Biggest Challenges for Modern MLB Bettors

MLB bettors need to stay on top of a series of factors that can make the difference between a winning wager or an unexpected loss. Just ask Ian Happ #8 of the Chicago Cubs. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images/AFP

Betting baseball is increasing in popularity because having a little skin in the game makes even the dreariest matchup between two cellar-dwellers a reason to watch, root, and cheer for your team. But there are several challenges that an MLB bettor must overcome and below we discuss how to mitigate those obstacles.

Get the Best Line

If you were betting baseball before the internet arrived on the scene then you recall being able to bet a stale line because the information didn’t travel nearly as fast as it does today.

If you found out about a late scratch in the lineup, chances are some bookmakers hadn’t caught wind of it and hadn’t made the adjustment.

However, in today’s lightning-fast flow of information and nanosecond MLB odds adjustments, it is virtually impossible to beat the books to a lingering line.

However, what you can still do is get the best number available at the best online sportsbooks by having accounts at three or more top-notch books.

Although the lines will be similar, they won’t often be identical and this can save you money on the favorite if you lose and make you more money on the underdog if you win.

But before you take the plunge, make sure to check out the recommended online sportsbooks at OddsTrader. These are the best of the best and you can see which ones are licensed in your state. Getting the best MLB odds available can make a huge impact on your bottom line so be sure to avail yourself of this advantage.

If you wanted to bet on the Pirates in this case, you could end up laying chalk when you could be getting an underdog line. Always shop around for the best value with the OddsTrader app.

Watch the Weather

Major League Baseball now has six domed stadiums, and the advantages of knowing which teams play at each are obvious.

Miller Park is home to the Brewers while Chase Field, Rogers Centre, SafeCo Field, Marlins Stadium, and Minute Maid Park are the homes of the Diamondbacks, Blue Jays, Mariners, Marlins, and Astros, respectively.

If the game in which you are betting is being held at any of these venues, then you don’t need to concern yourself with rainouts or lousy weather.

Fenway Park is considered a “Batter’s Park”. Nonetheless, on a bad weather day, the total could stay under. Maddie Meyer/Getty Images/AFP

If the roofs are closed then there will be no wind blowing out but there will also be no wind blowing in so betting totals will be more clear-cut. There will be no wind shifts or soggy baseballs to contend with that can wreak havoc with your projected outcomes.

As for the other parks where retractable roofs are unavailable, it should be noted that taking a deep dive regarding the weather for that afternoon or evening’s game can be critical.

Even if it isn’t raining, per se, if the air is humid then that can also have a dampening effect on long balls and even sharp grounders which can tamp down the scoring and level the playing field for middling pitchers versus the big boppers.

Get the edge when betting in MLB with the OddsTrader’s tools. With the Power Rankings, you can look for favorable picks based on the average line being offered by the different sportsbooks featured in the OddsTrader app.

Information is Your Friend

Sometimes the avalanche of information can seem daunting but it can be an invaluable tool. Speaking of which, OddsTrader has several tools for MLB bettors including MLB Futures, daily odds on every MLB matchup, ATS Standings, and even Power Rankings.

Avail yourself of those tools and allow them to help you navigate the MLB betting waters. There are also stats to be found regarding a team’s record when a certain umpire is behind the plate or officiated by a particular umpire crew.

Yes, there are stats for these and many other dynamics such as the obligatory hitters’ slash lines and pitchers’ ERA’s, WHIP’s, and opposing batters’ averages against each player and each team.

It is also important to scour the injury reports and determine which bullpens might be fresher than the other. Starting pitching is extremely important and is a major factor in the opening odds but very few starters go beyond seven innings and most are done after five.

Therefore, the bullpen can be the tipping point between a win and a loss. Find out how many relievers are available to go and assess the quality of those pitchers.

All of the information is at your disposal thanks to the modern marvel that is the internet. Don’t be overwhelmed by it – embrace it – and use these tools to sharpen your handicapping skills. Knowledge is power so make sure that you use it to your advantage because all the sharp bettors do! is your sports betting command center. Read featured betting strategy compiled from a panel of leading sports betting experts.

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