Early Season MLB Betting Tips

Seiya Suzuki #27 of the Chicago Cubs high fives Frank Schwindel #18 during an MLB spring training game. Christian Petersen/Getty Images/AFP

This article was intended to provide you with baseball betting tips that are useful year after year. That is generally true, however, because of the shortened spring training this year, we want to take into account other factors you should pay attention to.

So, without further ado, let’s get into some betting tips for the early part of the 2022 season!

Pitching Has To Be Scrutinized

This year, because spring training was shortened, pitchers for the second time in three years did not have a normal and proper routine to prepare for the season. Though teams and managers have said they are not rushing pitchers to be ready to start the year, you know that is only partially true.

Every starter has done their best to hopefully go at least four innings and 70 pitches in their initial outing and everyone in the bullpen is somewhat confident they could go back-to-back games if called upon.

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Yet, we are seeing injuries and problems for several pitchers already like Max Scherzer, Jacob deGrom, Lance Lynn and Wade Miley to name a few.

Whether or not this is due to an irregular spring is hard to pinpoint as these four and others have had similar types of injuries in the past year or two. Nevertheless, they will be joined by others.

When looking over the MLB odds, make absolutely certain you know the exact status of the starting pitchers you will be betting on and start watching from the first game how the bullpens are performing and follow the ERA and WHIP of relievers to know who is performing well and who cannot get anyone out.

Be Extra Selective the First 10 Days of the Season

While favorites will be the correct play once we get into June and July, in April, they can drain your bankroll faster than those that are siphoning gas from cars that are parked in the street overnight.

Almost every club, no matter what they look like coming into a new year, has elements that have to be worked out. Maybe two pitchers that were starters last season were traded or signed as free agents that went elsewhere.

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Or, a top 5 bullpen from last season lost a couple of guys and the manager has to find what hurlers go where. This almost always takes time. Over the long haul, this will work its way out, just not always immediately. Be cautious with these kinds of favorites.

Another element to consider is scheduling. Once we get to May and every team has played home and away a couple of times, the routine commences. Yet, to start a new year, some clubs might be facing the “tankers” and could pile up the victories even if they have an expected win total of 75 to 80.

At the same time, an expected playoff team opens against opponents who have similar postseason plans and one squad is hitting and the other is not and they start 5-10. Watch for this carefully.

Perception is Not Reality, Go Slow

Like leaves growing on trees each spring wherever you live, this is what happens in baseball. Some team with a projected win total of 75 begins 11-5 and is a money-making machine. Or, a division favorite opens 7-9 and is -6 units and everyone with that team’s hat or with a wagering account is in a panic.

Instead, look at Oddstrader.com and compare the top sportsbooks seeking to find your two best underdogs. If you are properly doing your homework, you could have a modest losing record and still have a profit in late April.

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If lady luck is on your side, you could have a winning record and a good profit. Now you are confident and ready to go when May arrives and the surprises become fewer overall and you can win even more MLB picks.

The message is to stay away from favorites that are not playing well and back hot bad teams until they start playing as everyone thought.

The final aspect to remember in a new season is: Walk, don’t run to betting baseball to start the year. You’ll thank us later. And remember to check back for more betting strategy at the OddsTrader blog. Happy betting!

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