Why NFL Computer Picks Should Be Part of Your Handicapping Strategy

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In today’s hustle and bustle world, everyone’s time is valuable. At OddsTrader we know that you want to make NFL picks for fun to add to your interest in the game, yet, you still want to win and be making the most informed decision you can.

That is why you should add a tool like OddsTrader’s NFL Computer Picks for betting as part of your handicapping portfolio.

What Are NFL Computer Picks?

NFL computer picks are data-driven selections that let you know what are the best plays for a particular week. Algorithms are designed for places like OddsTrader that incorporate the most important elements of a football game, to work in harmony in order to supply an outcome against the spread or a total.

The information is run thousands of times for game simulations, adding numerous variables to ultimately end up with AI prediction that is accurate based on the known factors going into any one contest. The conclusive result is a quality graded selection you can utilize as part of your betting strategies for the week’s upcoming games.

How Do NFL Computer Picks Work?

By taking the input of data that includes every element that can create the outcome of a game, Oddstrader’s NFL computer picks will deliver an exact score against the spread and a total score. This can be used for the sake of comparison versus the actual betting odds set by the sportsbooks, to see where you as the football bettor might have an edge.

Next, you will have a “consensus” directly from the algorithm that will tell you precisely how strong each play is on the side or the total. Don’t worry, this is very simple to understand. Lastly, each team is graded against the entire league to show the strength or weakness of the comparative teams, so you can see if computer outcomes resemble the differences in the squads.

How to Use NFL Computer Picks

To properly understand what works best for these picks, tracking the results is a great teaching tool to help make smarter bets. Not all algorithms are created the same and most will have situations in which they perform better than others.

You can choose the games that have the strongest positions possible. If you are more of an underdog or favorite bettor or have a preference in totals relating to Overs/Unders, find those that match your perspectives.

Do NFL Computer Picks Guarantee Success?

In sports betting, there are no guarantees for success. Time and again we hear the expression “That’s why they play the game!” whenever a big underdog with little chance of winning pulls the upset.

Nevertheless, the NFL computer picks take out certain human biases that a person might have for or against particular squads and focus just on the informational input.

The best computer picks also are adjusted to in-season occurrences that happen every year, just like the oddsmakers do to generate the optimum betting line.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using NFL Computer Picks


Among the advantages of OddsTrader’s NFL computer picks is that they don’t go through the mental anguish of a “bad beat”, unlike bettors or football handicappers. This can have a carryover effect the next day and it might affect their picks.

These selections are breaking down the information in an intelligent fashion and putting out picks the exact same way every day, avoiding the mood swings and prejudices that build up over time. Consistent and reliable results are the end game for computer picks.


Two frailties of computer-generated selections are this. Rating emotion is not possible, be it positive or negative. If a team lost to their opponent on the road in a fluky way despite significantly outplaying them and comes in highly motivated now playing at home, there is no way to quantify that.

The other is injury. A programmer can possibly deduct the impact of a skilled offensive position player but usually won’t have enough data to rank their replacement. If a team suffers significant injuries to its offensive or defensive lines, presently, there is no good way to account for the weakness created.

Do NFL Computer Picks Bring Value to Sports Betting?

Yes, NFL computer picks bring value to sports betting. If you listen to YouTube videos or podcasts about sports betting, most true football betting experts use some kind of modeling related to helping them make decisions on what side of a game to choose.

They often use this as a cross-reference to see if it matches their thinking or numbers, seeking the “sweet spot” for their betting picks.


Only those who make bets or sell picks have time to put in hours of studying numbers and breaking down positions to determine what should be the correct side to bet on.

Most football bettors don’t have the time or knowledge to break down every game and watch hours of tape. Having a fast and easy problem-solver clears up the clutter, allowing you to make better decisions.

Always keep in mind, dating back decades ago, top professional bettors hired computer programmers to devise systems and methods to beat the oddsmakers. Today, you can have your version of the same thing.

NFL Computer Picks FAQ

Will NFL Computer Picks Always Win?

No, the NFL Computer Picks won’t always win but they will help you make informed decisions. The holy grail of beating the NFL odds annually is 60 percent, which means you lose 40% of the time. Those in the business of football wagering will gladly take 55% if they follow strict money management principles and will show a varying profit year to year.

If you are 50% or lower three out of every four years, use products like the ones that OddsTrader offers to help you become more successful.

Why Should I Use NFL Computer Picks?

Two reasons. Even if you win more often than you lose over time, having another tool in the toolbox from which you could learn something about making picks is a benefit.

Also, having information that eliminates personal feelings about particular players or teams that gives you a more complete picture is a benefit. Other free products from OddsTrader that you can use in the 2022 NFL season are:

What Is the Best Way to Use NFL Computer Picks?

The absolute best way to use computer picks for the NFL is to see what matches your tastes in betting. Track the results of what you are interested in, which allows you to become more comfortable in what you are looking at.

This is all about finding an edge and if you do, your betting percentages and profits will rise.

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