NFL 2023 Super Bowl LVII Odds

Bills QB Josh Allen #17 leaps over Chiefs defender L’Jarius Sneed #38. Jamie Squire/Getty Images/AFP

Editor’s note: This article was updated on August 16th, 2022 

The first preseason game has come and gone with two more exhibition weeks on the docket. Let’s take a look at the updated Super Bowl odds as we move closer to the first game of the regular season.  

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OddsTrader’s Betting Edge

Super Bowl odds don’t usually move much in the middle of August as final cuts have yet to be made

The Carolina Panthers are a significant dark horse to win the Super Bowl after the arrival of Baker Mayfield.

Bettors may be realizing there is value on the LA Chargers because a division title is within the realm of possibility.

The only dip of any substance is the Titans dropping from +3000 to +3500.

Below you will find the odds for each of the NFL teams to win the Super Bowl. All updated NFL odds are courtesy of FanDuel as of August 16th, 2022.  

The Elite The Contenders The Pretenders The Longshots 
Buffalo Bills +650 Dallas Cowboys +2000 Miami Dolphins +4000 Carolina Panthers +10,000 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +750 Baltimore Ravens +2000 Las Vegas Raiders +4000 Detroit Lions +10,000 
Kansas City Chiefs +1000 Cincinnati Bengals+2200 Minnesota Vikings +4000 Jacksonville Jaguars +12,000 
Los Angeles Rams +1100 Indianapolis Colts +2200 New England Patriots +4000 Chicago Bears +12,000 
Green Bay Packers+1200 Cleveland Browns +2400  New Orleans Saints +4000 Seattle Seahawks +15,000 
Los Angeles Chargers +1400 Philadelphia Eagles +2500  Washington Commanders +7000 New York Jets +15,000 
San Francisco 49ers +1600 Arizona Cardinals +3000 Pittsburgh Steelers +7000 Atlanta Falcons +25,000 
Denver Broncos +1700 Tennessee Titans +3500 New York Giants +8500 Houston Texans+30,000 

Super Bowl Line Moves 

The Super Bowl odds don’t usually move much in the middle of August as final cuts have yet to be made and there are still starters being kept on the sidelines, purely out of an abundance of caution or due to a nagging injury that won’t quite heal.  

However, it’s always interesting to consider the line moves that do occur and because it has been over a month since our last update, we will reveal FanDuel’s adjustments since that time. After all, the only thing that makes the oddsmakers move a line is money, as their goal is to balance the books

So, let’s take a peek at which teams are rising and those that are dropping in the eyes of the betting public.  

Mass Appeal 

Baker Mayfield Carolina Panthers NFL quarterback
Baker Mayfield #6 of the Carolina Panthers looks to pass against the Washington Commanders a preseason game on August 13, 2022 in Landover, Maryland. Scott Taetsch/Getty Images/AFP

Teams that have seen enough Super Bowl money bet on them to make the books drop the odds are as follows: 

  • Los Angeles Chargers: +1600 to +1400 
  • Cleveland Browns: +3400 to +2400 
  • Philadelphia Eagles: +2800 to +2500 
  • Carolina Panthers: +13,000 to +10,000 

Carolina Panthers

Although Carolina’s odds dropped further than the four teams listed, they are still a significant dark horse to win the Lombardi Trophy. However, the prospect of a career renaissance by the recently acquired Baker Mayfield is the primary reason why some longshot bettors have decided the Cats are worth a few bucks.

Cleveland Browns  

Perhaps the most telling move was the Cleveland Browns moving from +3400 several weeks ago to where they now stand at +2400. Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension was announced between our last update and this one and it is a long way from a possible season-long suspension.

Although the NFL is appealing the verdict, there is now newfound optimism in the Dawg Pound.  

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia has been getting stealthy support from the sharps and it has finally manifested in a drop of +2800 to +2500 over at FanDuel.

AJ Brown is widely considered a solid reason why there is support for the Eagles coming into this year and the team was able to afford him because Jalen Hurts has a cap hit of under $2 million this season. If Hurts can take advantage of this lethal new weapon, then the Eagles could soar this season.  

Los Angeles Chargers

The LA Chargers inched from +1600 to +1400 and it’s pretty much because they have a very good team and are considered one of the favorites to win it all this year.

Bettors may be realizing there is value on the Bolts because a division title is within the realm of possibility now that Davante Adams is no longer at Patrick Mahomes’ disposal in Kansas City. 

