The Importance of Line Shopping and Reasons to Bet on MLB With More Than One Sportsbook

Rafael Devers #11 of the Boston Red Sox. Jim Rogash/Getty Images/AFP

Shopping for lines is critical if you want to make money over the long haul of an MLB season. Below we talk about some of the tricks of the trade as well as the importance of doing business with only the top-rated sportsbooks.

The Best Bettors Have Several Options

If you have ever gone car shopping then you know it can be a long, arduous process because getting the best deal means talking to several auto dealerships and bargaining over price. That is unless you have the kind of discretionary income that allows you to pay the sticker price at the first dealer you visit then you don’t have to haggle with car salesmen for the best deal.

Many of the dealerships have slogans like, “Shop us Last” because they know you will come to them with the lowest price you’ve received and they can figure out how to beat it if you’ll sign right there and then – and seal the deal!

Fortunately, searching for the best MLB odds is not nearly as time-consuming or exhausting as buying a car but the only way to exploit the most advantageous lines is by having accounts at multiple online sportsbooks. If you spot a terrific line at a book but you don’t have an account then all you can do is shake your head and wonder why you haven’t availed yourself of more options.

With the OddsTrader app you can shop for the best line straight from your phone or laptop. You can even arrange the featured sportsbooks to your preference.

Let’s use a hypothetical example of the Indians vs. the Red Sox. At Book A they have the Red Sox -155/+135 while Book B is dealing Red Sox -170/+150 while Book C uses dime lines and has the Red Sox -165/+155. If you are shopping for the best line on the Sox then Book A is where you want to wager because -155 is cheaper than -165 and -170. Simple math, right?

However, if you are intent on betting the underdog Indians then you can either bet the $100 to win $135 at Book A, $100 to win $150 at Book B, or $100 to win $155 at Book C. In this case, Book C will get your money because they are giving you the highest return on your wager.

The above is a crystal-clear example of why having multiple accounts to bet your MLB picks is critical if you want the best numbers day in and day out.

However, if you want to pay the sticker price then keep betting at one book and watch all that money that you could have saved – and won – go right out the window. It can be hard enough to pick the winners on a consistent basis but when you do, then make sure that you’re getting the biggest bang out of your betting buck.

It doesn’t make sense but you would be amazed at how many recreational sports bettors operate this way. The professionals always have more than one book, and often have five or even more, to place their bets because they operate it like a business and so should you.

And although you might not be betting thousands on a game, you can still save money regardless of how much you bet. Better in your pocket than theirs, right?

Let’s say you are confident about betting on the Cardinals for this game. Why go with a +125 moneyline when someone else will offer +143. Remember sportsbooks adjust their lines based on volume so it varies from game to game.

Choose the Best Sportsbook

Getting the best lines is one thing but getting paid when you win is another. Many average bettors don’t know that there are dozens upon dozens of unscrupulous sportsbooks that are excellent at taking your money but incapable of paying when a request is made.

They’re out there and there are many more that will slow pay their customers, hoping they lose the winnings back before they have to release the funds. It’s the games some of the most notorious books play with unsuspecting customers.

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