How to Use MLB Computer Picks When Making Your Bets

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With the growth of sports betting worldwide, particularly in the United States with state-by-state expansion, the industry is being flooded with people popping up all over social media and delivering picks as so-called “experts.”

How do you, as a bettor, get around this? For baseball, a great resource is using OddsTrader’s computer picks as part of your sports betting methods.

What are MLB Computer Picks?

OddsTrader’s computer picks are based on an algorithm that uses a series of data points that comes up with an outcome of a specific baseball game.

To be extremely accurate, the data has to consist of the most important elements of a contest, like:

  • Pitching stats
  • Hitting stats
  • Fielding stats
  • Team’s recent form

This is all meshed together with thousands of game simulations taking all the factors in play to formulate a useful result for money lines, totals, and run line wagers.

How Do MLB Computer Picks Work?

Once all the information is correctly assembled, the computer will generate an outcome. Let’s take two baseball rivals, the Athletics vs. Red Sox.

The top sportsbooks would make a line where Boston is home and is favored over Oakland and each club has its ace as the starting pitcher. The line on the game might look this way.

  • Moneyline: Athletics (+150) vs. Red Sox (-182)
  • Total: Over 9.5 (-110) / Under 9.5 (-110)
  • Run Line: Athletics +1.5 (-130) / Red Sox -1.5 (+125)

A computer selection from OddsTrader could show the Red Sox winning 5.7 to 3.7. That would mean the computer-driven intel has Boston as a comfortable winner, the total of 9.4 is barely underneath the sportsbook total of 9.5 and the Red Sox on the run line is a good possibility.

Do MLB Computer Picks Guarantee Success?

No, computer picks don’t guarantee success but they can be a useful resource. If you have any knowledge of betting on baseball or any sport, there is no such thing as a “guarantee” or  “lock”.

What baseball computer picks offer is data-driven material that eliminates the human element that could have a particular bias for or against teams or players that could skew a betting line unnecessarily.

With these baseball selections, you are getting the purest form of detailed information that can lead to excellent results.

Advantages of Using MLB Computer Picks

A real advantage of computer picks, besides subtracting the human side of the equation, is the outcome is not subjective.

A well-thought-out and properly designed algorithm incorporates the needed elements to formulate an accurate prediction of a baseball contest.

Just keep in mind that human beings play these contests and they are not robots.

Disadvantages of Using MLB Computer Picks

A disadvantage involves something we just talked about, humans. Because motivation is an emotion, that is impossible to quantify.

OddsTrader’s MLB computer picks do interpret the information based on norms, not desire or a lack of it.

Additionally, injuries come into play. If a pitcher is scuffling with a sore elbow or a hitter has a hip-pointer that both could play through, it curtails their effectiveness, which cannot be accurately measured.

And don’t forget about handicapping the weather as well!

How to Use MLB Computer Picks

If you are serious about winning your MLB picks, it is best not to use just one source. Information is the key to beating the betting odds and having multiple outlets of info only strengthens your ability to beat the sportsbooks.

In today’s world, the sharpest of full-time bettors or handicappers that make a living selling their selections, use algorithms that support their MLB selections or enable them to pull off what they thought might be an iffy selection, to begin with.

Do MLB Computer Picks Bring Value to Sports Betting?

Yes, MLB computer picks do bring value to sports betting. Though the word “value” is overused and wrongly thrown around too often in today’s gambling lexicon, here is what it truly means.

Value means finding an edge that may or may not be obvious to the modern MLB bettor. How often have you mulled over your baseball picks, wanting to choose a side, but were a bit unsure? Then you stumble across that nugget of info for your moment of clarity.

Because computer picks only involve data, they can create more of those situations that, in the long run, deliver value.


Betting baseball is a grind. For five or more days a week over six months, you go through 15 games seeking a betting edge that can show a profit over that period.

Computer picks for baseball can speed up the process for you to make a sharper and more informed betting decision that can further build your wagering account.

Baseball Computer Picks: FAQ

Will MLB Computer Picks Always Win?

As compared to football or basketball wagering, where you can strive for a winning percentage to chart your success, baseball and a few other sports will use moneylines.

Winning in baseball betting means different things to different people. For some, any profit will do. Others set a goal of 20 or more units each year. No sports bettor wins every year in a sport in spite of the claims of unscrupulous liars. 

Nevertheless, having a tool that takes out the subjectiveness of decision-making can improve your profit potential.

Why Should I Use MLB Computer Picks?

Because baseball is an unrelenting daily activity, nobody is going to have their A-Game each and every day when sitting down trying to beat the MLB odds. Having a reliable, dependable source that can stir you back to focusing is invaluable and can help prevent making bad bets.

Also, having information that eliminates personal feelings about particular players or teams that gives you a more complete picture is a benefit. This season, give OddsTrader a try and see for yourself why this is catching on!

How Do I Use MLB Computer Picks?

The best way to use computer picks for baseball is to track the results of what you like to bet on. This could be moneylines, totals, or run lines in strict betting terms. Or if you prefer favorites or underdog or Overs or Unders, begin tracking the results immediately to help you find what works best.

When you find the right edge, your profit potential will have a chance to soar. is your sports betting command center. Read featured betting strategy compiled from a panel of leading sports betting experts.

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