Losing Respect 

Ryan Tannehill Tennessee Titans
Ryan Tannehill #17 of the Tennessee Titans is tackled by Joe Schobert #93 of the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 19, 2021. Joe Sargent/Getty Images/AFP

Below are the teams that have seen their odds drift up and the books are hoping they will have a bit more appeal at these higher prices.  

  • Kansas City Chiefs: +950 to +1000 
  • Dallas Cowboys: +1800 to +2000 
  • Baltimore Ravens: +1900 to +2000 
  • Cincinnati Bengals: +2100 to +2200 
  • Arizona Cardinals: +2800 to +3000 
  • Tennessee Titans: +3000 to +3500 
  • New York Giants: +8000 to +8500 
  • Chicago Bears: +10,000 to +12,000 
  • Seattle Seahawks: +13,000 to +15,000 

None of these moves is of the “seismic” variety with the only one of any substance may be the Titans dropping from +3000 to +3500.

We should also note that the public has a proclivity towards overreacting to preseason contests as the nine teams listed above went a collective 3-6 straight up in the opening preseason week.  

Ryan Tannehill is 34 and Derrick Henry missed nine games last season after breaking a bone in his foot. First-round pick, Treylon Burks, is supposed to magically be the reincarnation of Tannehill’s former top target, AJ Brown, whom the Titans traded away in the offseason.

It’s no wonder the public is getting cold feet and staying away from the Tennessee Titans. You should too!

Third Look

Editor’s note: This article was updated on July 30th, 2022.

Training camps all across the league are active and that means we are one step closer to the start of the NFL season. Let’s bounce around the league and see which teams are making noise and which of them are staying silent.

Below you will find our updated NFL Super Bowl odds from all of the best U.S. licensed sportsbooks as well as tools you can use like the OddsTrader’s NFL Power Rankings as well as a whole host of handicapping tools at your disposal including our proprietary NFL Computer Picks.

OddsTrader’s Betting Edge

The Bills are living their best life at the top of the NFL odds for both the AFC East and the Super Bowl. 
The bookmakers indicate Deshaun Watson’s suspension will be longer than expected, making the Browns depend on Jacoby Brissett for now. 

The Colts remain dominant in the AFC South, while the Texans still look like the worst team this upcoming season.   

The AFC West battle for the top spot is already a season highlight with the Chargers and Broncos breathing on the  Chiefs’ neck. 

Jimmy Garoppolo’s future remains uncertain and Trey Lance is starting to look like the 49ers’ only chance to give the Rams some competition in the NFC West. 

All updated Super Bowl betting odds are courtesy of FanDuel as of July 29th, 2022.

The EliteThe ContendersThe PretendersThe Longshots
Buffalo +650Dallas +1800Miami +4000Chicago +10,000
Tampa Bay +750Baltimore +2100Las Vegas +4000Detroit +10,000
Kansas City +950Cincinnati +2100Minnesota +4000Carolina +10,000
LA Rams +1100Indianapolis +2200New England +4000Jacksonville +12,000
Green Bay +1200Cleveland +2800New Orleans +4000Seattle +13,000
LA Chargers +1600Arizona +3000Washington +7000NY Jets +15,000
San Francisco +1600Philadelphia +3000Pittsburgh +7000Atlanta +25,000
Denver +1700Tennessee +3000NY Giants +8000Houston +30,000

All updated NFL division odds and season win totals are courtesy of Caesars Sportsbook as of July 29th, 2022.

American Football Conference

Josh Allen #17 of the Buffalo Bills celebrates after throwing a touchdown pass against the New England Patriots during the 2022 AFC Wild Card playoff game. Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images/AFP

AFC East

TeamDivision OddsSeason Win Total
Buffalo-22011 ½ (O-140/U+120)
Miami+4509 (U-125/O+105)
New England+5008 ½ (O-115/U-105)
NY Jets+24005 ½ (O-165/U+145)

If you are emotionally invested in the Bills and have thought about becoming financially invested in them then now might be the time to get down. The big news is that Caesars is the first major book to lower the odds on Buffalo to +575 to win the Super Bowl.

As you can see, FanDuel, at least at the time of this writing, is still holding firm at +650 but the other books are trending down so don’t wait too long if you believe the Bills are destined for the promised land.

