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Latest Europa League Odds & Betting Lines

Live UEFA Europa League odds are always available at OddsTrader. If you’re looking to learn how to read Europa League odds; or whether moneylines, props, or futures are a smarter wagering option, we can help you build your betting strategy so you can get started betting on soccer.

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UEFA Europa League Odds

Every year since 1971, UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) has organized the Europa League domestic competition (Formerly UEFA Cup). It’s an annual cup competition and is the second biggest cup competition of European club football, ranking below the UEFA Champions League and above the Europa Conference League.

Thirty-two European clubs qualify for the Europa League group knockout stage format and are allotted into 12 groups of four teams. Usually, these placements in the Europa League are awarded to the clubs who place in runner-up positions in their respective leagues in addition to the winners of the country’s main competition for that country’s cup. Commonly, the teams qualifying via their domestic league are those in the highest positions that haven’t qualified for the Champions League. The top two European teams from each group will compete in the Round of 32 alongside eight third-place teams that were UEFA Champions League drop-outs.

This annual soccer club tournament is always aligned with lucrative betting markets, as the competition winners are usually unexpected. Germany’s Eintracht Frankfurt won the 2022 Europa League, defeating Ranger’s 5-4 on penalties, thus ending a 42-year drought since their previous European success.

Understanding Europa League Odds

Betting options for the Europa League are endless, but Moneyline wagers, Totals bets (where bettors try and guess the final correct score) and the Outright betting markets are the most sought-after. Often presented in the American odds format, Europa League betting odds are easy to read and understand.

Betting lines are consistently adjusted before the opening group stage in the fall. Injuries surface, suspensions can arise, and key players can be transferred to other clubs, all while the Europa League has already been released before the summer. In addition, once the team’s domestic season begins, Europa League winner odds will continue to be adjusted based on a team’s win/loss performance.

Let’s take a look at Moneyline odds, as it is such a common wager type, and is fairly easy to understand in comparison to some of the other bet types.

Europa League odds example:

  • Manchester United +200

Europa League Moneyline wagers like the Manchester United example above represent the game’s underdog. A $100 wager would return $250 profit, or a $10 bet would net $25 profit. The (+) symbol next to a team’s name, total, future bets, or any other wager always represents an underdog price, which means the implied probability of this particular outcome is lower than 50% – based on the oddsmaker’s opinion and available price.

The betting favorites, or favorable betting choices, can look like this:

  • Sevilla -150

A $125 stake on the above Sevilla odds would return $100, or $15 would return $10. Bettors must stake more on favorable odds because this outcome is more expected, with a 50% or higher probability. Betting favorites or favorable odds are always labeled with a (-) symbol.

Odds To Win The Europa League 2023 & Current Favorites

The 2022/23 UEFA Europa League has just finalized its sixteen qualifying teams following the completion of its group stage. The finest teams who’ve qualified for the Round of 32 bracket playoffs are now in the future betting markets, from the favorite to the least expected successful club.

Top 16 Europa League Outright Winner Odds

  • Arsenal (Premier League) +400
  • Barcelona (La Liga) +450
  • Manchester United (Premier League) +800
  • Juventus (Serie A) +1200
  • Ajax (Eredivisie) +1200
  • Real Sociedad (La Liga) +1400
  • Real Betis (La Liga) +1600
  • Roma (Serie A) +2000
  • Freiburg (Bundesliga) +2500
  • Sevilla (La Liga) +2500
  • Bayer Leverkusen (Bundesliga) +2800
  • Sporting Lisbon (Primeira Liga) +3300
  • PSV (Eredivisie) +3300
  • Stade Rennes (Ligue 1) +3300
  • Union Berlin (Bundesliga) +5000

Despite winning the UEFA Cup on six occasions, Sevilla’s 2022 domestic performance doesn’t bode well for their chances to replicate past successes in the competition. For this reason, the top online sportsbooks aren’t expecting the Spanish squad as one of the most successful teams. Still, you can find fellow Spaniard powerhouses like Barcelona, Real Sociedad, and Real Betis scattered at the top of the list.

Cristiano Ronaldo could rectify his lackluster season with Manchester United by overcoming Robert Lewandowski and Barcelona as the two sides will meet in the Europa League playoff Round of 32 in February 2023. However, be careful betting on either team as a potential competition winner, as they’ve both drawn the most strenuous opposition from the selection of highest-priced outright winners.

Past UEFA Europa League Winners

Sevilla has won the Europa League a record six times. Although the trophy isn’t quite as prestigious as the Champions League, big-time clubs still take this tournament seriously. You can guarantee the football betting markets will be as sharp as ever when evaluating the competing team’s respective domestic season form and how well they played in previous seasons.

Eintracht Frankfurt is the defending Europa League champion; however, it’s Juventus who own the most favorable betting price to win this year’s competition that possesses the most Europa Cup victories (3). Although, since its rebranding from the UEFA Cup to the Europa League, no Italian club has lifted the trophy, with Parma being the last to do so in 1999.

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