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NFL Standings & ATS Performances

Below, sports bettors can find our up-to-date and comprehensive NFL standings and rankings for point spreads, moneylines and totals betting, as well as the win/loss records for all 32 teams, all of which are updated after every game throughout the football season.


NFL Football Standings

Keeping up to date with the NFL divisions and their standings is imperative for football bettors but understanding the minute details within all NFL standings is critical.

Here at OddsTrader, we want you to have it all, like Tom Brady’s Super Bowl ring collection. We aim to deliver more than just NFL scores. We provide betting connoisseurs with the SU (straight-up) standings, aka moneyline standings, ATS (against the spread) standings and even total point O/U standings.

In delivering the crucial NFL ATS records, we ensure that our visitors can understand that even teams that lose a lot can still cover the spread. Essential factors such as this can dramatically increase a bettor’s long-term profit, as betting against the spread is one of football’s most popular betting markets.

Our NFL standings will also provide the records for totals on all 32 NFL teams; whether it’s the AFC West, NFC West, AFC South, NFC East, AFC North, NFC South, AFC East, we’ll have you covered.

These statistics will show how teams fare relative to the OVER/UNDER and give you insight into which teams are on a current streak of winning or losing. The NFL divisions aren’t entirely matched, so understanding what the results have been before placing a football bet is an ethical way to approach your handicapping.

OddsTrader provides a plethora of information to assist your handicapping requirements outside of our NFL division standings page. Be sure to check out our NFL odds, Power Rankings and Futures pages. All of these factors can dramatically affect your long-term chances of betting success in the National Football League.

How To Read NFL Standings

Navigating our NFL standings page is easy. Upon arrival to our landing page, you’ll see various tabs available to chose from. The drop-down tab will give users a selection between Spread, Money and Total:

  • ATS Spread Standings: This category represents the current point spread rankings for all the National Football teams in the league.
  • NFL Money Standings: This tab will provide the moneyline rankings in the American Football Conference.
  • NFL Total Standings: The final selection lays out a complete ranking system for team totals, showing the records of teams who’ve gone over or under the totals that are set pre-game.

The NFL standings are all listed in order of rank, so depending on which team is more successful in each category (Spread, Moneyline, & Total), this will dictate the position they rank amongst the NFL team standings.

Each team is ranked 1st through to 32nd; underneath the team’s name, we’ll provide their latest win/loss record and the next fixture they’re scheduled for with the newest point spread for that particular game.

You’ll find updated NFL standings after each game played, for all divisions, whether it be NFC East standings, NFC West standings and anything in between.

NFL ATS Standings

The NFL ATS Standings tab will show four different columns (ATS, DIFF, AWAY and HOME).

The ATS column shows the exact point spread record for each team, the #1 team will own the most excellent ATS record at the time of viewing. In reverse, the NFL standings board with a team positioned at #32 will hold the worst ATS record.

The DIFF column provides a point-based system that takes the percentage of wins and losses to give users a more apparent number of NFL overall standings doing the best with their ATS record. In providing the average number of points by which the team covers the spread, handicappers can gauge a more precise vision of which teams are worth backing against the spread.

The final two columns (HOME & AWAY) are merely the ATS records for each team’s home and away matchup records. These NFL standings focus on a team’s separate records for matches played on home soil and the records for games played on the road.

Understanding NFL Spread Wagers

For those new bettors unfamiliar with spread wagers, betting against the spread is one of the most popular methods to bet.

In a point spread, you are betting on the point margin set by sportsbooks between two teams. For example, if you’re taking the underdog’s point spread, they must keep the game close, within a certain number of points or win the game outright.

If you’re backing the favorite, they must win the game by 1 or more points than what the ATS number is set at.


  • Buffalo Bills -7.5
  • New England Patriots +7.5

The example above shows the Bills as 7.5-point favorites and if you were to place a wager on them, they’d need to score eight or more points for your ticket to cash.

If you take your chances with the Patriots’ as 7.5-point underdogs, they will need to keep the score within seven points or less. Alternatively, should the Patriots win outright, your spread bet cash with ease.

This can be confusing at first, but to gauge a better understanding, you can simply add 7.5 points to the Patriots’ total points scored once the game has concluded and if the number exceeds that of their opponents, your bet is a winner. In reverse, deduct 7.5 points from the Bills’ final score and if they’ve still managed to score more points, including those removed, your wager has been successful.

NFL Moneyline Standings

The NFL Moneyline Standings tab will also show four different columns (SU, UNITS, AWAY and HOME).

The SU column represents the NFL standings for straight-up wins. So, if the Kansas City Chiefs have won 12 games and lost 3, their SU record would be shown as 12-3.

