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NFL Betting Odds

Welcome to the OddsTrader NFL betting odds and scores information page. Our goal is to provide NFL lines from a wide array of sportsbooks, giving customers the best opportunity to search for the most outstanding available value across the betting markets when analyzing NFL odds this week.

When stumbling upon the odds page, it's imperative to understand that finding the highest available price on odds is crucial when sports betting.

Line shopping can become a daunting task, especially when your day-to-day duties can often become time-consuming - the last thing needed when searching for football odds is the added stress of hunting for the best available NFL odds.

That is where Odds Trader can make life simple; when navigating to our NFL odds page, you will be greeted with the best available NFL odds from a multitude of current & trustworthy sportsbooks.

Read on for a compressive insight into NFL betting lines, the most reputable sportsbook information that suits your needs, and betting options/methods available.

The Best Sportsbooks for NFL Wagering

Every sportsbook across the United States of America will supply their customers with NFL betting lines, but the persistent problem stems from the business-customer relationship. Depositing money can backfire if you have failed to research the sportsbook; here at Odds Trader, we extensively review every sportsbook presented on our platform to supply you with the most trusted companies in the industry. The only worry you should have is finding the perfect game to wager on with your NFL Picks ATS; leave the rest to our dedicated team of experts.

NFL Point Spread Betting Odds

Before explaining point spreads, you must first understand how to read a line.

Spreads are often set with -110 odds, but if you're late to the party and wait until a few hours before the first kick, prices can fluctuate for the best NFL bets today. This price is known as the house edge. The odds guarantee each sportsbook can gain a small margin of profit and is priced in regardless of the NFL latest line.

To win NFL sports betting picks at -110 with an even return, you must stake $110 to win $100. Alternatively, you bet smaller amounts like $11 to win $10.

These odds (-110) on NFL consensus picks are commonly known as the vigorish (vig). Common bettor language refers to this as "Paying the Juice".

Introduction to NFL Point Spread Betting

The king of sports wagers - 'NFL point spreads' have been around for decades. It is the single most popular form of betting in American sports and a must-know method when betting the game. However, no matter how popular this method may be, understanding the point spread can be difficult for beginners to sports wagering, especially when the NFL matchups are tough enough to predict without even factoring in the NFL game odds.

Sportsbooks create the point spread to give the lesser talented team an equal advantage, often known as "The Equalizer". The spread gives the underdog team an even chance of winning the game.

Online NFL betting shouldn't be one-way traffic for a particular team, this is where NFL betting trends would become extremely bias, and NFL odds would sway heavily to the most talented squads. The favorable team is known as "The Favorite", and for your bet to win, they must cover the spread. The actual spread number itself will depend on how good or bad the opposing team is, found with a minus sign (-) followed by the points they need to cover to win.

The least favorable team during an NFL matchup is known as the underdog. The bettor will become successful once their team wins outright and losses by a number of points that is less than the spread. They are known as "Underdogs" and can be found with a plus (+) sign alongside the set point spread.

We'll use the 2021 NFL Super Bowl final from the 2021 NFL schedule between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs as an example. The Chiefs entered the game as a 3-point over the Bucs. So, if you decided to bet the Chiefs in this position, your NFL ATS spread would need to see the Chiefs win by four or more points for the wager to win.

On the opposite side, the Bucs were 3-point underdogs, which means that they would need to win the game outright or avoid losing by four points or more. If the Chiefs won the match via one field goal (3 points), bettors on both sides would have received a "Push" result which is a refund for both parties.

The final score was 31-9, so bettors who had faith in "The Underdog" comfortably won their NFL gameday wagers with ease. In this scenario, "The Spread" wasn't necessary, and with deeper dive into NFL teams, you could have chosen an alternative method of betting such as "The Moneyline".

The NFL Moneyline

Moneyline betting is the most simplistic form of sports wagering, as you chose which team you believe will win. You will want to highlight the teams you feel have the greatest chance of winning, and if your research is thoroughly done, it can be highly profitable when betting "The Underdog".

The difference between underdog betting ATS and the moneyline is the value. -110 odds begin to enter special prices such as +150, +200 and can even go higher to +400 or beyond.

Using the same 2021 Super Bowl example as before; The Buccaneers closed as a +140 underdog ($100 returns $140 profit) and would need to win outright for your NFL moneyline wager to cash. Likewise, The Chiefs $175 bet to return $100. The betting public can heavily sway NFL football odds such as these, so give yourself an edge by understanding patterns and how the public could spend their money—giving yourself the most excellent chance of finding value

NFL Totals Betting

The next best to decide which team could win or cover the NFL spreads is to guess how many points will or won't be scored during your NFL football predictions. These are known as NFL totals or NFL over-under bets.

