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NBA Futures Odds

NBA futures allow you to bet on events later in the basketball season, like the Eastern Conference, Western Conference, and even the NBA Championship. Calculating these NBA odds is a dynamic process. Recent scores and standings, and even player injuries, cause these odds to fluctuate all season.

To Win Outright

NBA Futures Odds

There is nothing like watching the high-flying action of the greatest hoopsters in the world do their thing night in and night out. NBA basketball has all the slams and jams you could ever want and here at OddsTrader, we know that the only thing as good as watching the game is betting the game. That’s why we have put together some of the best online sportsbooks in the industry to reveal their futures odds for all the teams in the league. The best part about betting a team to win the Eastern Conference or Western Conference crown is that you get action all year long. As long as your team makes it to the playoffs then you’ve got a chance.

But then again, most people making NBA futures bets will be dabbling in the NBA championship futures market where the bettor chooses a team, or teams, to win the NBA championship. Championship odds are available at multiple sportsbooks during the regular season and the odds change throughout according to each team’s performance and injury situation. Current odds are always available and some of the best bets bettors can make are those to win the division, conference, NBA championship, or the NBA future odds total wins on the season.

NBA futures wins is a hugely popular prop bet because in the NBA basketball futures market it can often be relatively easy to determine approximately how many games a team will win, barring injuries, of course. And once the professional bettors set their own numbers, they can then compare it to the posted total of wins being set by the oddsmakers. The greater the margin, the greater the opportunity to make money if their numbers are sharp and the oddsmakers are off!

Oftentimes, we will see NBA future rankings being talked about in the preseason while the number of NBA future bets always increases as the season draws closer. Predicting future NBA champions and NBA betting futures takes plenty of due diligence and homework but it is always worth it, especially if your bet pays off down the road. Western Conference Finals, Eastern Conference Finals, NBA championship odds, and NBA Finals odds are all here in one place from all of the best online sportsbooks.

And it is easy to make an NBA futures bet because NBA championship futures throughout the regular season are dynamic, constantly changing, so it is best to lock in at a great number and hope your team can make you look like a genius! NBA Finals future odds change throughout the year, as do all of the other future NBA bets. People like to bet before the regular season commences but the futures odds are always available at all of the online books shown at OddsTrader.

What’s What on This Page?

As you arrive at the NBA odds page, you will see four main tabs from left to right: OddsATS StandingsFutures and Power Rankings. It is important to visit all of these pages to get the latest information and optimize your chances of winning, but if you want to find out what the best online bookies are hanging on teams to conquer the division, conference, and to win the NBA championship then go to the third tab, the Futures tab. Here is where you will find all the NBA futures odds you could ever want.

If you scroll to the top left where it says, “To Win Outright” you will see a dropdown menu. The default screen illustrates the odds to win the NBA championship but if you click you will see the next choice on the dropdown menu is To Win Conference. Below that you will see To Win Division, and finally, the last choice, you will see Regular Season Wins. OddsTrader makes betting on NBA futures fast, fun, and easy because all you need to do is find the sportsbook with the best number listed right here, and then get on over and bet it there.

You will also notice a tab on the top right of the page that says “World”. This also has a dropdown menu and reveals the futures odds in various U.S. states currently listed as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, Colorado, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Each state has its own books that are allowed to do business within their geographical boundaries. If you reside in any of those states then you can see what those books are hanging for their NBA futures odds.

Looking Ahead to 2021-2022

NBA futures odds are already out for next season and it is important to scrutinize the odds before you make the plunge. Understand there will be plenty to consider but if you make savvy choices early, and before the sharps pick up the scent, then it will pay off when the season comes to a close. NBA futures odds are already up and why not take a look at the top 10 for next season? Let’s do it!

Brooklyn Nets +300

Los Angeles Lakers +500

Milwaukee Bucks +800

Golden State Warriors +900

Phoenix Suns +900

Los Angeles Clippers +1200

Philadelphia 76ers +1400

Utah Jazz +1600

Denver Nuggets +2200

Dallas Mavericks +2500

The NBA futures odds listed above are to win the NBA title next season but there are NBA futures currently out to win the respective divisions and conferences, not to mention season win totals. Future bets NBA style is the way to go because if you’ve got a hunch then bet a bunch!

Choosing the Best Sportsbooks

NBA Finals odds can be found at all of the online books listed here but there is a reason why OddsTrader features these particular online sportsbooks. You see not all bookmakers are created equally and if you have been around a while you know that some are elite, others are good, some are fair, and the rest are just out to steal your money. That’s why it is critical to only place a bet at a bone fide first-class betting site that has a proven track record of paying out when asked and on time. To the uninitiated, this might sound simple but to those who have been wagering for several years, they know it is far from the case with many online books.

NBA futures odds, NBA Finals odds, and odds on any event whether it is basketball, baseball, football, soccer, or hockey should all be considered at legitimate sportsbooks like the ones listed here at OddsTrader. Let’s discuss some of the most important ingredients in what a great sportsbook looks like and delivers to its customers.

  • Funding Accounts – When a customer signs up at an online sportsbook it should be a snap to fund the account. Within minutes the average new customer should be up and running which is precisely what you will find with the books listed here, at OddsTrader.
  • Customer Service – Whether a question or problem is small or large, an elite sportsbook has several ways to allow its customers to contact them. A toll-free phone number is a must, as is an online chat option as well as email. Phone and online chats should be answered either immediately or within minutes while email may take a while but no more than 24 hours from the time it was sent. Customer service representatives at the sportsbooks featured at OddsTrader are courteous, professional, and knowledgeable.
  • Dashboard – The dashboard of any top-notch sportsbook should be clean and the various betting options easily identifiable. The odds on any number of betting options are easily accessible and betting should be a breeze. Aesthetically pleasing graphics are always a plus.
  • Betting Options – NBA Futures odds, including NBA Finals odds, as well as each team’s season win totals are only a small portion of the many betting options available. Every game listed on that evening’s slate, and those on the following day’s menu, should be readily available. And each wager should have a point spread, moneyline, and total attached to it whether it is over the course of an entire game, a quarter, or a half. And let’s not forget about in-game betting because that has become all the rage and every superior online bookmaker offers this as part of their betting menu.
  • Mobile Platform – There was a time when you would have to run to your pc to make a bet and before that, it was a telephone call that was made during specific hours of operation. Well, those days are over and now the best online sportsbooks are boasting state-of-the-art technology via their mobile platforms. Virtually everything a user can do on their PC’s can now be done on a mobile device which makes betting on-the-go so much easier and convenient.
  • Payouts – Above everything, payouts from an online sportsbook should be quick and painless. All of the best books welcome Bitcoin as well as other popular digital currencies. When a payout is requested there should be no hiccups, delays, questions, or concerns. It is the bettor’s money and getting paid is the ultimate litmus test of every sportsbook. It’s one thing to sweat the game but never the payout!
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