Patriots signed tackle Davon Godchaux a two-year, $20.8 million extension. Godchaux started 16 of 17 games played for New England last season and is a former 5th-round pick of the Miami Dolphins in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Ja'Marr Chase NFL player
Ja’Marr Chase #1 of the Cincinnati Bengals makes a catch over Jalen Ramsey #5 of the Los Angeles Rams during Super Bowl LVI. Gregory Shamus/Getty Images/AFP

AFC North

TeamDivision OddsSeason Win Total
Baltimore+1259 ½ (O-150/U+130)
Cincinnati+17510 (U-125/O+105)
Pittsburgh+11007 (O-125/U+105)

Perhaps we found a sign as to how lengthy Deshaun Watson’s suspension will be, considering the odds on Cleveland were at +320 about three weeks ago and are now sitting at +400. If you are one of those people that believes “Vegas knows” then it would seem his suspension will be on the high side.

As to what the Browns will do in the interim, Coach Kevin Stefanski said, “Jacoby [Brissett] is our backup quarterback. If Deshaun [Watson] is unavailable, Jacoby’s our starter.”

Jonathan Taylor #28 of the Indianapolis Colts scores a touchdown against the Houston Texans. Michael Hickey/Getty Images/AFP

AFC South

TeamDivision OddsSeason Win Total
Indianapolis-12010 (U-115/O-105)
Tennessee+1559 (U-115/O-105)
Jacksonville+7006 ½ (U-130/O+110)
Houston+30004 ½ (U-120/O+100)

Sometimes a line move means something and other times it is simply square money moving the number and the books need to balance themselves. But since our last installment, the Houston Texans have plummeted from +4500 to +3000 to win the South.

It’s odd considering highly-touted rookie wideout John Metchie announced his diagnosis with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia and likely miss the entire 2022 season.

We are not sure why the big move on Houston but, let’s face it, they are still the team expected to end with the worst record in football so tread lightly if you dare tread at all.

Justin Herbert Los Angeles Chargers
Justin Herbert #10 of the Los Angeles Chargers passes to Josh Palmer #5 during a 34-13 win over the Denver Broncos. Harry How/Getty Images/AFP

AFC West

TeamDivision OddsSeason Win Total
Kansas City+19010 ½ (O-110/U-110)
LA Chargers+20010 (O-135/U+115)
Denver+32510 (O-120/U+100)
Las Vegas+4508 ½ (O-120/U+100)

The AFC West has had the most line movement of all in the race for division supremacy. The Chiefs were +155, the Chargers +250, the Broncos +250, and the Raiders were +700 just three weeks ago. As we can see, the gap has closed with the Chiefs and Chargers at a virtual coin flip to win the West while the Broncos have fallen slightly out of favor.

But the big story is the Raiders dropping significantly. Davante Adams had the most quotable line of training camp when he was asked about working with Derek Carr after all his years spent with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. “Any time you change quarterbacks from Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer … it’s gonna be a little bit of an adjustment,” Adams responded.

The social media blowback was immediate but these two were a prolific pass/catch combo at Fresno State and should be an explosive tandem this season. #RekindleTheMagic

National Football Conference

DeVonta Smith Philadelhpia Eagles wide receiver
DeVonta Smith #6 of the Philadelphia Eagles catches an 18-yard touchdown pass from Jalen Hurts #1 against the Atlanta Falcons. Todd Kirkland/Getty Images/AFP

NFC East

TeamDivision OddsSeason Win Total
Dallas+11510 (O-110/U-110)
Philadelphia+1559 ½ (O-120/U+100)
Washington+6508 (O-110/U-110)
NY Giants+8507 (U-125/O+105)

Plenty of offseason betting buzz has been focused on the Eagles as a sneaky-good team this year with A.J. Brown now one-half of the Eagles’ twin terrors along with DeVonta Smith.

The division odds have dropped again and the oddsmakers are making the NFC East essentially a two-horse race. The Eagles are also +3000 to win the Super Bowl so if you’ve got a hunch, Philly fans, then bet a bunch.

Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers walks off the field after beating the Cleveland Browns. Stacy Revere/Getty Images/AFP

NFC North

TeamDivision OddsSeason Win Total
Green Bay-16511 ½ (O-140/U+120)
Minnesota+2409 (U-125/O+105)
Detroit+9006 ½ (O-115/U-105)
Chicago+12006 ½ (U-125/O+105)

Aaron Rodgers had a clever quip for reporters after his former top-tier target, Davante Adams, had inferred his new quarterback, Derek Carr, was also a future Hall-of-Famer like Rodgers.

When asked about Allen Lazard replacing Adams as his primary receiver, Rodgers snarked, “Yeah, I mean it’s always tough going from Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer. From Davante to Allen, it’s going to be a transition, but he’s capable of a lot.”

Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers throws the ball as Obo Okoronkwo #45 of the Los Angeles Rams tries to sack him. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images/AFP

NFC South

TeamDivision OddsSeason Win Total
Tampa Bay-32511 ½ (U-120/O+100)
New Orleans+3508 (O-135/U+115)
Carolina+12006 (U-125/O+105)
Atlanta+30005 (U-140/O+120)

Unless Jameis Winston has a spectacular season and continues to demonstrate the careful, tactical passing he displayed last season when he tossed 14 touchdowns to only 3 interceptions over seven games until he was injured, the Bucs should steamroll this division.

But at -325, are you laying that kind of lumber?

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay holds the Lombardi trophy after winning Super Bowl LVI against the Cincinnati Bengals. Frederic J. Brown/AFP

NFC West

TeamDivision OddsSeason Win Total
LA Rams+12010 ½ (U-115/O-105)
San Francisco+18010 (U-120/O+100)
Arizona+3508 ½ (U-115/O-105)
Seattle+15005 ½ (O-140/U+120)

Seattle recently signed wide receiver DK Metcalf to a three-year, $72 million extension. Now all they need is a quarterback like – Russell Wilson, maybe?

The Rams are easily the class of this field but the 49ers could surprise if Trey Lance is as good as advertised. Jimmy Garoppolo is still with the team but the bed sheets have been torn between both parties and he will likely be wearing a different uniform when the season begins.

Second Look (July)

Editor’s note: This article was updated on July 5th, 2022.

It has been a wild and wooly offseason with some of the game’s biggest names changing teams and shifting divisional landscapes.

OddsTrader takes a new look at the updated Super Bowl odds as well as the NFL division winner futures as well as a whole host of handicapping tools at your disposal including its proprietary NFL Computer Picks.

OddsTrader’s Betting Edge

The Bills are favorites to win the Super Bowl for a reason. Josh Allen is growing into a caliber quarterback and OJ Howard and Jamison Crowder were added to his arsenal.

With the Deshaun Watson saga going on in Cleveland, the AFC North has turned into a two-horse race between Bengals and Ravens.

The Colts are the team to beat in the AFC South with Matt Ryan replacing Carson Wentz. The team also added Yannick Ngakoue and Stephon Gilmore in defense.

After trading for A.J. Brown in the NFL Draft, the Eagles have seen quite a few bets flow their way in the offseason.

The Rams added inside linebacker Bobby Wagner on defense and Allen Robinson on offense but lost Andrew Whitworth at blindside tackle and Von Miller on defense.

Below you will find the odds for each of the NFL teams to win the Super Bowl. All updated betting odds are courtesy of FanDuel as of July 5th, 2022.

The Elite The Contenders The Pretenders The Longshots 
Buffalo +650 Dallas +1800 Miami +4000 Chicago +10,000 
Tampa Bay +750 Baltimore +1900 Las Vegas +4000 Detroit +10,000 
Kansas City +950 Cincinnati +2100 Minnesota +4000 Jacksonville +12,000 
LA Rams +1100 Indianapolis +2200 New England +4000 Seattle +13,000 
Green Bay +1200 Philadelphia +2800 New Orleans +4000 Carolina +13,000 
LA Chargers +1600 Arizona +2800 Washington +7000 NY Jets +15,000 
San Francisco +1600 Tennessee +3000 Pittsburgh +7000 Atlanta +25,000 
Denver +1700 Cleveland +3400 NY Giants +8000 Houston +30,000 

Below you will find the odds for each of the NFL teams to win their division and total wins. All updated NFL odds are courtesy of Caesars Sportsbook as of July 5th, 2022.

American Football Conference

AFC East

Team Division Odds  Season Win Total 
Buffalo  -220 11 ½ (O-140/U+120) 
Miami +450 9 (U-125/O+105) 
New England  +450 8 ½ (O-115/U-105) 
NY Jets +2200 5 ½ (O-165/U+145) 

The Miami Dolphins have made the most news in the division after acquiring Tyreek Hill in a megadeal that will give the Fish one of the most lethal receiving tandems in the league. Tua Tagovailoa will have the former Chiefs’ superstar and a talented young understudy, Jaylen Waddle, at his command to riddle defenses with aerial strikes that will move the chains and pick up wins for the Dolphins.

Could Miami be a division winner? Unlikely, as that distinction belongs to the Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen is growing into a Super Bowl champion-caliber quarterback and with OJ Howard (Bucs) and Jamison Crowder (Jets) added to his arsenal, this should be an even more explosive offense. Von Miller has been signed to bolster the defense. The NFL odds say that the Bills are favorites to win the Super Bowl for a reason.

