Caution: Betting Sports Around the Holidays

Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles are dressed for Christmas as they watch a game. Rich Schultz/Getty Images/AFP

Christmas season and New Year’s is the most hectic time of year. There are get-togethers with friends and family outings. With so many families spread out, when everyone meets in one place, events are often multiple days and though fun, being away from your normal routine can be exhausting.

And New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day can have their number of time-consuming adventures that often don’t include much sleep.

Now let’s say those individuals have all this going on AND they like to bet on sports. Where in the world do they have the time to study any of the betting odds like that all football season, to say nothing of the NBA, college basketball and the NHL?

If this sounds like you, we are here to provide you with some variables. We understand you like to be that person who can “do it all”, but we and you both know that ultimately something suffers and we don’t want it to be your bankroll for betting, in what should be a fun time of year.

Here are some helpful hints to consider when looking at all those numbers at and other sportsbooks.

Prioritize What’s Important for Enjoyment and Profit

Though all the sports this time of year have gone on for some time, undoubtedly you are doing better at some than others. Consider following what you do best and focus on those areas.

If you are having a good year with your NFL picks, have that as your top priority. If college football has not been as kind, take a pass or severely cut back, since once the bowl season started, other than Sundays, there are bowl games daily to have to stay on top of.

However, you love watching bowl games and want in on the action, no matter what kind of year you had to this point. OK, try this, figure out either the days you plan to watch or conferences you are most interested in and track those games for betting purposes. That way, you are not spending extra time and putting forth the effort that you already know you cannot do a good job at.

Next, maybe football is less interesting and you do better in college hoops or the NBA. Follow what you do best, which gives you the best chance to make money.

Say you want to blend some football and basketball? Determine what is your best skill in betting basketball and focus on one area that consumes less time, yet, it’s time well spent.

Let’s say you have a knack for spotting underdogs or favorites of six points or less. Perfect, you found exactly where you put your attention towards trying to beat the sportsbooks. Do what’s best for you to make more cash by being prepared.

Don’t Think Twice About Dropping a Sport or Two

We, like many bettors, like to be heroes. We think we can do it all and wear it as a badge of pride. But ask yourself, other than you, who cares? Exactly!

Other than the start of a season, this is the best time of the year for college and pro football. Embrace it. Yes, you hear the other sports calling in your head, “research me”, but take a more prudent tact.

If you miss a week or 10 days of the NBA, NHL or college basketball, is that going to change your life or your wagering account? Unlikely. College hoops still have three more months with a vast number of games multiple days a week.

The NBA and NHL will be playing into June, so missing a few Pistons or Magic games will not be life-altering. And the same goes for the Senators and Coyotes on ice.

It’s the holidays, they come once a year and sports betting goes on for over 360 days. You can still wager all you want, just make it more enjoyable for yourself and the people you want to hang with. You won’t regret it. is your sports betting command center. Read featured betting strategy compiled from a panel of leading sports betting experts.

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