The UNITS section tallies the number of betting units you would have won by betting the team to win outright. A “Unit” is a sports betting term that is a measurement of a handicapper’s bet. Because bettors all use different-sized bankrolls, using the term “Unit” is a way to provide a profit/loss count universally.

The most basic sports betting strategy says that betting 1-5% of your bankroll is an acceptable approach to sensible bankroll management. Somebody with a $1,000 bankroll betting 1 unit (1%) would be betting $10 as their unit, whereas someone with a $50,000 bankroll would bet $500 per unit.

The amount wagered becomes irrelevant in sports handicapping because bettors with the highest unit count are the most successful.

But remember, the NFL team with the best moneyline record does not always provide the greatest unit count; finding value on plus-money underdogs can be one of the most lucrative methods to increasing your bankroll/units.

Finally, the HOME & AWAY columns are pretty much self-explanatory – they represent the NFL team standings from games played at home and those matchups played on the road.

Understanding NFL Moneyline Wagers

A moneyline wager is the most simplistic of all bet types. You are simply betting on which team is going to win. However, as we mentioned above, the best teams don’t always provide the most significant long-term winning percentage.

When looking at the NFL league standings, be sure to review the straight-up (SU) record to know their moneyline value. A team can win fifteen games (15-0) and lose each game on the spread (0-15).

Example: Hypothetically, the Kansas City Chiefs are playing against the New York Giants. A moneyline wager on this game means you’re betting on who will win outright. Even if the Chiefs have a season record of 12-2 and are favorites, their odds might not offer significant returns due to their high likelihood of winning. On the other hand, the Giants might have more lucrative odds due to being underdogs.

NFL Total Points Standings

The NFL Total Standings tab provides another four columns (O/U, AP O/U, AWAY and HOME).

The O/U tab will show particular teams over/under record for the number of times they’ve covered the bookmaker’s totals. The premise for totals betting is simple and it doesn’t matter which team ultimately wins or loses – you’re aiming to predict if the total number of points scored by both teams together is more or less than a certain number set by the bookie.

If a specific team has exceeded their set total on 12 occasions but failed to reach the total 3 times, their totals record would show as 12-3.

The AP O/U column is the average points each team manages to cover when successfully covering the over or under. If the Buffalo Bills have played 14 games and covered the over on 12 occasions, their average points set by the bookmakers for these games might be 30.40.

Again, the AWAY/HOME tab shows the records for the over/under totals played out at home or on the road.

Understanding NFL Totals

Much like handicapping NFL spreads, many of the same principles apply in totals betting. Paying attention to the vital offensive and defensive stats is imperative; having insight into coaching philosophies and game blueprints can determine whether a game will be high or low-scoring.

Example: In a Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks game, the over/under is set at 48.5 points. This means bettors decide if they believe the total combined score of both teams will be over or under 48.5 points by the end of the game. If the Rams win 28-24, the total score is 52, surpassing the 48.5-point threshold. Thus, those who bet on the Over win. Conversely, if the game ends with the Rams winning 21-20, totaling 41 points, it falls below the set over/under, rewarding those who bet on the Under.

What are the NFL standings right now?

OddsTrader’s latest NFL standings will be updated in real-time, so be sure to bookmark our page to remain up to date with the latest records ahead of the new season.

Instead of asking your friend, “what are the NFL standings”? Flaunt your knowledge and know-how by having the information for the complete NFL standings, including detailed wagering stats such as ATS records, S/U records and totals.

NFL Standings: Frequently Asked Questions

What does ATS stand for?

ATS in sports betting stands for “Against The Spread.” It is a term used to describe a team’s record in relation to the point spread. If a team has a 5-3 ATS record, it means they have covered the spread five times and failed to cover three times.

Why are there two NFL divisions?

The National Football League has two conferences, the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC), each comprising 16 teams. The two conferences were established when the American Football League (AFL) merged with the NFL in 1970 to create a balanced competition structure.

How many wild card teams are in the NFL?

There are three wild card teams in each conference of the NFL, making a total of six wild card teams in the NFL. These teams are determined by the teams with the best overall record after the four division champions have been seeded.

Will there ever be a new NFL team?

The addition of a new NFL team is possible, as expansion teams have been added in the past. However, any decision to introduce a new team would involve extensive planning, including considerations of market viability, stadium facilities and league approval.

What is the difference between PF and PA in NFL standings?

PF stands for “Points For,” indicating the total number of points a team has scored. PA stands for “Points Against,” representing the total number of points scored against a team by its opponents. The difference between PF and PA can provide insight into a team’s offensive and defensive performance.

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