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NHL Computer Picks & Predictions

Take advantage of precision and accuracy with our NHL computer picks. Equip yourself with data-driven predictions and the most recent NHL odds to make informed bets and stay ahead in the fast-paced professional hockey markets.

Our AI Sports Prediction data calculates the best possible outcome for every event
Based off of AI predictions we calculate who is going to cover the Spread, MoneyLine & Total
Breakdown of all the bets on an event to show which team has more action
Our team Rankings of each team in their league
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Free NHL Computer Picks

Our data-driven NHL computer picks provide dynamic hockey betting analysis that can give you an edge over handicappers and help you make the best NHL bets today.

Data is imported into a proprietary AI program that crunches numbers and projects the outcome of NHL games. Bookmark this page and return for regular professional hockey picks to consider when analyzing the NHL odds board each day.

What is the best site for NHL predictions?

OddsTrader emerges as the leading choice for NHL predictions, thanks to its cutting-edge computer algorithms that dive into an extensive array of data points and run detailed simulations, yielding exceptionally accurate predictions for hockey games.

This forward-thinking approach reduces the influence of bias, ensuring that ice hockey bettors receive dependable and unbiased predictions. Additionally, OddsTrader offers a wide range of tools that support bettors in making well-informed betting decisions at top hockey betting sites.

NHL Score Predictions

NFL score predictions are forecasts about the outcomes of upcoming NFL games, specifically predicting the final scores. These predictions are valuable for novice and experienced bettors alike, offering insights into how a game might unfold.

Various ice hockey betting sites, sports analysts and computer algorithms offer NFL score predictions to help fans and bettors make informed decisions. The accuracy of these predictions can vary and they are used as a guide rather than a guarantee of the final score.

Websites like OddsTrader enhance these predictions with sophisticated tools and resources, offering up-to-date player and team statistics, betting odds and forecasts to provide a comprehensive overview of what could happen between hockey teams in a single game.

How To Bet on NHL Predictions Today

It is worth considering OddsTrader’s NHL computer picks when wagering on National Hockey League games. Our computer picks are the product of thousands of calculations that account for all of the relevant data. This process yields a predicted score that you can use to bet on the side, total and more.

NHL Moneyline Computer Picks

Placing moneyline bets involves predicting which team or side will win a given game. For your moneyline NHL picks, you can check out the score that the OddsTrader algorithm predicts and be sure that you’re making the best NHL bets.

NHL Puck Line Computer Picks

With puck line bets, instead of betting on a winner, hockey enthusiasts can bet on the favored team to win by a certain number of goals or on the underdog to stay within a specific margin of goals. In the NHL, the standard spread is -1.5 although the top sportsbooks offer alternate puck lines.

By looking at puck line computer picks, you can feel confident that you’re making the best bets on each match.

Goal Total Computer Picks

You can also place a type of bet that involves predicting whether both teams will have a combined goal of more or fewer points than the total posted by the oddsmakers. Check out OddsTrader’s NHL goal total computer picks to get a better idea of how to approach the total for a specific game.

NHL Computer Picks for Player Prop Bets

Instead of betting on a team, you can bet on a player and their performance. That way, their team could lose and you could still win your wager.

OddsTrader’s hockey computer picks on player props yield insight into high-scoring games that help you make the best hockey bets and uncover potential opportunities for above-average performances from certain players.

NHL Computer Picks for Parlay Bets

In the NHL, moneylines tend to be very pricey or “chalky,” as it’s commonly known. One way to get better odds is with parlay picks. With this bet type, your predicted outcomes all have to occur for your wager to be successful. More often than not, you’ll see a greater profit than if you were to place each bet individually but you run the risk of losing your bet if one of the teams suffers an upset.

OddsTrader’s NHL parlay computer picks can help you reduce risk when parlaying your bets so you have a better opportunity to maximize your earnings.

Resources for NHL Betting Picks

Our betting experts have included additional resources to aid in you being able to take advantage of data-driven picks.

