Betting Football: Bet Several Games or Keep it Specialized?

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This is not an uncommon event; this happens to everybody from newcomers to experienced veterans with decades of experience. As much as we want to be and tell ourselves to be coldly efficient in our thought process to eliminate outside distractions, we are human.

We have hundreds of decisions to make from morning until nighttime and many of those determine our moods. And we won’t even cover what the lack of sleep many of us do not get impacts our day.

So here are a few ways to look at if you should place a few bets each week against the football odds in college and pro football or fire away with 10 or more in each sport.

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The Case for More Wagers

First and foremost, if you have 10 games you want to bet on in college football or the NFL, make sure these are not emotional selections but those you truly feel can win.

How do you do this and know you are making the right decision, follow this simple method. How many times have you made a bet, you are watching the game and by the first quarter you know the game is over, you lose and say, “What the **** was I thinking?

How to get around this is after you have made your picks, are you convinced these are your best 10 or more choices after seeing all the numbers at Oddstrader, ask yourself this; if I lose, will I be angry?

If your answer is “yes” that is a warning sign for you that something else besides analytical research is going on. Because if you truly have studied properly, if you know you made your best picks, the only disappointment would be the result.

If you want to make more bets, they have to fit in the context of your bankroll. On offhand, more wagers mean more money.

If you want to make more bets but you don’t have the cash to lose, that’s a problem. If you normally make five bets and you bump it to 10, all your wagers should be reduced 50 percent to accommodate your bankroll.

Always remember, when you go 15-5, that’s never a problem. It becomes a problem when they are 5-15 and you are tapped out. Money management matters against the sportsbooks.

Remember that you can always check for the best betting strategy at the OddsTrader blog.

Remember to use all the tools available to pick the best games. Before putting money on a pick you’re not 100% sure about, check the ATS rankings to make sure you’re not falling for a trap game.

The Case for Selective Betting

For those that are fewer action junkies, taking your best three to five picks to go up against the sportsbooks is a more preferred method. Here is why.

As we have talked about in past articles at Oddstrader less is often more when making football picks. Maybe you have seven contests you really like and if your handicapping ends up you like all of them the same, that’s fine.

However, if you have four or five that stand out and the others are a bit of a reach, it’s better to choose those you truly believe in. Be aware, that might not be what that outcome is, as everyone has picked games that lost and checked the ones you didn’t take that won. If you can learn why that happened, you are now a smarter bettor.

The other positive of fewer wagers are on the bad days. Going 0-5 is a terrible feeling and it can stick with you for a few days. However, if you ever went 1-9 and god forbid 0-10 (we’ve been there), that is like falling into a 30-foot well by yourself and it could take you a month, maybe a whole season to overcome that deficit.

The other aspect of making fewer bets is if the bankrolls are exactly the same between the two, typically the choosier football bettor is more cautious with his money and in turn, does not make the same miscues those that are seeking the big score might endure.

In the end, if you have good habits, are disciplined with money management, either way of wagering can work and if one fits how you like to roll and you understand how to make it work for you.

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