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Computer picks on any sport, ranging from the NFL to college, have become increasingly popular. The skepticism is around whether they are any good? If so, how heavily should we rely on them when it comes to our sports betting selections?

At OddsTrader we look to answer those questions and many others regarding the use of an AI algorithm for making betting picks. We will start by saying that all computer models are not created equally and the prediction is only as good as the information being fed into the algorithm.

In the last couple of years, OddsTrader has nailed down its use of artificial intelligence for bettors looking to make plays. Although no program can always predict the correct side or total, it is yet another free tool available for sports bettors, whether they are professional or recreational.

What Are Computer Picks?

Computer picks are simply predictions made by an AI algorithm that bases its decisions on each team’s statistics.

OddsTrader has betting odds from all of the best online sportsbooks as well as a database of stats. The picks you will find are the outcome of thousands of computer-generated simulations using that information. Hence, the result is a suggestion that has taken into account different elements of a football game that may have an impact on the final result.

How Do Computer Picks Work?

Like anything else, the data must be accurate, and the more of it the better the results. But OddsTrader’s computer picks are getting more refined with the advent of artificial intelligence understanding how teams perform under a variety of conditions and circumstances.

Historical data is the basis for the picks generated by the computer. But there are injury reports that need to be considered as well as consecutive games played, not to mention the venue of the contest. The quality and quantity of the data will determine how successful the picks are. This is dictated by thousands of simulated contests with the most frequent outcome being chosen as the most likely to occur.

How to Use Computer Picks

A computer pick normally presents information in rows and columns, also known as tabular form, this illustrates a team’s chances to win on the moneyline as well as ATS (against the spread). Totals are also included in this AI program.

Here, you’ll find a column with the consensus information for every pick. The higher the degree of confidence the more likely, according to the algorithm, that the game or event will mirror that conclusion.

Do Computer Picks Guarantee Success?

No, computer picks don’t guarantee success, just as there are no certainties in life. Random events happen that cannot be foreseen like an injury to a key player during the game or uncharacteristically poor performance. Bad officiating can also change the outcome of an event, thus, there is only so much that a computer-generated sports pick will be able to consider.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Computer Picks


Artificial intelligence can run tens of thousands of simulations involving hundreds, even thousands, of values. Its results are dispassionate and unaffected by any bias which means it is all science and no art. That is the chief advantage of using computer-generated picks.


However, there is an artful component to picking winners and it comes from experience. Knowing the types of teams or players and whether they respond favorably or adversely to certain situations is something computers can’t quantify.

Noticing that a player has been playing through an injury over the last several games is another adjustment in which most computer picks won’t be factoring.

Do Computer Picks Bring Value to Sports Betting?

Yes, computer picks do bring value to sports betting. The use of an AI algorithm should be considered a weapon in your arsenal of sports handicapping. Maybe it’s a bigger and more powerful weapon than the others but it should not be the only one at your disposal.

Remember, the algorithm is only as good as the information entered into it so make sure to religiously check injury reports. And it’s always a good idea to solicit opinions from other handicappers on a particular game or event. Use computer picks in conjunction with your other handicapping tools found here at OddsTrader like our MLB Power Rankings for example.

Some of the popular sports for which OddsTrader offers computer picks include:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL

On the main page just look for Odds and to the right of it, you will see the tab for Picks. Click on Picks and you will get OddsTrader’s computer-generated picks for any game on the board and in all of the above leagues. You will also see the betting odds for the game as well as the consensus for the spread and total.

OddsTrader Computer Picks AI algorhith

NFL Computer Picks

There is no bigger betting sport than the National Football League and OddsTrader has NFL computer picks for each game on the slate. These computer-generated selections take into account a team’s offensive and defensive statistics as well as recent injuries and even the weather at a particular venue.

This tool should be used along with OddsTrader’s NFL Power Rankings found on the NFL page.

NBA Computer Picks

The experts agree that the NBA is the easiest game for computer picks to handicap accurately. There are fewer players involved than in other sports and the starters get most of the minutes. Unlike hockey, which has an inordinate amount of luck, basketball has far fewer random events.

Check out OddsTrader’s NBA computer picks from October until the NBA Finals in June.

MLB Computer Picks

There is no sport more statistically scrutinized than Major League Baseball.

  • Batting averages
  • OPS
  • ERA
  • WHIP

In total a universally recognized 72 standard baseball statistics plus 49 advanced metrics for a total of 121. OddsTrader has MLB computer picks on all of the games throughout the 162-game season.

NCAAF Computer Picks

Many believe there is no more spirited fanbase than those of Division 1 college football teams. And getting a top-notch algorithm for college football can be difficult because there are so many new faces in each program every year.

Graduating seniors as well as those leaving early for the NFL Draft while others seek better opportunities through the college portal all make it difficult to assess how these moving parts will eventually coalesce.

Incoming freshmen might be blue-chippers in high school but can they make it translate to the college game? OddsTrader has college football computer picks for those who choose to seek an edge with the help of technology.

NCAAB Computer Picks

The carousel of players moving in and out of college basketball programs can be difficult to keep track of but at least there are fewer moving parts than those in college football. Between free throw, field goal, and three-point percentages there are plenty of stats to pour into an algorithm which will also include turnover ratios as well as defensive statistics.

OddsTrader comes equipped with college basketball computer picks for every event on the D-1 slate.

NHL Computer Picks

The fastest game on ice has a cult following and although not as popular in America as the other three majors, it is still a favorite of many who enjoy handicapping the games either on the moneyline or puck line. OddsTrader has NHL computer picks for those who believe handicapping hockey is the best way to fatten their bankroll.

Make Computer Picks Part of Your Handicapping Repertoire

There is no substitute for hard work and that applies to sports handicapping as well. It is up to you to do your due diligence in researching the key aspects of each game on the betting board if you are serious about making money betting sports.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t employ some help, so it is wise to allow technology to work for you. OddsTrader has all the tools you need, including computer picks for each of the main sports in the US. So, start improving your handicapping skills and raise your game with the resources here at OddsTrader.

Computer Picks FAQ

Do Computer Picks Always Win?

No, they don’t but they can be a valuable tool in your handicapping process. The best computer picks are comprised of the most current and accurate information so make sure to follow those algorithms that render the best results.

Why Should I Use Computer Picks?

The use of computer picks will present you with another perspective on the games you are considering as part of your sports picks. If you have locked onto a game where you see a decided advantage, the computer picks will either bolster your argument for betting it or give you cause for pause. It’s another avenue to explore and will ultimately help you increase your cover rate.

How Do I Use Computer Picks?

There are computer picks that can be purchased but there are others that are free every day of the week. One such freebie you will find right here at OddsTrader where our algorithms are specifically designed for the:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL

Go to any of those pages and click on the Picks at the top of the page. There you will find OddsTrader’s computer-generated selections on a daily basis.

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