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NHL Futures

With NHL futures betting, you can wager on the outcomes of future events, such as who will win the Stanley Cup. These NHL odds update all season long due to how each team fares out on the ice, including recent scores, player injuries and other factors. Read on to learn more about hockey futures.

To Win Conference

NHL Futures Odds

This page allows you to quickly find the best NHL futures betting odds on offer at the country’s best online sportsbooks.

It displays the odds to win the Stanley Cup, plus the various divisions and conferences.

It is updated on a continual basis throughout the season, so you will always be provided with the latest NHL futures odds. Read on to learn more about NHL future bets.

NHL Futures Betting

An NHL futures market is a long-term bet that is not necessarily determined by the result of a single game. The most common form of NHL futures bet is on the winner of the Stanley Cup. You can also find odds to win the different conferences and divisions.

At the start of the season, the top online sportsbook sites will also offer NHL regular season odds on the number of wins each NHL team will secure. They will set a line and you can simply bet on over or under. You can also find odds on whether each team will make the NHL playoffs.

There are additional futures odds on individual awards, such as the winner of the Calder Memorial Trophy, the Art Ross Trophy, the James Norris Memorial Trophy and the Conn Smythe Trophy.

Some sportsbooks also provide quirky futures bets, such as which goaltender will have the best save percentage or how many points a particular player will score during the season.

Betting on who will take home the championship trophy is easily the most popular future wager. Here are some of the other popular options on the futures betting market:

  • Division outcomes (like which team will be the best in the Atlantic Division, Pacific Division, Metropolitan Division, etc.)
  • Conference title winners (For the Eastern Conference and Western Conference)
  • Individual hockey player awards

There are also additional options available, allowing hockey fans to incorporate a wide variety of betting choices into their overall sports betting strategy.

Reading NHL Future Odds

The NHL odds futures on this page are automatically displayed in the American format. Most futures odds begin with a plus symbol. That tells you the profit you would earn by betting $100 on a particular team. The larger the number, the higher the profit.

For example, if BetMGM is offering +2500 on the Florida Panthers to win the Stanley Cup and BetRivers is offering +2000, it would make sense to take the odds available at BetMGM. A $100 bet at +2500 would earn you a $2,500 profit, whereas a $100 bet at +2000 would only earn $2,000.

You do not have to bet $100, as it is simply a guide. For instance, you could bet $10 at +2500 and earn a $250 profit if your NHL futures predictions prove successful. You get your stake (risk amount) back on winning bets, so you would be returned $260.

If a team is a heavy favorite, the odds will begin with a minus symbol. That tells you the amount you would need to wager to earn a $100 profit. For example, if FanDuel had -125 on the Colorado Avalanche to win the Stanley Cup, you would need to risk $125 to generate a $100 profit.

You can switch from American odds to a decimal format if you prefer. In that case, you simply multiply the amount you want to risk by the decimal figure to calculate your total return if your bet is successful. American odds of +2500 would be rendered as 26.00 in decimal format. A $10 bet at 26.00 returns $260 – a $250 profit and the return of your $10 stake.

Now you know how to read NHL future odds, you can compare the lines available at top sports betting sites like BetMGM, Bet35, Unibet, SugarHouse, BetRivers, PointsBet, DraftKings, FanDuel, William Hill and SBK.

The first column on our grid instantly tells you which legal sportsbooks have the best odds on each team. You will also see the opening line, which is the initial consensus odds available on each team.

This allows you to see if the odds have increased or decreased since the lines were first issued, showing you which teams are popular with bettors and highlighting opportunities to fade the public.

How To Place an NHL Futures Bet

When you land on our NHL futures Stanley Cup odds page, you will see the lines available at a large range of sportsbooks. If you click on the “World” button at the top, you can select a particular state.

It will then filter out the books that are not available in your state. You can also click “To Win Outright” and change it to “To Win Division” or “To Win Conference”.

When you have found the best available odds, click on them and they will be added to your bet slip. Enter the amount you would like to risk and it will tell you the profit you stand to earn if successful.

Click “Go Bet” and you will automatically be taken through to that sportsbook’s site in a new tab. The NHL futures selection will be right there on the bet slip and you can click to confirm it.

You may have to log into your account with the online sports betting site, but that should only take a couple of seconds.

When the bet is confirmed, you can track its progress using our Bet Card. This will list all your future odds NHL wagers, along with all other outstanding bets.

It will settle the bet when the event has finished, so you can monitor your overall profit, return on investment and record.

Hedging Futures Bets

It is often advisable to hedge your bets on Stanley Cup futures. For example, let’s say you place a $100 bet at the start of the season on the Carolina Hurricanes to win the Stanley Cup.

You use our Stanley Cup futures comparison tool to find that DraftKings is offering the best odds (+1400). If the Panthers then reached the Stanley Cup Finals, you would be excited.

However, there is still a chance they could lose. By that point, the opposing team might be priced at +105 to win the Stanley Cup.

In that case, you could place a wager of $682.93 on the other team to win the Stanley Cup.

That would ensure you lock in a profit of $717.07, regardless of which team wins. This is the beauty of hedging and you can maximize your profits by finding the best odds to win the Stanley Cup at OddsTrader.

We recommend you download the OddsTrader mobile app today, as that allows you to quickly find the best available NHL futures odds in the palm of your hand.

You should also use our NHL standings page to gain valuable insight into how well each team has performed at home, on the road and against the puck line; you can also visit our NHL odds page to find the best fixed odds on spreads, moneylines and totals for every single game of the season.

Why do NHL futures odds change?

The odds will change over the course of the season to reflect the results. If one team goes on a long winning streak and beats some strong teams, the odds of them winning the Stanley Cup, division and conference should drop.

If an elite team embarks on a losing streak or suffers an injury to a valuable player, the odds will drift out. The odds also reflect betting trends. If a team is popular among bettors, its odds will shorten and the odds on its rivals will grow more attractive, as online sports betting sites try to balance their risk.


Whether you’re analyzing odds for the Stanley Cup, divisions, conferences or any other sports betting market, always consider how the latest team performances and market trends might impact the evolving odds. Staying updated with the most competitive lines across top sportsbooks will enhance your betting strategy and potentially boost your returns.

NHL Futures: Frequently Asked Questions

Are future bets worth it?

NHL future bets can be worth it if you have a strong understanding of the teams, players and factors that can influence the outcomes for the upcoming season. They offer the potential for significant returns but require thorough research and a comprehensive long-term betting strategy to be successful.

Why is hockey so hard to predict?

Hockey is hard to predict due to its fast-paced and unpredictable nature. Factors like injuries, goalie performance and team chemistry greatly influence outcomes. Additionally, the low-scoring nature of the game increases the impact of chance, making it challenging to forecast results accurately.

How often does the favored team win in the NHL?

The favored team wins about 58% to 63% of the time in the NHL, based on recent statistics. These percentages vary slightly across teams and seasons but generally fall within this range.

How many games are in a hockey season?

In the NHL, a regular season consists of 82 hockey games for each team. This extensive schedule allows for a comprehensive assessment of team performance and player abilities over a significant period, contributing to the overall competitiveness and excitement of the league.

How many NHL teams make the playoffs from each conference?

In the NHL, 16 teams make the playoffs, with 8 teams from each conference qualifying based on their regular season performance. The playoffs feature a series of rounds leading to the Stanley Cup Finals, adding excitement and intensity to the postseason.

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