The Patriots have question marks all over the board and conducted an NFL draft that bordered on surreal. Meanwhile, Jets fans will keep their fingers crossed that Zach Wilson isn’t Sam Darnold 2.0…but we know he is.

AFC North

Team Division Odds  Season Win Total 
Baltimore +150 9 ½ (O-150/U+130) 
Cincinnati +175 10 (U-125/O+105) 
Cleveland  +320 N/A 
Pittsburgh +1000 7 (O-125/U+105) 

Some pundits are raving about Baltimore’s draft while others are pointing to the Bengals’ taking the next step and actually winning the Super Bowl this year. Well, as much as we admire the swag of Joe Cool, it will be tough to envision the Bengals getting as far this season as they did last with a target on their back.

However, the Cats are our choice to win the division again, as they are co-favorites with the Ravens at most of the best online sportsbooks to win the North. Bet365 is dealing the Bengals at +200 and that looks like excellent value to us.

Will DeShaun Watson play for the Browns this season? There is too much uncertainty to even entertain a wager on Cleveland while the Steelers are rebuilding under rookie Kenny Pickett. This is a two-horse race and the Cats are likely to roar again.

AFC South

Team Division Odds  Season Win Total 
Indianapolis -115 10 (U-115/O-105) 
Tennessee +140 9 (U-115/O-105) 
Jacksonville  +750 6 ½ (U-130/O+110) 
Houston +4500 4 ½ (U-120/O+100) 

The Colts are the team to beat in the AFC South with Matt Ryan replacing Carson Wentz for one more bite at the Super Bowl apple before he retires. Signing defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, bolstering its secondary with the addition of Stephon Gilmore, and having the best tailback in the league running the rock will make this squad a tough out for any team in the league.

The Titans shipped A.J. Brown to the Eagles and got the 18th overall pick in return which they turned into Treylon Burks, essentially a younger, cheaper version of Brown. The difference is we know Brown has the goods but the verdict is out on the rookie Burks. Overall, the Titans stood still in the offseason and could cop a wild card berth just because they play the Jaguars and Texans a total of four times.

Jacksonville will be better this year, particularly if Trevor Lawrence takes the next step in his development, but they won’t contend for anything more than a promise for the future. However, the additions of wide receiver Christian Kirk and offensive lineman Brandon Scherff were both positive moves.

The Texans will be dreadful but they drafted a defensive building block in LSU standout corner, Derek Stingley Jr., and will have several first-rounders over the next few years due to the Deshaun Watson deal with Cleveland.

AFC West

Team Division Odds  Season Win Total 
Kansas City +155 10 ½ (O-110/U-110) 
LA Chargers +250 10 (O-135/U+115) 
Denver  +250 10 (O-120/U+100) 
Las Vegas +700 8 ½ (O-120/U+100) 

Don’t be surprised if the Chargers win the division and make a Super Bowl appearance this season. That’s right, you heard it here first because they are a dangerous team that improved in the offseason. Acquiring Khalil Mack and J.C. Jackson in free agency took their defense to the next level and Justin Herbert should make another big stride this season.

Patrick Mahomes will no longer have his most lethal weapon at his disposal after the Chiefs dealt Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins. Travis Kelce is getting to that age where the wear on the tread becomes evident which is why Kansas City could fall well short of expectations.

Denver got their big-play QB when they engineered a trade for Russell Wilson and still have an outstanding defense despite the loss of team sack leader Shelby Harris. If the line can protect and Wilson can establish chemistry with the talented triumvirate of Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, and Tim Patrick then look out!

Las Vegas got their man when Davante Adams was acquired from the Packers, much to the delight of quarterback Derek Carr. But regardless of how explosive this offense could be, they are likely still a step behind the rest in their stacked division.

National Football Conference

NFC East

Team Division Odds  Season Win Total 
Dallas +115 10 (O-110/U-110) 
Philadelphia +185 9 ½ (O-120/U+100) 
Washington  +500 8 (O-110/U-110) 
NY Giants +800 7 (U-125/O+105) 

According to sources, the Eagles have seen quite a few bets flow their way in the offseason, and is the team getting the Vegas hype entering the dog days of summer. Jalen Hurts will now have two bona fide weapons at his disposal with A.J. Brown added to the mix. Defenses won’t be able to double-team DeVonta Smith with impunity any longer.

Perhaps the Cowboys took a step back by dealing Amari Cooper but watch what CeeDee Lamb does this season as Dak Prescott’s primary target. He will be an instant hit and will pay dividends as the main man. The Boyz have all the tools to build a championship this season but let’s see if they can actually do it.

