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College Basketball ATS Standings

Make informed bets on your favorite NCAAB teams by keeping up with the latest college basketball ATS standings. Review any rankings you want; our table allows bettors to view point spread, moneyline and totals standings. We update after every game so bettors always have latest data.


College Basketball Standings

Basketball bettors can improve their chances of earning a profit by taking advantage of the NCAAB standings data on this page.

You will learn how well each college basketball team has performed straight-up and against the spread over the course of the season. It also informs you how often games involving each team go over or under the total points line, and it presents the number of net action points in those games. You can delve into home and away trends, and stats covering the first half and the second half.

This data is designed to arm you with the information you need to make shrewd NCAA basketball betting decisions from a position of strength.

OddsTrader was created to provide handicappers with free tools designed to help them gain an edge. We offer a wealth of additional resources for college basketball bettors, including an odds comparison tool, futures betting odds, power rankings, and in-depth stats on each game – including player stats, injuries, weather reports, and much more.

Read on to learn how to use this NCAA men’s basketball standings guide to maximum effect.

How to Use This NCAA College Basketball Standings Page

This NCAA basketball standings page is really easy to use. You will see two buttons at the top of the page that read “SPREAD” and “GAME”. They are actually dropdown menu options. The first allows you to switch between current NCAA basketball standings data on the spread, moneyline or totals. You can use the second option to switch from data covering entire games to either the first half or the second half. The sections below explain how to interpret this data.

NCAAB Spread Standings

This table tells bettors how well each NCAAB team has performed against the spread during the season. The point spread is a handicap line set by the sportsbooks to level the playing field. Beginners can check out the “Understanding College Basketball Spread Betting” section below for an example.


This tells you how often each team in the Big Ten Conference, Big 12 Conference, America East Conference, West Coast Conference, Big East Conference, Big West Conference, Big South Conference, Northeast Conference, Southern Conference etc. has covered the spread, and how often it has failed to do so.

The figure on the left represents the number of times a team has covered, and the figure on the right explains how many times it has failed to cover. For example, 14-4 means a team has covered 14 times in 18 games.


This figure highlights the average number of points by which the team has covered the spread this season. Negative numbers count as no-cover for our NCAA men’s basketball standings.


Check out how well each NCAA basketball team has performed ATS at home and away to help you pick out trends and make astute wagering decisions.

Understanding College Basketball Spread Betting

Spread betting is the most common way to place a wager on a college basketball game. The sportsbooks give the supposedly stronger team a points handicap. This allows them to offer similar odds on either team covering the spread.

For example, let’s say Baylor is playing Arkansas in a big college basketball game. Baylor is on a long winning streak, having finished top of its NCAA basketball conference standings, whereas Arkansas is struggling and missing a few key players through injury. In that case, you might expect to see Baylor as the -370 favorite to win the game straight up, and Arkansas as the +285 underdog.

A $100 bet on Baylor at -370 would only earn you a profit of $27.03 if successful, which might not be particularly appealing. For that reason, most bettors would go for the spread instead. In this example, you would expect to see Baylor named the 7.5-point favorite.

You would then have two choices – back Baylor -7.5 or Arkansas +7.5 – and you would generally find odds of -110 on either outcome. You can use the odds comparison tool found next to this NCAA college standings basketball page to find the best available odds on the spread.

If you were to bet on Baylor to cover, it would need to win by 8 or more points. However, a successful bet would earn you $90.91, which is more appealing than $27.03. If you were to bet on the Razorbacks to cover, they could either win or lose by up to 7 points and your wager would pay off. However, you would earn a larger profit by betting on Arkansas to win the game straight up (moneyline).

NCAAB Straight Up Standings

Choose the “Money” option on the dropdown menu to see how each team has performed straight up throughout the season. This NCAAB conference standings data simply tells you how many games each team has won and lost.


This figure refers to the number of wins and losses each team has secured during the season. If a team has a 22-5 record, it has won 22 of its 27 games. You can divide it into first half and second half records to see which teams start well, which teams struggle in the opening stages of games, and so on.


This tells you how many units you would have won or lost by betting on a team to win each of its games straight up (moneyline) that year. For example, if a team’s units record is 5.26, you would be up by $526 if you had wagered $100 on it to win each of its games.


Once again, you can see home and away records for each of the teams in the current standings. NCAA basketball teams often perform better at home, but there are a few outliers.

Understanding College Basketball Moneyline Betting

A moneyline wager is a straightforward bet on which team will win a particular game. The odds compilers will look at the college basketball standings and assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of each team. They will factor in head-to-head records, recent results, home advantage, injuries, fatigue, motivation, and so on. The sportsbooks will then issue odds on each team winning the game.

There is normally a favorite and an underdog, unless the teams are very evenly matched. For example, if Vermont is top of the America East Conference NCAA basketball standings 2021 after winning several games in a row, it would probably be the favorite to beat a Hartford team that was on a poor run.

In that case, you might find -370 on Vermont and +295 on Hartford. You would need to bet $370 on Vermont just to earn a $100 profit, whereas a $100 bet on Hartford would earn you a $295 profit if successful. The larger potential profit on Hartford tells you that it is the underdog in this hypothetical example.

NCAAB Total Standings

Totals betting is also very popular among college basketball fans. It simply requires you to predict how many points will be scored in a game. Our college basketball conference standings data can help you make smart predictions.


The sportsbooks set a total points line on every college basketball game. For example, it might be 147.5 points on a West Coast Conference game between Gonzaga and BYU. You simply have to predict whether the cumulative points scored by both teams will go over or stay under that line. Our NCAA standings basketball page shows you how often “over” and “under” pay off in games featuring each team. If it reads 18-14, it means that “over” has paid off in 18 games featuring that team, and “under” has paid off 14 times.


This tells you the number of net action points in games involving each team that went over and under the total.


You can break it down into home and away to help you make better wagering decisions.

Understanding College Basketball Totals Betting

Let’s say Villanova is playing Creighton in a Big East Conference game. The total points line might be set at 151.5 points, with odds of -110 on over and -110 on under. If you bet on over, it could finish 85-80 to Villanova or 98-63 to Creighton and you would get paid out either way. It doesn’t matter which team wins – you only need to predict the total points.

You will also find alternative total points lines, which skew the odds in different directions, along with team totals.

Additional Resources

You can use the toolbar menu at the top of the page to head over to our free odds comparison service. It helps you find the best odds at the leading online sportsbooks in your state, such as BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings, BetRivers and PointsBet.

Click on the “Futures” tab to compare the odds on each team winning the NCAA Men’s Basketball Division 1 Championship. The usual suspects such as Gonzaga, UCLA, Villanova, Duke and Kansas dominate the betting.

You can also click on the “Power Rankings” tab to learn more about which teams are on a roll and which teams are struggling. If you click on a particular game, you can also access a wealth of helpful data on it, so make sure you consult OddsTrader before making any NCAA basketball betting decisions.

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