How to Bet the 2022 U.S. Open

daniel altmaier tennis player us open
Daniel Altmaier of Germany returns a shot against Jannik Sinner of Italy in their Men’s Singles First Round match on Day Two of the 2022 US Open. Elsa/Getty Images/AFP

The US Open is a fantastic event with plenty of wagering opportunities.

Let’s take a look at some winning strategies to help you come up with winning tennis picks.

Don’t be Afraid of Totals!

Sometimes, a match can be really tough to handicap. When doing your study on the match, you can find multiple valid reasons for both sides of a wager on the side. A player looks strong against his opponent’s playing style, but his opponent is in fantastic form. You can come up with great reasons each player could win. This is a great time to bet the Over.

Another time to look for Overs is when you have two great serving players. Players with great serves are more likely to hold, and more holds lead to more tie breaks, and more tie breaks lead to more games. Big serving players are another great target when looking to bet Overs.

Unders are also a great way to play a favorite. If you think that one player will beat the other soundly, yet you do not want to lay a huge price on the money line, an Under is a great way to get involved with the match without laying an expensive money line price, but still stay in the -110 price range.

Playing an Under is a good way to approach a match in which you think there is a mismatch of skills.

Know How to Use the H2H

The head-to-head is a statistic that charts the results when 2 players have played each other. The results are charted throughout both players’ whole careers. Sometimes this can be helpful, sometimes it is of no use at all.

Bettors often look at the head-to-head of opponents when handicapping a match. This can be instructive or deceptive.

For example, a clay court win by one player two years ago does not really affect how these two opponents will meet on the hard courts in New York. Yet a win 3 weeks ago on another hard court in North America could be very instructive.

Make sure you’re taking the head-to-head in context when using them as part of your handicap.

Don’t Parlay Too Many Favorites

The moneyline parlay is a great tool when you have two players you like to win but you feel the game spread is lined correctly. However, I rarely want to use more than two to three players in one of these parlays.

Now, if you’re making a bet for fun, you can load up a parlay, but don’t do this too often, and make sure you do it for really light stakes. When making a moneyline parlay, make sure you’re using consistent players.

Many players on both tours have widely varying results. Look for players who consistently beat lower-ranked players and do not often fluctuate in their level of play.

It’s easy to assume the better, more accomplished player will advance, yet looking at the brackets from recent Grand Slams, it is evident that is not the case. The field is deeper than ever, and every major tournament is full of surprises and Cinderella stories.

Bet the Underdogs Outright

Oftentimes, you will find an underdog’s game spread that is attractive. But if you’re going to grab the plus games in the spread, you should also be taking a shot at the player to win outright.

Many times when the underdog covers the game spread, they win the match straight out, and you’re leaving money on the table by not attacking the money line as well. Don’t be afraid to place a small wager on underdogs you like, as upsets are quite frequent in tennis, making it a favorite sport of bettors around the world.

Every major tournament is littered with upsets. Rarely are the top seeds facing each other. Last year’s US Open Women’s final featured a qualifier against an unseeded player. Expecting the chalk to advance can be a costly mistake.

The best opportunities in tennis betting are playing the upsets. The game spread can be a good start but always sprinkle the money line as well.

Winning Betting Strategies

So, make sure that you’re keeping the totals in mind when making a wager. One can make a lot of money without taking a stand on the side of a match.

Make sure you’re using the head-to-head correctly and in context. Do not think that results on different surfaces or from many years ago will be indicative of the upcoming match.

Don’t be tempted to parlay too many moneyline favorites. Two or three is okay, but after that, you are greatly reducing your expected value.

Bet underdogs often. This is the best path toward profitable tennis betting. is your sports betting command center. Read featured betting strategy compiled from a panel of leading sports betting experts.

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