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NFL Futures Odds

You can bet on future games and even the Super Bowl with NFL futures. A variety of factors go into calculating these types of NFL odds, like how the team has performed recently, if there are any benched players, and even what time of the season it is. These types of odds are always changing.

Division Winners
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NFL Futures

There isn’t a better time of the year than during the months when NFL football is in session. And that time will be upon us soon enough as we prepare to evaluate the 32 teams and their prospects for the 2024 season. Before the season kicks off, there is no shortage of debate as to how the teams will fare and that’s why the best online sportsbooks allow their customers the opportunity to wager on how well, or poorly, the team(s) of their choice will do this season. And don’t forget, the NFL Futures 2024 as there are some great markets with plus value that could turn into profit at the end of the season.

NFL futures are always a hot commodity and the betting odds often differ from one sportsbook to the next so it is important to make your NFL futures picks at the book giving you the sharpest edge. Why make a futures bet on over 11 wins for the Ravens when you can get 10 1/2 somewhere else? You should also watch the NFL futures line movement to see where the betting odds are going.

When we refer to NFL futures betting it is important to know that we are focusing on four main props. The first of which is the season win total of each team. The second and third would be the conference and NFL Super Bowl futures. The NFL futures lines also include the NFL futures division odds as the last of the four main future bets. Without further ado, let’s discuss these in-depth so that when you cruise on over to your sportsbook’s NFL futures section you will know what to do and how to do it. Let’s go!

Season Win Totals

Much like all the other future NFL bets, the NFL future odds win totals give the bettor action all season long with just one wager. Each one of the 32 teams has a predicted total number of wins from the various online sportsbooks. Each book has its own set of lines so make sure that you are getting the best bang for your gambling buck. NFL future odds total wins will vary somewhat between bookmakers so be sure that your NFL future bets total wins are locked in before the season kicks.

This season we see that most of the futures odds on this win total prop show the Kansas City Chiefs with the highest win total at 12.5 while the current NFL futures odds show the Houston Texans with a paltry four wins. Can C.J. Stroud lead the Texans to better than four wins this year? If you think he can then make sure to add that to your best NFL futures bets and don’t delay because that number could rise. NFL win total futures do not stand still and are dynamic odds that will be moved by the influx of money.

Lastly, in many of the NFL futures over under wins (or NFL season win totals), you will see two lines on the same team. The number of wins will be the same but the money will be different depending on whether you are betting over or under the number of wins. For instance, the NFL futures total wins on the Carolina Panthers at one particular sportsbook shows the following:

Under 3½ Wins -130

Over 3½ Wins +100

Because the oddsmakers believe more people will be betting under 3½ then they are forcing those bettors to bet $130 to win $100. That is why you see the minus sign as in -130. However, you will also notice that those who wish to bet over 3½ wins only risk $100 to win $100. That is why you see the plus sign as in +100.

The minus numbers indicate how much you will have to risk to win $100 while the plus numbers reveal how much you will make by risking $100. In short, you will always risk more than your original bet when you see a minus sign and you will always make more than your original bet when you see a plus sign. It is not hard once you get the hang of it!

NFL Division Futures

The 2024 NFL futures also include odds to win the division. That’s right you can find any team you like to win their division and the favorites in each are the following:

American Football Conference

AFC East – Buffalo Bills -140

AFC North – Baltimore Ravens +135

AFC South – Indianapolis Colts +110

AFC West – Kansas City Chiefs -250

National Football Conference

NFC East – Dallas Cowboys +135

NFC North – Green Bay Packers -120

NFC South – Tampa Bay Bucs -175

NFC West – Los Angeles Rams +200

So what do you think of the Packers being favored in the NFC North? Will Jordan Love, the heir apparent, fill his prodigious shoes? And can the Bills win the AFC East for the fourth year in a row? Maybe the Texans have found their new franchise QB in former Ohio State star, C.J. Stroud? Perhaps the Texans will take their place atop the AFC South once again.

But whatever you do, just make sure your NFL futures best bets are with a reputable and trustworthy sportsbook. NFL future odds to win division might look better at one shop over another but before you fund your account make sure to check out the reviews to make absolutely certain the books you bet with will allow you to sweat the game but never the payout!

AFC & NFC Winners

NFL futures betting lines are also available on the conference winners. NFL teams with the best future odds are not always the sharpest bet because injuries can derail once-promising teams while dark horses can catch fire and become the Cinderella story we see nearly every season.

If you are going to make an NFL futures bet you should check out the NFL schedules to see what kind of competition the teams will have and compare their strength of schedule. The NFL future odds wins correlate to division, conference, and even Super Bowl winners. You can imagine that the Chiefs, having the highest total win number at 12.5, are likely the favorites to win their conference and even the Super Bowl. And if you deduced that then, congratulations, you’re catching on!

It really is that easy so if you are new to this, no worries, it just takes a little time to acclimate yourself but once you do, football Sundays will never be the same. And what about Monday night and even Thursday night? There is nothing like NFL football and don’t forget that in addition to conference winners, which we will discuss below, you can also check out the NFL future point spreads which essentially give you the lines to each game in advance. As we speak there are lines on every Week 1 contest even though we are not even close to the first preseason game!

The top five AFC NFL future power rankings are as follows:

Kansas City Chiefs +280

Buffalo Bills +700

Baltimore Ravens +900

Cleveland Browns +900

New England Patriots +1100

The top five NFC future NFL betting lines are as follows:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +300

Los Angeles Rams +700

San Francisco 49ers +700

Green Bay Packers +800

Seattle Seahawks +1100

NFL Super Bowl Futures Odds

Here is the granddaddy of all the NFL futures predictions – the NFL Super Bowl future odds. Who is your pick to bring home the Lombardi trophy to their fans next February? Will Patrick Mahomes and Co. cement the Chiefs dynasty?

But maybe Brock Purdy and the San Francisco 49ers will be back to reclaim their throne after coming up second-best to Mahomes and the Chiefs a couple of years ago. Could it be a Super Bowl rematch? The future NFL lines are telling us it is likely but there is a long way to go as we peruse the future NFL Super Bowl sites to see where the top teams sit months before the regular season begins. Let’s take a look at what the oddsmakers are saying about the favorites to win this year’s Super Bowl.

The Top 10 Super Bowl Favorites

Kansas City Chiefs+575

San Francisco 49ers +600

Buffalo Bills +1200

Los Angeles Rams +1200

Cincinnati Bengals +1400

Baltimore Ravens +1600

Cleveland Browns +1600

Green Bay Packers +1600

New England Patriots +2200

Seattle Seahawks +2200

It must be a sign of the apocalypse when the Cleveland Browns are tied as the sixth choice to win the Super Bowl but if you are a member of the Dawg Pound then those betting odds of +1600 have to look very tempting. Once again, we ominously see the Patriots popping back into the Super Bowl conversation after failing to even make the playoffs since Tom Brady left.

Another possibility looms large with the Baltimore Ravens and their electric quarterback, Lamar Jackson. Baltimore endured a disappointing 2022 campaign but hope springs eternal for the Ravens now that rookie first-round wideout Zay Flowers has been added to Jackson’s arsenal.

Regardless of which teams you decide to include in your NFL future bets, make sure that you play with a reliable sportsbook. There are several top-notch sportsbooks out there with superior customer service, plenty of betting options, outstanding mobile platforms, and aesthetically pleasing dashboards that make navigating the site intuitive and enjoyable.

So do your due diligence and find out what people are saying about the books you are interested in and most importantly, read the reviews. Enjoy your football season responsibly and may all your wagers be winners.

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