Carson Wentz takes over as the Commanders’ new passer while the Giants try to figure out if their controversial selection of quarterback Daniel Jones at No. 6 overall in 2019 will finally pan out. They don’t hold out too much hope because the G-Men did not sign Jones to his fifth-year option. Both teams will reside in the NFC East basement this year.

NFC North

Team Division Odds  Season Win Total 
Green Bay -180 11 ½ (O-140/U+120) 
Minnesota +275 9 (U-125/O+105) 
Detroit +1000 6 ½ (O-115/U-105) 
Chicago +1000 6 ½ (U-125/O+105) 

The Packers have a big leg up on most as they reside in a division that has three rivals giving them what should be six wins. Despite losing receiver Davante Adams, quarterback Aaron Rodgers is certainly skilled enough to keep this offense ticking. And keep your eyes peeled for the rookie they traded up for at No. 34 overall, Christian Watson, of North Dakota State. He is an athletic freak and could be a Rookie of the Year candidate.

As for the rest, Minnesota is still the best of a relatively poor lot because they have Kirk Cousins pulling the trigger with two stellar pass catchers in Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson.

The Lions signed DJ Chark as a primary weapon for Jared Goff who will be more familiar with the offense and his teammates. As for the Bears, well, they have a few promising rookies to bolster their defensive secondary in Kyler Gordon and Jaquan Brisker. The time is now for Justin Fields to prove his worth as a first-rounder the team traded up to select at No. 11 in 2021.

NFC South

Team Division Odds  Season Win Total 
Tampa Bay -330 11 ½ (U-120/O+100) 
New Orleans +380 8 (O-135/U+115) 
Carolina +1200 6 (U-125/O+105) 
Atlanta +2500 5 (U-140/O+120) 

Tom Brady retired, had a cup of coffee, and then unretired. Now the Bucs are back on as one of the top choices to win the NFC and ultimately the Super Bowl. No Gronk, no problem. Brady will make it work.

As for the rest of the division, you can put the Saints, Panthers, and Falcons in a blender and create a noxious potion guaranteed to kill any hopes and dreams you once had for your life.

NFC West

Team Division Odds  Season Win Total 
LA Rams +135 10 ½ (U-115/O-105) 
San Francisco +180 10 (U-120/O+100) 
Arizona +300 8 ½ (U-115/O-105) 
Seattle +1600 5 ½ (O-140/U+120) 

The Rams lost Andrew Whitworth at blindside tackle and Von Miller on defense. However, they kept Aaron Donald in the fold with a godfather contract and added inside linebacker Bobby Wagner on defense and Allen Robinson on offense. Matthew Stafford is in good shape for another run at a Super Bowl title.

The 49ers GM John Lynch is on the hot seat because the guy he believed to be his franchise’s savior, Trey Lance, will get to prove it this year. And if the FCS wunderkind fails, Lynch is toast. The Niners are an unknown because Lance is a virtually untested commodity.

The Cardinals lost Chandler Jones, Jordan Hicks, and Jordan Phillips in the offseason which means it will be a herculean task for this defense to be even equal to what they were last year.

As for the offense, Kyler Murray is a king when healthy but he did lose Christian Kirk in the offseason and won’t have DeAndre Hopkins until Week 7 due to a suspension and is also coming off MCL surgery. Maybe the Redbirds cop a wildcard spot if everything falls right. Maybe.

Seattle is rebuilding and if they can even salvage one win of the six games they will play in their division then consider it a success.

First Look (May)

The Los Angeles Rams captured their first Super Bowl title since they were based in St. Louis and known as the Greatest Show on Turf during the 1999 season. Yet, they are not the top choice of the oddsmakers this season and some believe there is notable value in a Rams Super Bowl futures ticket at tempting odds of +1100 according to FanDuel.

The team at the top of the preseason charts is the explosive Buffalo Bills at +650 led by Josh Allen and his dynamic assortment of pass-catching weapons. Tampa Bay and Kansas City trail closely behind at +750 and +950, respectively.

OddsTrader will break down each division in both the AFC and NFC so you can stay on top of the regular season and strategize for all your NFL futures. Now, let’s take a look at the NFL odds and get a jump on the season!

OddsTrader’s Betting Edge

The Bills are, once again, the team to beat in the AFC East. Buffalo racked up the greatest point differential (+194) in the entire league last season.

Quaterbacks matter in the NFL. The Cleveland Browns are the oddsmakers’ choice to win the AFC North with the acquisition of Deshaun Watson.

The Tennessee Titans better hope their first-round pick, Treylon Burks, is comparable to A.J Brown, whom they traded to Philadelphia.

