How to Bet The Match: Allen and Mahomes vs. Brady and Rodgers

Tom Brady Capital One's The Match golf
Tom Brady looks on during Capital One’s The Match. Stacy Revere/Getty Images for The Match/AFP.

This year sees the sixth renewal of ‘The Match’ with the unexpected twist of no professional golfers in the mix. Instead, we have four box-office NFL Quarterbacks contesting this charitable televised contest that’s raised over $30,000,000 for charitable good causes in America since its inception.

With no Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson, maybe television was disappointed by last year’s grudge match of Brooks Koepka vs. Bryson DeChambeau, either way, we have four star quarterbacks supplying the entertainment on the Wynn Golf Course.

Like last year, the contest is over twelve holes and I expect the course to be set up easily. This would enable good viewing especially if the pins were set in parts of the greens where the ball might gather. They also have the option of shortening the holes but either way, their homework will be done, and we can expect an interesting contest.

The Match 2022

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers vs. Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 – 06:30 EDT PM at Wynn Golf Course

‘The Match’ Available Odds

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers-200
Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes+250

*Odds available at Unibet

How Good Are Brady and Rodgers as Golfers?

Tom Brady Golfing Analysis

Tom Brady is a well-known face to viewers of ‘The Match’ having partnered with Phil Mickelson twice, on both occasions losing. The Tampa Bay man is a solid 8 handicap golfer who has also been a member at the hallowed Medallist Club in Florida where his handicap was a respectable 11.

Yes, that’s a far cry from the PGA Professionals plus-handicaps but combined with his experience in the event we should expect a reasonably solid performance.

Rather cheekily Brady looked to be having some fun on Twitter yesterday with drone coverage of a supposed hole-in-one starting the banter of whether it was staged or not, but his swing was looking good regardless

Aaron Rodgers Golfing Analysis

His partner, Aaron Rodgers golf skills are reasonably well-known to viewers having been on the winning side with Bryson DeChambeau in 2021.

The Green Bay Packer quarterback has been an avid golfer for many years now. In fact, he’s been a regular fixture on the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship since 2005.

The Wisconsin Golf Association has Rodgers listed as a hugely creditable 4.6 handicapper.

How Good Are Allen and Mahomes as Golfers?

This is where the waters become a little murky as we are using more guesswork to assess the golfing capabilities of Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes.

The pairing of Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes is an interesting one given their rivalry as two of the best, if not the best two NFL quarterbacks in the AFC. The matchup of the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs in recent years has become one hell of a rivalry but now the two are paired against their illustrious peers.

Josh Allen Golfing Analysis

It’s easier to start with Buffalo Bills quarterback, Josh Allen who played at the Pebble Beach pro-am with professional, Keith Mitchell who himself, finished a creditable, 12th.

In the event, Josh Allen played respectably off a 9 handicap but is better remembered as he tried to show off his supreme NFL skills as he threw the ball to the 18th green instead of using his wedge.

There will be similar fun and banter I’m sure at ‘The Match’ but regardless, Josh Allen looks a very respectable golfer, maybe as good as Brady at least.

Patrick Mahomes Golfing Analysis

Mahomes plays an awful lot of his golf with fellow, Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce who himself, is rumored to bomb a golf ball 350 yards as well.

When speaking a year ago, Mahomes had brought his handicap down to just below 8. He admitted to being consumed by his love of golf during Gridiron’s offseason, so much so many of his trips were arranged around the sport.

With that sort of work ethic and love of the game, we should expect Mahomes to be a better golfer 12 months on, and he did play in this year’s American Century Celebrity Golf Championship.

How to Bet ‘The Match’?

A modest wager on the plus money odds should be the value play. I like the “young bucks” to win this year’s renewal of ‘The Match’.

The Keys for ‘The Match’

  • The key to this contest could well be the initial holes and how Allen and Mahomes settle into their first high-profile golf match.
  • They wouldn’t be human if they didn’t have any nerves, even more so because golf isn’t their game, but nerves can be a good thing once overcome, heightening focus throughout.

As sports bettors, I think we can be confident that Brady and Rodgers play solidly while nerves shouldn’t play as big a part in the contest as their young opponents. That said, of course, if Allen and Mahomes serve it up to the “old boys” early doors, the pressure would soon transfer.

Final Thoughts

A vague estimate of handicaps gives Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady the edge but if they have one, I think it is only their experience of the contest.

The cynic in me, expects the television companies to have done their homework and we have a real even contest ahead of us as anything else wouldn’t be in their interests.

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