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This Week's NFL Weather: Forecast & Updates

Stay informed and stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive NFL weather forecast and delay updates for this week’s matches. Our report provides the latest weather updates and potential delays that could impact your game-day experience, so you can make informed bets and plan accordingly. Don’t let unexpected weather ruin your bets.

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NFL Weather & Betting

When NFL players take the field in stadiums around the league, they have to deal with weather-related factors and make key adjustments. Throughout the regular season, it is important to keep an eye on the weather report. 

NFL players prepare for inclement weather by making adjustments to their equipment, their physical preparation, and their game strategy. Here are some ways NFL players prepare to play in inclement weather:


Players may switch to longer or shorter cleats depending on the playing surface and weather conditions. For example, longer cleats may provide better traction on wet or slippery turf, while shorter cleats may be more effective on dry grass.


Players may wear extra layers of clothing or gear to stay warm and dry in cold or wet weather. Some players also wear gloves or hand warmers to keep their hands warm and dry.

Ball Handling

Players may practice ball-handling drills in wet or cold weather conditions to prepare for the challenges of holding onto the ball in slippery conditions.

Game Strategy

Coaches may adjust their game plans to account for the impact of inclement weather on the game. For example, they may focus on running the ball more frequently to reduce the risk of turnovers, or they may call more short passes instead of long throws.

Overall, NFL players and teams prepare for inclement weather through a combination of physical adjustments, strategic planning, and mental preparation to help them perform their best regardless of the conditions on the field.

NFL Weather Forecast

The forecast for NFL games usually comes out several days before the scheduled game. In most cases, the official forecast for the game is released by the National Weather Service (NWS) at least 3-5 days in advance. However, some teams or media outlets may release their own forecasts or predictions even earlier than that.

It’s important to note that weather forecasts can change rapidly, especially in the days leading up to a game. As a result, it’s common for weather updates to be provided in the hours leading up to the game or even during the game itself.

Ultimately, the timing of the forecast release can vary depending on the specific game and the location of the stadium, but most forecasts are typically available several days in advance to allow teams and fans to prepare for potential weather impacts.

Windy NFL Games

Windy conditions pose challenges for quarterbacks and give an advantage to the defense under the following conditions.

Wind VelocityImpact on QuarterbacksImpact on Defensive Backs
0-5 mphNo significant impactNo significant impact
6-10 mphCompletion percentage decreases by 1%Interception rate increases by 1%
11-15 mphCompletion percentage decreases by 3%Interception rate increases by 2%; Pass deflection rate increases by 2%
16-20 mphCompletion percentage decreases by 5%Interception rate increases by 4%; Pass deflection rate increases by 4%
20+ mphCompletion percentage decreases by 10%Interception rate increases by 8%; Pass deflection rate increases by 8%

Rainy NFL Games

A high chance of rain could be bad news for a team’s chance of success. Rain can spoil many otherwise solid total and point spread projections in the following ways. 

Rain intensityImpact on NFL TotalsImpact on NFL Point Spreads
Light rainTotal points scored decreases by 2Point spread decreases by 0.5 points
Moderate rainTotal points scored decreases by 4Point spread decreases by 1 point
Heavy rainTotal points scored decreases by 6Point spread decreases by 1.5 points

Snowy NFL Games

The grandfather of rain, snow can also have a significant impact on the total points scored in NFL games. Cold games can lower the success rate of a team, especially if the players are used to a warmer climate. 

Snow intensityImpact on NFL TotalsImpact on NFL Point Spreads
Light snowTotal points scored decreases by 2Point spread decreases by 0.5 points
Moderate snowTotal points scored decreases by 6Point spread decreases by 1.5 points
Heavy snowTotal points scored decreases by 10Point spread decreases by 2.5 points

How Cold Temperatures Affect NFL Field Goals

Field goals are a crucial part of NFL games. This table looks at teams with outdoor stadiums and the lowest temperatures during the winter and their impact on field goal completions.

