Why Every Sports Bettor Needs a Break

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It is always funny to hear some bettors on social media complain in the summer “there is only baseball to bet on, football starts in ______ fill in the blank – days. Thank God!”

While nearly all bettors love the NFL and college football too, if you are a sports bettor who bets 300 or more days a year, you welcome the summertime.

There Is Always Something Next

After six months of football, which included over four months of the NBA and NHL in that same timeframe, along with almost three months of college basketball, you were ready for a break in late February. That doesn’t happen as March Madness is next, immediately followed by the start of a new baseball season.

At that time is the completion of the NBA and NHL regular seasons with the postseason up next.

Anybody that does this for a job or a serious recreational hobby looking to make money, is worn out by June of studying the odds. That is why many bettors love betting baseball, 15 games a day, having a routine down pat and then walking away until you get your results.

Grind: Obtaining a Goal

There is no better way to describe sports betting than as a “grind”. That is not to say this is a negative definition, rather, putting in the work to hopefully get the desired result more than not.

When trying to beat the betting odds becomes a true mental grind and everything related takes away from your normally positive attitude, it is time for a break that you deserve.

Take a Step Away To Clear Your Mind

But no person is superhuman and if you have a regular job and do sports betting in your free time, that’s not much free time. Thus, the use of a summertime break is a must. It is very easy to get pulled into doing this activity non-stop. Nonetheless, stop and get away.

What you will find instead of being consumed by every betting detail you might have searched for to win one game, you’ll see that bright round thing in the sky feels pretty good on your face. That fresh air when you walk outside the house is actually pretty fresh and that tightness in your face, neck and shoulder starts to subside.

Most importantly, you start to have other thoughts and think about doing something fun, with a mind that realizes there is more than studying numbers. Eventually, exploring new perspectives will translate into you becoming a better handicapper.

This Isn’t Just For the Summer Months Either

During the various parts of September thru June, plan some time off. If football is your favorite sport to bet on, don’t start betting on professional basketball or hockey until November. Missing the first few weeks of either sport is not going to significantly change your bankroll.

Enjoy your time with football, which you don’t have to look at every day. You will still have six/seven months of NBA and NHL action to wager.

Also, look at February for downtime. Right after the NFL conference championships, you have two weeks to the Super Bowl. Take that first week off and if you are not doing as well in one or two of the winter sports, step away and focus on what you had the most success with.

Post Super Bowl Break

You will still have a full week to make your Super Bowl bets and your perspective can become altered positively.

Or take a step back the week after the Super Bowl and read about something you had become curious about. This could be from learning to cook to a self-help book.

What a Break Does For You

Even a week away can revitalize you. (Consider at least two full weeks away)

What happens is all the little things in life that annoy you because you lost three bets in extra innings or overtime games in five days suddenly seem less meaningful.

The other aspect that occurs is the hunger and desire returns. Those days of a certain amount of dread about handicapping games are replaced with a renewal of enthusiasm and vigor wanting to win as opposed to trying not to lose.

Always remember, there are no little things in life, everything counts, including doing something to help yourself. You won’t regret it. And remember to check back for more betting strategy at the OddsTrader blog. Happy betting!

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