The AFC West has Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Justin Herbert, and Derek Carr playing for divisional supremacy.

The New Orleans Saints are an intriguing proposition at +500 as they will have a healthy Jameis Winston under center.

Here you’ll find the odds for each of the NFL teams to win the Super Bowl. All NFL odds are courtesy of FanDuel.

The EliteThe ContendersThe PretendersThe Longshots
Buffalo +650Dallas +1700Miami +4000Chicago +10,000
Tampa Bay +750Cleveland +1900Las Vegas +4000Carolina +10,000
Kansas City +950Cincinnati +2200Minnesota +4000Jacksonville +10,000
LA Rams +1100Baltimore +2200New England +4000Seattle +10,000
Green Bay +1100Indianapolis +2200New Orleans +4400NY Jets +15,000
LA Chargers +1600Arizona +2700Washington +7000Detroit +15,000
Denver +1600Tennessee +3000Pittsburgh +8000Atlanta +18,000
San Francisco +1600Philadelphia +3500NY Giants +8000Houston +22,000

AFC Divisional Preview

2022-2023 AFC East Division Winner

Buffalo Bills-180
New England Patriots+400
Miami Dolphins+400
New York Jets+2000

The AFC East is no longer the Patriots for the taking. The Bills have usurped the perennial AFC East champs from New England and are once again the team to beat, having racked up the greatest point differential (+194) in the entire league last season.

Speaking of the Patriots, their draft can euphemistically be described as Belichickian but most would deem it bizarre. Essentially, their young quarterback, Mac Jones, needed weapons but instead, the Pats reached, and we do mean reached, for a D 1-AA guard from Chattanooga aptly named Strange in the first round.

They then selected a speed merchant in Baylor’s Tyquan Thornton who can best be described as a human dragster, he only goes one way. Thornton was tops in the 40, running a 4.24, but among the worst in the cone and shuttle drills at the NFL Combine.

As for the Dolphins, they traded for Tyreek Hill and now have a devastating one-two combination with him and Jaylen Waddle. But whether Tua Tagovailoa can elevate his game and take the next step remains to be seen. Weapons can be deadly but only if you know how to use them.

As for the Jets, there is a reason why they are +2000 to win the division. But, according to the experts, they used their three first-round picks wisely, so there’s always next year.

2022-2023 AFC North Division Winner

Cleveland Browns+185
Baltimore Ravens+200
Cincinnati Bengals+220
Pittsburgh Steelers+850

If you have ever wondered how important a quarterback is in the NFL, consider the ascension of the Browns as the oddsmakers’ choice to win the AFC North with the acquisition of Deshaun Watson. However, if Watson faces a suspension for the offseason allegations that saw him sit all of last season, this could be a dicey bet.

The Ravens picked the best safety in the draft when they selected 6’4” Kyle Hamilton out of Notre Dame. Baltimore’s defense will be tough this season but if Lamar Jackson does not rekindle the MVP magic of his sophomore NFL season, then a division title in a tough-as-nails conference like the AFC North could be a reach.

The Bengals were Super Bowl runners-up, yet, are somehow relegated to the third choice in a division of four. The Cats revamped their offensive line in the offseason and picked up a pair of excellent defensive backs in the first two rounds of the draft. If Joe Burrow remains Joe Cool, then this is one team with solid value to win the North and, at +2200, an even better value to win it all.

Kenny Pickett is the heir apparent to Big Ben in Pittsburgh but this is not the year to be a Steelers fan. This is a rebuild that will mature only as quickly as Pickett does.

2022-2023 AFC South Division Winner

Indianapolis Colts-105
Tennessee Titans+145
Jacksonville Jaguars+700
Houston Texans+2600

We saw what an elite veteran quarterback did for the Rams last year and Colts fans are hoping for the same with the arrival of Matt Ryan. Indianapolis now has a top-tier passer to complement a devastating rusher in Jonathan Taylor. The Colts are hoping their second-round pick from Cincinnati, wide receiver Alec Pierce will develop quickly so Michael Pittman can roam free.

The Titans better hope their first-round pick, Treylon Burks, is comparable to the stellar wideout they traded to Philadelphia. A.J. Brown may be gone but if Burks busts, he won’t be soon forgotten in the Music City.

The Jaguars and Texans will be battling to stay out of the AFC South basement. Trevor Lawrence got a pass last year but he will need to show improvement, otherwise, the boo birds in Jagtown will be making their presence known. As for the Texans, they could very likely go 0-6 in their division and no one would be shocked.

