How to Maximize Your Profits with OddsTrader’s MLB Power Rankings

Max Scherzer #31 of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Harry How/Getty Images/AFP

Here at OddsTrader, we try to give our users the widest variety of betting tools to make sure they are heavily armed when locking horns with the sportsbooks. Let’s discuss the MLB Power Rankings page and how we can use this information to bang the top online sportsbooks!

What’s It All Mean?

If you enjoy wagering on Major League Baseball and want access to more information, well you have come to the right place. When you click on the MLB Power Rankings page you will see all 30 teams listed under Team Ranking, from best to worst, according to our most recent power rankings.

The next column is Change and this shows you whether the team has stayed neutral, dropped, or increased in the rankings since their last game. This gives you a sense of where the team is trending and to take that into consideration when making your MLB picks.

The Avg. Line is exactly what it says, the average line being offered by a consensus of the best online sportsbooks found right here at OddsTrader. This gives our readers an idea of how chalky, or how much of an underdog a team is.

The next column is the Power Line which is OddsTrader computer formulated projections to calculate a hypothetical odd for an event. In this case, we have taken all of our hypothetical lines on each team, and on every game on the schedule, to find the average line for all 30 teams.

The last column is the Edge. Here we illustrate the difference between the Average Line and the Power Line. This can shed some light on how inflated, or undervalued, the average lines are on each team.

Naturally, when a team is a household name like the LA Dodgers, we often see an inflated line because the bookmakers know that the public will be betting on them regardless of the price.

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If we review the MLB Power Rankings page in early September of 2021, we can see that the Houston Astros are the No. 3 ranked team and the information is as follows:

3. Houston – -125 -259 -15.40%

Next: Sep 3 vs San Diego -7

Here we get a quick snapshot of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Underneath we see their next opponent, the Atlanta Braves, and the -7 signals the seven-spot difference between No. 3 Astros and the No. 10 Padres. The dash to the right of the Astros signifies their ranking has not changed since their last game.

Now we see the -125 which tells us how much of a favorite they are, on average, at the different books. Again, public teams attract public money and the bookmakers know this which is why this average line is tipped towards Houston.

The next line shows us the OddsTrader Power Line on the Astros. This is a much more sober look at what the line should be if we disregard the emotion and hype surrounding the team. This is a line calculated by our OddsTrader algorithms and should be considered when you peruse the MLB odds every day.

The +29.84% illustrates the difference between the Average line and the OddsTrader Power Line. We can see that the Astros have been vastly overvalued throughout the season but are terribly undervalued number for their matchup against San Diego.

Choose Your Sportsbooks Wisely

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