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Head coach Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images/AFP

Since the arrival of Al Gore’s internet (OK, maybe he was among the first), there have been an unimaginable amount of sports bettors wanting to prove they have a special secret and they know how to beat the sportsbook. This has been true for the internet when Facebook came along and later Twitter.

There is a running joke that if you would spend a day or three following everyone’s record on Twitter, you would wonder how Vegas is still in business and why all states in the United States would want to open gambling since it would seem like a losing proposition.

If you are one of those that plod along making annual donations to sportsbooks or bookies, here is a specific idea to quite possibly make you a more profitable bettor.

Keep Exact Records

Too often most bettors just wing it. They have $1,000 to play with and keep wagering, figuring they have that much to lose or if they are winning, they are after the quick score to double their profits. The smarter thing to do is track all your wins and losses, which includes the money.

How you do this is up to you, be it a ledger with the old pen and paper, an excel spreadsheet, or joining a third-party monitor that allows you to compare yourself to peers or those better than you. The best one around? Well, the OddsTrader app obviously.

If you don’t precisely know how you are performing, it can be like thinking you spend $200 a month on entertainment and then you start keeping track and it’s closer to $400. The more you know helps develop useful disciplines.

Always Be Testing What You Know and Learn

Let’s say you want to commit to finding more ways to win. That means you are curious and have a desire to improve, that is a splendid idea. Whether that is building your own power ratings, building an algorithm, or taking information like – NFL underdogs of 10 or more have covered 62% the past four years (this is a hypothetical example), you need to understand how to use this to make it more efficient.

On power ratings, continually find ways to make them more accurate to the point where you can actually trust them as a useful tool against the betting numbers like you see at OddsTrader. The same would be true for an algorithm, where improved data makes the output more accurate, which ultimately will lead to winning more often and larger profits for sports picks.

Always be aware of potential great outside information and track it. Often in any given season, trends emerge. And a lot of times they can last the rest of the season in a particular year. This has the potential of becoming a huge money-maker for the wiser sports bettors willing to put in the work and having the desire to become more knowledgeable.

Develop Results That Win More Often and Save Time

By working to build more effective results on your selections, one of the benefits besides the bottom line, doing this eventually turns into a time saver.

Once you assemble a variety of sports betting information that wins consistently versus the sportsbooks over an extended period of time (there will always be highs and lows), this will reduce the time it takes to make selections.

The next step in the process is to develop a specific routine that gives you the best opportunity for success. People in all walks of life that follow a pattern of learned behavior through repetitiveness are those that often have achieved greater success.

In relation to making sports picks, you learn what works, set up proper money management, have a specific method of putting this all together and you confidently go into each day or week, knowing as Nick Saban would say, “You have followed the process.”

Doing everything in this manner reduces time spent, which can allow exploring new ideas that can further improve your results. is your sports betting command center. Read featured betting strategy compiled from a panel of leading sports betting experts.

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