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NBA ATS Standings

Basketball bettors know the best way to make informed bets is to look at the NBA ATS standings each week. Compare standings for all 30 teams in the NBA. Review the records any way you like: the whole game, or a certain half or quarter. You can also compare up-to-date moneyline and totals rankings.


Against The Spread NBA Standings & Trends

Welcome to our NBA ATS Standings and Trends page here at OddsTrader. This is where you can find out how all the teams in the National Basketball Association are doing against the spread and the moneyline, as well as their over/under records, recent performance, and more.

Our standings and rankings are presented a bit differently from what you’ll normally see in non-betting contexts, whether online or in the newspapers. Instead of dividing the teams into NBA East and NBA West, or into the six separate divisions with the division leader at the top, we’re putting all 30 teams together and ranking them from top to bottom.

As each new NBA season rolls around, the first rankings you’ll see will be based on the regular season results for each team; playoff standings will be provided once the postseason begins, with each of the teams eligible included in the mix.

What is “ATS” in NBA betting?

Chances are you’re already familiar with the NBA odds and the “point spread” which has become part of mainstream sports culture since it was introduced in the 1940s. In case this is your first go-around, the point spread (or just “spread” for short) takes the betting favorites for each matchup and assigns them a certain number of points they have to win by in order to “cover” the spread and pay out their supporters.

Let’s look at the April 3, 2022 game between the Phoenix Suns and the Oklahoma City Thunder as an example. Phoenix was by far the better team of the two; they were assigned a point spread of -14, meaning the Suns had to beat Oklahoma City by more than 14 points to cover.

On the flip side, the Thunder were +14 underdogs, meaning they could lose by any amount below 14 points and still cover the spread. Had they lost that basketball game by exactly 14 points, the result would have been a push – all monies returned to the bettors.

In this case, Phoenix beat Oklahoma City 117-96, which means they were also victorious against the spread since they won by more than 14 points. That’s what ATS means: Against The Spread.

Understanding the ATS Standings

Once you’re familiar with the concept of spread betting, you should have no problem figuring out the ATS standings.

Again, we’ve chosen here at OddsTrader to avoid splitting the league between NBA East and NBA West, since conference affiliation doesn’t really affect how well a team performs against the spread. All 30 teams are on the list for the regular season, and all the eligible teams are there for the postseason, with each playoff team continuing to rack up wins and losses in our playoff standings until they get eliminated.

Our ATS standings aren’t just about the spread, though. Results for all three “straight” or “single” bets are included: spreads, moneylines, and totals.

Against the Spread (Spread)

The point spread is the most popular straight bet of the three, and the one you’re most likely to need information on when you look at our standings. ATS will be shown by default when you load up our standings; you can switch to the others by tapping/clicking the button near the top-left of the page.

When you choose Spread from the drop-down menu, you’ll be shown each team’s record against the spread – not the standard regular season records, just their ATS records. For example, last year’s Phoenix Suns finished with a record of 44-38 ATS, leaving them at No. 10 on our ATS standings; the Memphis Grizzlies were No. 1 at 52-29-1 ATS.

Moneylines (Money)

The moneyline is the old-school way to bet on sports. All you have to do is pick who will win straight-up (SU), no point spread attached; tap/click the Money tab to see how each team is doing against the moneyline.

Of course, anytime a team wins a basketball game straight-up, they also pay out on the moneyline, so the “SU” standings are the same as the overall NBA standings. But the payouts change from game to game, depending on how heavily one team is favored. The Suns were massive -1200 moneyline favorites in our example game versus Oklahoma City, then -900 two days later against the Los Angeles Lakers.

This means you’ll also want to use the “Units” column when you refer to our moneyline standings. The numbers in this column show you how much money each team has won or lost against the moneyline for their supporters during the season; if a team is up 1.00 units (a unit being any generic amount), that means they’ve earned one betting unit for every unit wagered on them, while -1.00 would mean they’ve lost one unit for every unit wagered.

Because the numbers in the Units column take into account the odds for each team as well as the winners and losers, they’ll give you a much better idea of who’s been profitable than just looking at their winning percentage against teams from the entire league as a whole.

Over/Under (Total)

Totals have become increasingly popular since they were introduced about 50 years ago. This is where you bet on whether the two teams in question will combine to score Over or Under a certain number of points, which is why this bet is also referred to as the over/under. Tap/click “Total” to reveal each team’s O/U record.

There is some correlation between how well teams do ATS and their records against the total. Teams who cover large spreads will be more likely to go over since they need to score points to achieve their required margin of victory. Conversely, teams with a high percentage of ATS losses as big favorites are more likely to go under, since they didn’t score the points they needed to cover.

Don’t forget, scores tend to go down in the playoffs compared to when teams play a regular season game, especially as teams look to avoid injuries to star players, so that’s one more reason to treat the totals differently once the postseason starts.

NBA ATS Standings FAQ

What is ATS in basketball stats?

ATS means Against The Spread.

What is the most important stat in basketball?

Shooting percentage. You can not be a dominant player without shooting well; you had better play great defense too if you want playoff success, but the aim of the game is to put the ball in the basket.

How often does a home favorite win in the NBA?

That changes depending on the year and the team, but since 2003, the San Antonio Spurs lead the NBA with a .792 winning percentage in games where they are favored at home, while the Minnesota Timberwolves (.618) are the worst team in terms of loss record.

Do NBA teams shoot better at home?

Absolutely. Even for something as routine as a free throw, NBA players shoot about 0.4% better at home than on the road.

Who has the best record against the spread?

That is what our ATS standings are for – check them out to see who is on top at this particular moment, and stay tuned to OddsTrader for more helpful hints on betting throughout the 2022-23 NBA season.

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