How to Save Your Baseball Betting Season After a Rough Start

Shohei Ohtani Los Angeles Angels Kansas City Royals Angel Stadium MLB game.
Shohei Ohtani #17 of the Los Angeles Angels runs to first on a single in the first inning of the game against the Kansas City Royals. Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images/AFP

Two months of the baseball season have passed and your MLB betting account looks like it was in a head-on collision and needs serious repair. That could mean putting in extra money (again!) or hoping you can turn the season around before reloading.

Having read any number of articles saying, “baseball is the easiest sport to beat for bettors” you are wondering what the heck you have done wrong and how are you going to fix this mess you are in?

While there is no sure-fire cure to end a slump, there are precautions and other elements that can change your luck and your attitude, which can get you back on track.

Analyze Your Bets and Your Methods

Hopefully, you are doing record-keeping from year to year so that if you are slumping this season, but a year or two ago you had an exceptional season, you can compare and seek answers.

For example, are you placing the same type of bets you did when you were most successful? Or are you playing far more favorites than in the past or too many underdogs? This is important to know, as maybe something has altered your habits and you can change them.

If that’s not much different, review the outcomes of your baseball bets. Have you had a large number of one-run losses, extra-inning losses, and what seems like a blown save a night that sends you to bed angry? Sometimes random bad luck just might be following you, just like it does the teams you are betting on.

Record keeping allows you to see where you have been and can take you on the path you desire.

Be More Selective on Picks and Reduce the Amount Wagered

When things are not going your way, chasing lousy selections is not the answer. The first aspect to alter is the volume of plays you make. If you normally take five or more bets on a typical 15-game baseball board, cut that in half or more.

Force yourself to have two or three truly best bets. This forces you to look at the MLB picks you want to make and better determine which ones honestly are your best. That doesn’t mean they will win, but the process you took will add insight into your thinking.

At the same time lower your betting amount by 15 to 25 percent. The thinking is the same if you are losing, why keep giving away cash at the same rate? Cut your losses until you turn it around.

You Can Take Time Off

For real MLB bettors, the 26-week grind of the regular season is a wonderful daily challenge. You might not be on top of their game every day, but the desire to beat the betting odds is unmistakable.

Ask any serious baseball bettor their favorite week of the season, it’s the All-Star break. That is when they take at least four days off if not a week and recharge their mental batteries.

Taking three or four days or even seven, allows you to completely step away. Don’t worry about following the sport either, get completely renewed and refreshed, and more often than not your perspective will change along with your results.

Learn a New Baseball Betting Skill

The game of baseball is always changing. If you learned to handicap games by playing underdogs and no favorites over -150 on the money, what do you do when 11 of the 15 possible contests have -170 or higher lines? Will some dogs probably win two or three of that group? Possibly, but none grab your attention.

That forces you to look at the run line and the odds are heavy at +1.5. Plus, 30 percent of all games annually end up as one-run outcomes and you are handing over -1.5.

If you don’t bet many totals this could be a great time to start learning how to. Don’t use your money, learn to do so by trial and error where it costs you nothing to lose.

Start Developing Talent for Prop Bets

With team and player props having explosive growth, if you are betting baseball, you likely have a favorite team and you know all about clubs in the division they play in. 

Once you start delving in, you might find you have a skill for picking those kinds of winners.

It’s hard not to get down when losing. The only way to change is to think differently, which can alter your perspective and get back on track. That’s what sharp bettors do, they keep evolving. is your sports betting command center. Read featured betting strategy compiled from a panel of leading sports betting experts.

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