Next to the latest NFL line, you will notice an in-game total set for each game by the sportsbooks. And similarly to spreads, you have to decide if that number corrleates with how many points you believe will be scored during the game. Also, like point spread, sportsbooks will regularly set the odds at -110 for over and under for their small margin of profit, as we mentioned.


The Kansas City Chiefs versus The Tampa Bay Buccaneers total could be set at 45.5 points [which is of course just as an example, as the signal-callers for both of these teams could arguably crush the total themselves, given their prolific offenses.

The bettor would then have to decide whether they believe the total number of points scored in this particular game would exceed 45.5 (46 points and above) or fall under the total 45.5 (45 points and lower). In the event that the total points were offered on an even number like 45, the wager would be returned as a "push" or no action, and you would live to fight another day.

NFL Quarter and Halve Betting

Another form of wagering is on the winner of an individual quarter or half. Let's say you expect your team to start with a bang and then peter out later in the contest, you could bet on your team to cover the spread, or moneyline odds for the first quarter, or for the first half, alone.

This form of betting does have its downsides, as you may have been better off wagering on the team to cover the full game instead, but over time, luck balances out and your skill should be the difference maker.

NFL Futures Odds & Super Bowl Winner Odds

NFL future bets are where the avid football fan can begin sports betting at the beginning of the season, frequently with generous odds, and make an outright prediction on how successful a particular team will be during the regular season.

If you're obtaining a premonition or two on NFL best bets or NFL score predictions, future bets could be right up your alley.

NFL future odds are heavily favored NFL predictions. Simply put, Professional football is the most popular sport in America, so why not attempt to predict the future of certain events/outcomes. In addition, wagering on which team will win the AFC or finish in the NFL standings of their region can return a significantly larger payout than single-game NFL odds wagers. You can also bet on niche categories, such as which player will win the Rookie of the Year award or Most Valuable Player of the season (MVP).

Wagering on NFL futures can be done anytime during the calendar year. Still, odds will adjust according to injuries, team performance throughout the course of the NFL Regular Season, and many other factors. And, of course, sometimes the elusive "bounce of the ball" can make a major impact on whether a team makes the NFL playoffs or not.

Other Forms of NFL Futures Betting

NFL Futures are also offered on offensive and defensive sides of the ball. This includes NFL team rankings relative to the rest of the league, for example which team had the best defense in NFL play that season? Just like with baseball, there is an almost endless supply of NFL player stats to choose from when placing your futures wagers.

One NFL future method that has become popular is wagering on NFL Draft futures, where sportsbooks offer a multitude of NFL odds ranging from who each team in the league will select in the first through the seventh round.

NFL Proposition Bets

NFL proposition bets, also known as "NFL prop bets", are widely regarded as the more difficult betting methods to approach. They differe from NFL Futures because they are more obscure and are priced on specific situations. The good news, the odds available reflect these situations.

NFL Prop bets allow specific game odds to be created, such as an overall team performance or directly linked to the players themselves.

NFL Offensive Player Stats

So let's say you are eying Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to blowout the Detroit Lions with your picks for the week. Which NFL QB stats are on offer? Sportsbooks will take bets on the number of completions, incompletions, interceptions, etc. And because the Lions are far from the best defense in the NFL, you might wager that Aaron Rodgers would post a high QB rating and finish the game with no picks.

Bear in mind; the implied probability often exceeds that of 100% for proposition betting at sportsbooks, making the risk of losing significantly higher than with a straight-up wager.

NFL Betting Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best sportsbooks for NFL odds?

At the top of this page, OddsTrader provides an extensive list of the most trustworthy and top-rated sportsbooks across the United States of America. You can quickly browse through our comparison chart, enabling yourself with the best value, all whilst having comfort in knowing you are wagering one of the best NFL sportsbooks on the market.

What bet should I make with my NFL Picks for this week?

Our guide above has briefly exposed the main betting markets available, but this is an individual choice. Whether you prefer the calmer root of deciding on the winner () or the courageous path of betting on the propositional market, be sure to refer to OddsTrader to receive the best value.

How do I win on NFL football bets?

The question on everybody's mind, which doesn't hold a definitive answer. If we could help you become a millionaire overnight, it would be a joy, but the reality is that long-term profits require dedicated research and due diligence. Some numerous variables and outcomes can be predicted for or against, but your time towards researching the NFL stats is crucial. Who is currently boosting the best NFL schedule this week? Are you using a game tracker for live in-play wagering? Have you checked on the stats today? Which team is closing in on the NFL rankings? Do you even know the NFL game scores from this season? What are the NFL scores this week? Who has the best NFL tight ends? An injured NFL wide receiver? Have you checked on the NFL weather report? These types of questions and variables are just a select few questions you probably should be asking yourself before placing a wager you're hoping to win.
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