TeamStadiumLowest winter temperatureImpact on Field Goal %
Buffalo BillsHighmark Stadium-10°F (average)Decrease in FG% due to wind and cold temperatures.
Chicago BearsSoldier Field-20°F (record low)Decrease in FG% due to wind and extreme cold temperatures.
Cincinnati BengalsPaul Brown Stadium-4°F (average)No significant impact on FG%.
Cleveland BrownsFirstEnergy Stadium5°F (average)Decrease in FG% due to wind and cold temperatures.
Denver BroncosEmpower Field at Mile High-1°F (average)Increase in FG% due to thin air.
Green Bay PackersLambeau Field-11°F (record low)Decrease in FG% due to wind and extreme cold temperatures.
Kansas City ChiefsArrowhead Stadium0°F (average)No significant impact on FG%.
Nashville TitansNissan Stadium23°F (record low)No significant impact on FG%.
New England PatriotsGillette Stadium3°F (record low)Decrease in FG% due to wind and cold temperatures.
New York GiantsMetLife Stadium20°F (average)Decrease in FG% due to wind and cold temperatures.
New York JetsMetLife Stadium20°F (average)Decrease in FG% due to wind and cold temperatures.
Philadelphia EaglesLincoln Financial Field22°F (average)Decrease in FG% due to wind and cold temperatures.
Pittsburgh SteelersHeinz Field10°F (average)Decrease in FG% due to wind and cold temperatures.
San Francisco 49ersLevi’s Stadium42°F (average)Decrease in FG% due to wind and wet conditions.
Seattle SeahawksLumen Field36°F (average)Decrease in FG% due to wind and wet conditions.
Washington Football TeamFedExField25°F (average)Decrease in FG% due to wind and cold temperatures.

NFL Weather Delays and Cancellations

Various types of weather have caused significant delays or cancellations of NFL games over the years. Here are some examples:

Heavy snowfall can make it difficult for players to move the ball and for fans to safely travel to and from the game. In 2013, a snowstorm forced the Philadelphia Eagles to reschedule their game against the Detroit Lions to the following day.

Lightning can pose a serious safety risk to players and fans. In 2019, a lightning storm caused the game between the Cleveland Browns and the Tennessee Titans to be delayed for over an hour.

Hurricanes can cause significant damage to stadiums and make it impossible for teams to play their scheduled games thanks to their high MPH winds. In 2017, Hurricane Irma forced the Miami Dolphins to reschedule their home opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a later date.

Severe Cold
Extreme cold can be dangerous for players and fans, especially if they are not properly dressed or prepared. In 2016, a game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears was played in temperatures that reached -13 degrees Fahrenheit, causing the game to be nicknamed the “Ice Bowl 2.0.” Of course, if there is any chance of precipitation, the snow can also increase the risk of injury. 

What happens if I place a bet on a game that gets canceled or postponed?

If a game that you have placed a bet on is canceled, the outcome of your bet will depend on the sportsbook’s rules and the specific circumstances surrounding the cancellation.

In general, most sportsbooks will treat a canceled football game as a “no action” bet, meaning that the wager will be refunded to you and the bet will be voided. However, NFL games are official after 55 minutes of play.

If there is a weather delay and a game is rescheduled for a later date, some sportsbooks may keep the original bet in place and simply carry it over to the new date. It’s important to check your sportsbook’s rules and regulations to see how they handle canceled regular season games and to understand the potential outcomes of your bet.

FAQs — NFL Weather

Do NFL games get canceled for thunderstorms? 

It is possible for an NFL game to get canceled due to a thunderstorm because of lightning, high MPH winds and the potential risk of a tornado. 

Can NFL games end on a weather delay? 

If a weather delay causes players to be off the field for more than an hour, the entire game is postponed. 

What is the coldest NFL game ever played? 

In 1967, the Green Bay Packers played the Dallas Cowboys and it was -13 degrees, with the windchill making it feel more like -50. It was nicknamed the “Ice Bowl.” 

How long do NFL lightning delays last? 

Football teams are not allowed to continue playing if there is lightning near the stadium. Thankfully, storms move quickly so the delays are typically only a few minutes. 

How cold does it need to be to cancel an NFL game? 

The league has no official temperature at which it is too cold to play. As long as there are not several feet of snow on the field, the game is on. 

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