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College Basketball Futures

College Basketball futures are odds that allow you to make bets on upcoming events throughout the NCAAB season. These odds are determined by different factors like recent results, standings, winning streaks, and the time of the season. Due to this, college basketball odds are always changing.

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College basketball futures

Welcome to our NCAA basketball futures betting odds comparison service. This page allows you to quickly find the best available odds on college basketball futures in your state.

If you click on the “WORLD” tab at the top right of the page, you will see a list of states in which sports betting is legal. Click on your state and you will then be left with only odds from the sportsbooks that are licensed to operate there. All other sportsbooks will be filtered out.

You can click on any odds you find appealing to add them to our built-in bet slip. Enter the amount you would like to risk, and we will tell you the potential profit you stand to earn. Then click “Go Bet” to visit the sportsbook of your choice and confirm the wager in a matter of seconds.

Read on to learn more about college basketball futures odds, who sets them, how to read them and why it is so important to shop around.

What are College Basketball Futures Odds?

College basketball futures are long-term betting markets. The most common futures bet involves predicting the eventual winner of the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament each year.

The NCAA basketball future odds relate to the perceived probability of each team succeeding. At the top of the list is the favorite, which is determined to be the best team in the country that year. The odds then grow progressively larger as you go down the list, until you eventually reach the rank outsider.

The NCAAB odds futures also highlight the potential payout you stand to earn if your bet is successful. You can learn how to read futures NCAA basketball odds further down this page.

Who Sets NCAA Basketball Futures Odds?

Online sportsbooks set the futures odds on the NCAA basketball championship. They assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of each team before releasing their odds at the start of the season. Teams that look stacked with talented players will be among the favorites, as will colleges that typically perform well in the annual NCAA tournament. Teams that tend to struggle will generally be among the outsiders.

The odds will then charge over the course of the season. If a team embarks upon a long winning streak, the odds on offer at the NCAA basketball championship future sites will shorten. If a team starts to struggle, or suffers injuries to key players, you would expect its odds to lengthen. By the time March Madness is underway, the odds will shift dramatically on a daily basis, with teams crashing out of the NCAA tournament on a daily basis.

How to Read College Basketball Futures Odds

If college basketball futures odds begin with a plus symbol, it tells you the profit you will earn by placing a successful $100 bet on that team. For example, if Gonzaga is priced at +700 to win the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament, that means a $100 bet would earn you a $700 profit if the Zags lifted the trophy.

If Seattle is +100000 to win the tournament, it tells you that a $100 bet would earn you a $100,000 profit if it succeeded. The larger payout on Seattle tells you that it is a huge underdog. You do not have to bet $100. That is just a guide. For example, a $20 bet at +700 would earn a $140 profit, while a $20 bet at +100000 would earn you a $20,000 profit.

Most college basketball futures odds start with a plus sign. However, if one team is looking far stronger than its rivals as March Madness draws to a close, it might have odds starting with a minus symbol. That tells you the amount you would need to wager to make a $100 profit.

For example, let’s say we are in the final four and Duke has been absolutely crushing its rivals. In that case, you might find -125 on Duke lifting the trophy. It tells you that would need to wager $125 to make a $100 profit. Once again, it is just a guide, and you can choose any bet amount you like. A $10 bet at -125 would earn you an $8 profit, for example.

Why You Should Always Shop Around for NCAA Futures Odds

Hunting out the best odds allows you to maximize your potential profits when placing futures bets. NCAA basketball fans are therefore encouraged to sign up for accounts with multiple online sportsbooks. You can then quickly see which site is offering the best odds on a team you like and earn maximum value if your prediction is correct.

Over a longer period of time, regularly shopping around for your odds can make the difference between earning a profit and suffering a loss. Signing up for multiple online sportsbook accounts also allows you to claim multiple sports betting sign-up bonuses, and gives you the broadest selection of betting options.

Hedging College Basketball Futures Bets

It is often possible to lock in a guaranteed profit by hedging your NCAA futures odds basketball wagers. For example, let’s say you bet $100 at the start of the season on Florida State to win the national championship at odds of +2000. If it reaches the championship game on the final day of March Madness, and the opposing team is priced at +105 to win the game, you could bet $1,124.39 on that team and lock in a $975.61 profit regardless of which team lifts the trophy. That is a very basic hedging example, but you may be able to find more nuanced opportunities throughout the year.

Additional Resources

We also offer an odds comparison service covering spreads, moneylines and totals on individual college basketball games. You will find stats on those games too, which help you make educated wagering decisions.

Alongside this futures odds NCAA basketball page, you will find quick links to our power rankings and our ATS standings. The standings page allows you to see how well each team has performed ATS and straight up, at home and away, and in the first half, the second half or the entire game. Totals bettors will find lots of useful data too.

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