How to Find Success Betting NHL Games Late in the Season?

Juuse Saros #74 of the Nashville Predators misses the puck during the 2022 NHL All-Star Skills Competition at T-Mobile Arena. David Becker/Getty Images/AFP

Opportunities to make money betting NHL games can be much more transparent and prevalent as the regular-season winds down. There are several reasons why and below we discuss them as we look to keep cashing our NHL picks!

Teams Reveal Themselves

Before every NHL season, the best thing you can do is evaluate each team and predict the end of season standings replete with records for each team. This is your perception of how each team will do.

Much of your perception will be predicated on the previous season but if you are doing your homework, you will know which teams stayed relatively intact, as well as those that improved and those that could have taken a step back in the offseason.

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And when the season is early, kick back and watch. See how the teams are doing and focus on those that seem to be jelling early. Watch the injury reports and keep an eye on the playmakers, goal scorers, and defensive stalwarts that will be returning to their teams after a stint on the injured reserve.

Let the first month go without making too many wagers. Save your money for after the All-Star break and into the final 30 days of the regular season when the games become more important.

There will be teams trying to break into the playoffs while others will be jockeying for positions. This is when you often see teams putting their full effort into each and every game.

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Conversely, there will be teams that are so hopelessly out of playoff contention that the coach will often rest the older players and give the youngsters more ice time. These are often terrific spots to fade those also-rans against teams that truly need the win.

Unfortunately, the moneylines will be pricey on the teams you want to bet but don’t be afraid to save yourself the juice and bet the big favorites on the puck line.

Many of the best U.S. licensed sportsbooks are offering several different puck lines ranging from +1/-1 ½, to +/- 1 ½, or +1 ½ /+2 to just about any other puck line imaginable all with varying vig depending on which side you wager.

Choose Wisely

Remember, there are several games on the NHL slate every night but that doesn’t mean you need to have action on all of them. You must isolate those teams that are a solid fade (bet against). Maybe there are one or more playing the second leg of back-to-back games and will be gassed for that evening’s contest.

Or perhaps a late scratch will tip the scales in favor of one team or another. Keep current on all the NHL news and exploit those betting opportunities when you can.

Or what about those teams that have played eight games over the last 10 days? The schedules, due to Covid postponements, have been crazy. We see teams playing an obscene number of games and suddenly get a 10-day reprieve. Oftentimes, those teams returning from a long layoff are susceptible to a rough start as they are getting their legs back.

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Also, by late in the season, you will see how much work the starting goalies have gotten and if they are showing any signs of fatigue. Teams with equally talented goalies will have them platoon, with each getting a similar number of starts.

Those goalies are fresh down the home stretch while the starters that are getting the lion’s share of the work can sometimes wear down as the season draws to a close. Those are spots to take advantage of when you see them.

Lastly, make sure to have multiple sportsbooks at your disposal. Getting the best line available is only possible if you have access to multiple sportsbooks. Why bet an underdog at +125 when you can get +140 at another U.S. licensed sportsbook?

The only way you will know is to make sure you have two, three, or more sportsbooks available to you so you can compare and contrast the NHL odds before pulling the trigger.

Stay sharp, do your homework, and always get the best number to give you an edge night after night! is your sports betting command center. Read featured betting strategy compiled from a panel of leading sports betting experts.

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