup, Prediction, Odds (the default), Line History, and Injuries.

Make sure to check out each tab because they will all provide important handicapping data. So next time you need any information regarding how your favorite team – or the one you are thinking of betting on – has fared against the spread, then make sure to come on back because, at OddsTrader, we always have the information you need.

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