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2022 Against the Spread and Straight Up Records

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It's the record of the games a team has won, lost or pushed by winning or not the game straight up.
Units is the number of betting units won or lost by a team after factoring in the juice or vig. It can be used to compare the betting performance of a team without being affected by the player's bankroll.

To calculate Units won/lost on Moneylines you can use the formula below (x = moneyline value):
  • if x > 0, then (x/100)
  • if x < 0, then (-100/x)
It's the record of the games a team has won, lost or pushed by winning or not the game, when at Home and when Away (on the road).
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No ATS Results for the 2021 season

NHL Standings

The stats displayed on this page can help you make astute decisions when betting on NHL futures and individual hockey games. It tells you how well each team has fared over the course of the current season, allowing you to spot NHL betting trends.

When you have absorbed the information, you can click on the "Odds" tab at the top of the page to find the sportsbooks offering the best prices on NHL games. You can also click on the "Futures" tab to find regularly updated Stanley Cup odds from all the best legal sportsbooks in the United States.

All the information displayed on this page is available in the palm of your hand if you download the OddsTrader app. Read on to learn how to use this free resource to your advantage.

Moneyline NHL Standings

This highlights the straight up record of each NHL team during the current regular season. You can quickly see which teams have the best records, without having to trawl through NHL East standings, NHL West standings, NHL division standings, and so on.

It also tells you which teams have performed the best at home and away, and which teams have struggled on the road or in front of their home fans. That information can be especially useful when you are trying to predict which team has the quality and mental strength to go on and win the Stanley Cup.

You will also see the units of profit you would have earned, or the loss you would have incurred, had you bet on that team to win each game of the season.

You can click on the first button at the top of this NHL league standings page to switch between "Money" (the moneyline), "Puck Line" (the spread) and "Total" (total goals) data. The page is continually updated, so the information displayed is always up-to-the-minute.

Puck Line NHL Standings

The spread in ice hockey is known as the puck line. It essentially gives the supposedly stronger team a -1.5-goal handicap to provide NHL fans with another intriguing betting option.

For example, FanDuel Sportsbook was offering -134 on Tampa Bay Lightning to beat Montreal Canadiens in Game 3 of the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals. The Canadiens were the +114 underdogs. An alternative was to bet on either team to cover the puck line.

In that case, you could have bet on the Tampa Bay -1.5 at odds of +215 or Montreal +1.5 at -265. If you felt the Lightning would secure a comfortable win, you could have enjoyed much better odds on the puck line. The Lightning just needed to win by 2 or more goals for the bet to pay off.

In the end, the Lightning won the game 6-3. Tampa Bay ended up winning the series 4-1, but it also covered the puck line in the first two games, whereas Montreal covered it in Game 4 and Game 5.

Our puck line NHL team standings chart tells you how well each team has fared against this 1.5-goal spread throughout the course of the season. You will see how often each team covered and failed to cover. For example, if the New York Rangers covered 35 times and failed to do so 21 times, it would be rendered 35-21 in the NHL season standings.

The next column, called "Diff", tells you the average number of goals by which the team covers the puck line. You can also see the NHL hockey standings for how often each team covered the puck line at home or away.

NHL Totals Information

Many hockey fans love to bet on the total goals line. However, browsing the NHL Pacific Division standings, NHL West Division standings, NHL Eastern Division standings and NHL Central standings only tells you how many goals each team has scored.

Our NHL scores and standings table goes deeper. It tells you how often games featuring each team have gone over the total goals line throughout the season, have often each team’s games have stayed under the line, and how frequently they have pushed. You can also break it down into home and away games to gain more valuable insight.

This information can be helpful for anyone seeking to make educated wagering decisions from a position of strength.

NHL Period Data

You can break all of these stats down into the first period, the second period and the third period. For example, if you want to see how often a team wins the second period, or how regularly over pays off in the third period of games featuring a particular team, you can find that information quickly and easily. Just click on the second button, "Game", at the top of the NHL standings overall page to switch to 1P (first period), 2P (second period) or 3P (third period).

NHL Futures Betting Odds

Click "Futures" at the top of the page to see the NHL futures betting odds at the leading online sportsbooks in your state. You will see the odds on each team winning the Stanley Cup playoffs, and on the different conferences.

The teams with the best straight up records in the NHL Western Conference standings and NHL Eastern Conference standings are often the favorites to triumph.

You can compare the odds available at the best legal sportsbooks in the United States – BetMGM, Bet365, Unibet, SugarHouse, BetRivers, PointsBet, DraftKings, FanDuel, William Hill and SBK – and grab the most attractive futures betting lines.

If you click on the "All" button, it provides you with the option to choose a particular state. It will then automatically remove any sportsbooks that are unavailable in your state, allowing you to quickly find the best Stanley Cup winner odds on offer.

Find the Best NHL Odds

When you have analyzed the information on this page, you should click on the "Odds" option and find the best NHL odds on games you are interested in. It displays moneyline odds, puck line odds, totals odds, and betting lines for each period, on every single game NHL game of the season.

You can also click on each game to see team stats, player stats, injury reports, records, head-to-heads, and much more.

Once again, you can find the best betting lines available in your state by using the filter to narrow down the list of sportsbooks.

NHL Standings FAQ

What are the NHL standings?

NHL standings tell you how well each team has performed during the regular season. You will see how many wins and points it has racked up, the number of goals it has scored and conceded, goal difference, its record in its last 10 games, and the streak it is on. NHL standings 2021 will be divided into NHL conference standings, and divisions, such as NHL North standings and NHL Central Division standings.

What are NHL projected standings?

This is a prediction of what the NHL regular season standings will look like when the dust has settled. You will regularly see NHL standings predictions 2021, including projections on NHL wild card standings and NHL Stanley Cup standings. It can be beneficial to check out the predictions from various experts, but you should always conduct thorough research of your own by using the in-depth resources available at OddsTrader.

How are NHL standings determined?

The NHL standings are determined by crunching the data for wins losses, goals for, goals against, goal difference, and so on. If two teams are level on points in the NHL standings today, the team with the fewest games played will be displayed first. If they have played an equal number of games, the team with the most wins – excluding overtime wins – will come out on top.

Do NHL standings include overtime wins?

You will typically see overtime losses highlighted within the current NHL standings, but you rarely see overtime wins. If you bet on the moneyline, it doesn’t matter if a team loses in regular time or overtime, as the result is the same. For that reason, we have kept things simple and just provided you with the number of times each team won on the moneyline or lost on the moneyline.

Can I find NHL playoff standings?

You can visit OddsTrader for a wealth of vital information on the various series taking place in the Stanley Cup. OddsTrader will provide you with detailed NHL playoff standings 2021 and NHL series standings, helping you to make considered, educated betting decisions.

What does NHL stand for?

NHL stands for National Hockey League. It is the world’s leading ice hockey league, featuring the best teams from across North America. Check out our NHL final standings to see how well each team has performed this year.

Why are NHL standings important?

NHL standings inform fans which teams look set to reach the playoffs, which teams are out of contention, and which teams are battling for a postseason berth. This can be helpful to sports bettors, because you can figure out the motivation levels for each team. You can also use our detailed NHL standings to ascertain which teams play well or struggle at home or on the road, which teams regularly cover the puck line, and which teams are often involved in high-scoring or low-scoring games.
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