2022-2023 AFC West Division Winner

Kansas City Chiefs+155
Los Angeles Chargers+240
Denver Broncos+260
Las Vegas Raiders+700

The AFC West has an embarrassment of riches at quarterback. Consider Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Justin Herbert, and Derek Carr will duel in what should be a series of explosive divisional air shows all season long.

This is a true dog fight and little separating the top three teams. Even the Raiders could make noise considering they added Davante Adams while the Chiefs lost Tyreek Hill. These teams must battle each other a total of six times apiece and that could have a serious impact on their winning percentages.

Could it be that the best division in football sends only one team to the postseason?

NFC Divisional Preview

2022-2023 NFC East Division Winner

Dallas Cowboys+105
Philadelphia Eagles+240
Washington Commanders+450
New York Giants+650

The Cowboys won the NFC East going away last season and added a big body up front, Tyler Smith (1-24, Tulsa), in the draft to protect Dak Prescott. They are still the oddsmakers’ choice to win the division but they could get competition from an improving Eagles squad.

Speaking of which, Jalen Hurts is the man under center for the Eagles and now he has A.J. Brown opposite DeVonta Smith to make magic at The Linc this season. If he stumbles, the charismatic Gardner Minshew will take the reins of the offense.

Carson Wentz will be pulling the trigger for the newly named Washington Commanders and he has the talented Terry McLaurin coupled with first-round speed burner, Jahan Dotson of Penn State, to resurrect his career.

Meanwhile, the Giants are praying Daniel Jones turns the corner and Saquon Barkley remains healthy. In the draft, New York got a chaos-maker in defensive end, Kayvon Thibodeaux, and selected a mammoth tackle, Alabama’s Evan Neal, as their pair of top 10 first-rounders. If Jones makes the jump, Big Blue could surprise.

2022-2023 NFC North Division Winner

Green Bay Packers-180
Minnesota Vikings+300
Chicago Bears+950
Detroit Lions+950

The Packers rolled out the Brink’s truck for Aaron Rodgers and then shuttled his primary weapon, Davante Adams, to the Raiders for draft picks. Rodgers will be 39 in December and if Father Time catches up, the Packers will quickly fall down.

The Vikings are the only team in the division that can make a run for the top spot in the division and drafted defensively heavy this year. They also have a big arm in Kirk Cousins to accommodate a pair of dynamic receivers in Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson while Dalvin Cook, when healthy, is one of the league’s most devastating runners.

The Bears and Lions will be doormats, yet again, this season but the Lions have what should be a dominant force on defense for years to come in Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson, the top pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

2022-2023 NFC South Division Winner

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-320
New Orleans Saints+500
Carolina Panthers+1100
Atlanta Falcons+1900

The Buccaneers are prohibitive favorites to win the NFC South but if Tom Brady gets injured or suddenly succumbs to the laws of physics then laying -320 will be impossible to defend. However, if Tom Brady plays like Tom Brady, then Tampa Bay will win this one going away, as the rest of the division is simply not equipped to keep pace with the high-flying Bucs.

Yet, New Orleans is an intriguing proposition at +500 as they will have a healthy Jameis Winston under center, and one who showed tremendous growth before getting injured midway through last season.

The Saints got Winston a top-notch receiver when they drafted Ohio State’s Chris Olave at No. 11 overall and then selected a 6’7” mauler in Trevor Penning at No. 19 to act as Winston’s personal bodyguard for years to come.

As for the Panthers and Falcons, Christian McCaffrey and Kyle Pitts are a few reasons to watch.

2022-2023 NFC West Division Winner

Los Angeles Rams+140
San Francisco 49ers+185
Arizona Cardinals+310
Seattle Seahawks+1000

The Rams lost Robert Woods but they gained Allen Robinson and LA should be in fine shape to defend their Super Bowl title. Cam Akers will be in the backfield after missing virtually the entire 2021 regular season and, unlike last year, Matthew Stafford will be fully acquainted with his teammates when September rolls around.

The 49ers have committed to second-year quarterback, Trey Lance, and are trying to find a dance partner to take Jimmy Garoppolo and his $25 million salary. Deebo Samuel is looking to play anywhere but San Francisco next year which doesn’t make the Niners’ outlook all that rosy.

The Cardinals will be without DeAndre Hopkins for six games and will have to rely on Kyler Murray to get the job done. But one team that wishes they had a quarterback like Murray is the Seattle Seahawks after they parted ways with Russell Wilson. Drew Lock has massive shoes to fill but he will have Charles Cross, the No. 9 overall pick, protecting his blindside this year.

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