Why You Should Be Using OddsTrader’s Bet Card

The OddsTrader Bet Card allows you to keep track of your overall profit or loss when placing bets at various online sportsbooks. This helps you manage your bankroll and assess your progress as a sports bettor, making it a vital handicapping tool for beginners, seasoned bettors and everyone in between.

Benefits of Using the OddsTrader Bet Card

  1. The OddsTrader Bet Card allows you to track the success of your wagers at several different online sportsbooks in one handy place.
  2. Most sportsbooks provide you with a record of your bets, but they do not always provide information like ROI, profit and loss, and so on.
  3. If you place wagers with multiple sportsbooks – and that is advisable, as it allows you to get the best lines available on each game – you would need to create your own spreadsheet, featuring all the different bets you have placed. That is time consuming, and it opens up the potential for human error to creep in.

It is just one of many free tools that you can enjoy when you sign up for an account with OddsTrader.

How to Use the OddsTrader Bet Card

Step One: Find the Best Lines at OddsTrader
Visitors to OddsTrader can quickly compare the lines offered by USA sportsbooks to find the best available odds on a particular game.

Let’s say you’re interested in wagering on today’s MLB card. You can visit the MLB section of OddsTrader, and you will see the MLB odds provided by all the top sportsbooks serving the United States – BetMGM, Bet365, Unibet, SugarHouse, BetRivers, PointsBet, DraftKings, FanDuel, William Hill and SBK.

For example, you might want to place a wager on an MLB game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Chicago Cubs. But before you dig in for match-up, weather, injury, or betting statistics, you can quickly see that Unibet has the best odds on the Diamondbacks winning the game, while Bet365 has the best odds on the Cubs (best odds highlighted in the below screen capture).

Step Two: Add Bets To your Bet Slip
When you identify a bet that you would like to place, click on the odds and that selection will be added to your bet slip, which appears in the bottom of your screen on mobile after touching an odd, and in the bottom right of your screen on desktop.

Once you open your bet slip, enter the amount you would like to risk, and the bet slip will inform you of the profit you stand to earn if successful. Note that you can alternatively choose to convert individual bets into a parlay by selecting the parlay button.

Step Three: Go Bet
Click “Go Bet”. You will then be rapidly transferred to that sportsbook’s website in a new tab. The bet will automatically be displayed on the screen with some sportsbooks such as BetMGM and Bet365, and you can click to confirm the wager.

You simply need to have registered for an account with that particular sportsbook. We suggest signing up for accounts with multiple different legal sports betting sites in your state. That allows you to claim multiple welcome bonuses, but also to quickly grab the best available odds on each game.

When you have placed your bet through OddsTrader, it will be added to your Bet Card. You can access the OddsTrader Bet Card by clicking on your avatar at the top right of the page and then clicking “BetCard”. The process is the same via the mobile app or mobile site: tap on the avatar at the top right of the screen, and then select “BetCard”.

Bet Card Explained

Record: The number of successful and unsuccessful bets you have placed, such as 2-0 in the example shared above.

ROI: Your return on investment – essentially the profit you have earned or the loss you have incurred, rendered as a percentage. The formula is profit/amount bet.

Profit: The dollar profit you have accumulated since you started using the Bet Card.

Pending Bets to be Graded: A list of the wagers you have made that have not yet been settled.

Settled Bets: Bets that have already been graded. You will see the team or the market you bet on, the odds, the sportsbook you placed the wager with and the profit you earned.

Users Can Now Edit Their Bet Card

Users are now able to edit their Bet Card to provide more accurate bet tracking. You can alter the odds on the Bet Card if the price eventually differs at your sportsbook, simply select the edit pencil.

This was a feature that many users requested, and we are pleased to be able to offer this tool.

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