NHL Game Odds for This Week

You can see the full card of NHL games for any given day along with corresponding betting odds (spread and total) for each one. This overview is helpful as you can scan the games and decide if one interests you for betting purposes.

You can also see how the betting lines differ across online sports betting sites. It is recommended to register with multiple online sportsbooks in order to line shop so you can get the best possible price.

NHL Against the Spread Season Records

A team’s straight-up record is one thing, but this type of information is insufficient to consider because it doesn’t account for a team’s performance against the spread (ATS).

Fortunately, you can see how each team is performing against the spread at OddsTrader. When viewing a team’s ATS performance, you can determine if the top sportsbooks are correctly valuing each team.

Oddsmakers are notoriously slow to make adjustments in less popular markets, so you can use ATS records to find odds on teams that oddsmakers might have yet to update.

Weekly NHL Public Betting Consensus

The public betting consensus is the side or total that most of the public thinks will win for any given NHL game. When a bettor chooses against the consensus pick, it is referred to as “fading the public.”

If you like a play and you find that the public is against it, then you might feel more confident in cashing out when the final horn is blown.

Weekly NHL Injury Report

It is imperative to periodically check the injury report and other key NHL news regarding players and teams for NHL games because when you’re betting on teams to play or score many or few goals, ultimately you are betting on the abilities of players as a collective group.

Traditionally, NHL injuries are common and goalies (a vital position) tend to get “rest games” during the regular season. These types of situations have an impact on the betting odds which is why OddsTrader delivers daily updates and a report for every hockey game on the NHL card.

NHL Future Picks

NHL futures allow you to bet on the Stanley Cup winner well before the regular season even begins. If you feel like a team has a good chance to win it all, you can see the futures odds listed by the top sportsbooks on OddsTrader.

Given that odds are more favorable prior to the start of the season, you can enjoy a significant payout at the end of the hockey season if you win with this popular betting option.

Best NHL Sportsbooks

The fact is that not all sportsbooks out there are trustworthy. However, it pays to use a licensed sportsbook so you can get the best quality when it comes to betting on the NHL. OddsTrader paves the way by breaking down the best NHL sportsbooks in the online sports betting industry.


Since computers are able to process a lot of data and information in a short period of time, they can be a great tool when it comes to NHL picks. While other resources are also valuable, computer picks are worth looking at before placing your NHL bets because they go through a rigorous statistical analysis to formulate hockey picks.

From that analysis, the computer creates strong, stats-driven NHL picks that are not swayed by human emotion. Instead of just following betting trends, hockey computer picks are formulated using data from all the players’ game performances in order to make smart game predictions.

With all this information already synthesized, hockey fans can have a better betting perspective without having to do the hard work and number crunching, allowing for a smoother betting experience. Instead, these AI-driven NHL picks can help you pin down the best betting opportunities in seconds.

NHL Picks: Frequently Asked Questions

Is ice hockey easy to predict?

Predicting ice hockey outcomes can be challenging, but familiarizing yourself with the various factors that can influence a game’s outcome can go a long way. Variables to study include team performance, player stats and key injuries.

What is the line in NHL betting?

In National Hockey League betting, the term “line” refers to the point spread or odds set by bookmakers for a particular game. The line is used to level out the betting markets and provide a wagering framework.

What does 2.5 mean in a puck line?

When the puck line is set at 2.5 in NHL betting, it implies that the favored team is required to overcome a deficit of 2.5 goals.

Do most NHL games go over or under?

Games going over or under the total line varies depending on the specific situation. There is no consistent trend of most NHL games going over or under the set totals.

How many hockey games are in a season?

In a standard NHL season, teams play 82 regular-season games. However, due to various external factors, the number of games in a regular season can vary.

Is there a team that has never won the Stanley Cup?

The Florida Panthers and Vegas Golden Knights have yet to win a Stanley Cup.

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